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Watch  Ambassador of Truth Ambassador of Truth
Herbert W Armstrong - March 8, 1979 - 8W-38

Now I would like you to consider, how could anyone come to know these truths, which are the truth about who and what is God, what and why is mankind, why we where ever put on the earth, what is the purpose, what is a man, what was the gospel, what is salvation, all of these things? Now Adam and Eve ...

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Watch  The Ultimate Choice The Ultimate Choice
Herbert W Armstrong - March 2, 1979 - 8W-37

The question is do you believe God not just believing He exists. A lot of people say I believe in God alright, well you mean you believe that there is such person don't you? Yes, of course. But do you believe God? No, they don't. That's a horse of another color altogether isn't it? No, they ...

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Watch  In Search of Truth In Search of Truth
Herbert W Armstrong - February 22, 1979 - 8W-36

Now isn't it ironic that of all the religions in the world including the Christian religion, except for one Church that Jesus Christ called the little flock and it was the original church that was founded by him in 31 A.D., not one knows who or what God is, not one. They simply do not know, now I+ ...

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Watch  Why Inflation? Why Inflation?
Herbert W Armstrong - February 20, 1979 - 8W-35

Now what about you? How did you come to believe what you believe? People have their ideas; their conceptions and they'll stand up and fight for it. They bristle up if anyone disagrees with them, but how did they come to believe that, how do they know that what they believe is true? You ever stop t ...

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Watch  Why So Many Religions? Why So Many Religions?
Herbert W Armstrong - February 5, 1979 - 8W-33

We can send men to the moon and back, we can invent the most intricate machines, man can almost perform miracles, he's made rivers run backward and still we can't solve our problems. We have not learned how to live with one another; nations cannot get along or live with one another. Nations or g ...

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Watch  God's Greatest Creation God's Greatest Creation
Herbert W Armstrong - February 13, 1979 - 8W-34

I wonder if you realize that the most difficult and the most important by far of anything that God can create or ever has is Holy Righteous Character and I wonder if you realize that is something that even God Himself cannot create. That's something that God instantaneously by Himself simply canno ...

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Watch  The Final Judgment The Final Judgment
Herbert W Armstrong - February 2, 1979 - 8W-32

There is a song that many people sing "whosoever will may come". Have you ever seen that in the Bible? Well it's there, but it's over, it's just 4 verses from the last verse in the whole Bible in the 22nd chapter of the book of Revelation and it is a time after the Millennium, and af ...

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Watch  The Times of Salvation The Times of Salvation
Herbert W Armstrong - January 26, 1979 - 8W-31

You want to know what is the most common misconception, you could almost say a sin, but I'll say error of belief. Believed by every Church that I know of, that is a Christian Church except this one. That is that everybody is lost unless they get saved. That is that there is a great controversy goi ...

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Watch  Ambassador For World Peace Ambassador For World Peace
Herbert W Armstrong - January 18, 1979 - 8W-29

Mr. Armstrong became known to many as an "ambassador without portfolio for world peace." He carried the gospel message to Prince Makasa and a number of the members of the Japanese Diet. Emperor Hirohito conferred on Herbert W. Armstrong the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Cl. one of t ...

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Watch  What Is Human Nature? What Is Human Nature?
Herbert W Armstrong - January 17, 1979 - 8W-30

Now there is a reason and a cause for all of the troubles that we've had in this world, for all of the evils, all the heart aches, all of the suffering, the violence, the murder, the crime, the lawlessness, the rebellion, wrong attitudes, the unhappiness. And if I were to try to sum up one word an ...

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Watch  The Coming World Kingdom The Coming World Kingdom
Herbert W Armstrong - January 9, 1979 - 8W-28

And I tell you the people in this country wouldn't want to live in a world where a Communist was ruling the whole world and the people in Communist countries wouldn't want to live in a world where one of our people was at the helm ruling it. In the hands of man, it's impossible, but with God, ...

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Watch  The Coming Utopia The Coming Utopia
Herbert W Armstrong - January 3, 1979 - 8W-27

Why should a condition of utopia with perfect government, a perfect society, perfect conditions, perfect living conditions, why should that be impossible? Where everybody loves everybody else, where everybody wants to cooperate with and help everybody else and everybody else trying to help you, or t ...

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Watch  Is God a Trinity? Is God a Trinity?
Herbert W Armstrong - December 27, 1978 - 8W-26

Well greetings everybody; you're living in a world that is just filled with religious confusion. I wonder if you ever stop to think about how many religions we have. In other parts of the world we don't think of much here in the United States, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Hinduism, ...View Transcript

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Watch  The Key To Understanding The Key To Understanding
Herbert W Armstrong - December 21, 1978 - 8W-25

It's incredible that all of these religions, now listen, because this is one of the most incredible things you've ever heard come out of the mouth of a human being, no man ever talked like this. All of the religions in this world, what is religion? It is the relation of Man to his God or Creator ...View Transcript

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Watch  Jesus Christ - God of the Old Testament Jesus Christ - God of the Old Testament
Herbert W Armstrong - December 12, 1978 - 8W-24

Why were humans put here on the earth, how did we come to be here? We're not on Mars, there isn't anybody on Mars. We've had men on the moon, but they didn't stay there very long because when the oxygen they took with them wore out, they would die if they hadn't gotten back to the earth. T ...View Transcript

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