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The Potential of Mankind The Potential of Mankind
Herbert W Armstrong - June 24, 1978 - 8W-23

David you know was a man who was given to contemplation and to deep thought and he was looking up into the sky one clear night and saw all the stars up there and some nights if the clouds are wafted away, you can see many, many; I have seen the skies when it's just loaded with stars it seems, and ...View Transcript

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Prince of Peace Prince of Peace
Herbert W Armstrong - June 17, 1978 - 8W-7

Now God's great motive now was to restore the government of God to the earth and then to create character and I have explained before, the one thing God cannot create instantaneously by fiat is character, Holy Righteous perfect character. Character is the right of a separate entity separate from G ...View Transcript

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Supreme Opportunity Supreme Opportunity
Herbert W Armstrong - June 17, 1978 - 8W-6

Well, greetings everybody. In this current series of telecasts, I am speaking as no man in our time has spoken to the public. We're in a very confused world today, a very upset world. Why the violence everywhere? Why the rampant crime and increasing so rapidly that the police staffs in various cit ...View Transcript

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God's Chosen Prophets God's Chosen Prophets
Herbert W Armstrong - June 10, 1978 - 8W-5

The first thing that God created was angels and I have shown you and this is so important, I want to repeat it again, I want to repeat this as Franklin D Roosevelt would have said, again, and again, and again, because I want you to really get it. The one thing that God Almighty cannot create direct ...View Transcript

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The Procreation of God The Procreation of God
Herbert W Armstrong - June 10, 1978 - 8W-4

Well once again greetings everybody; as I said in the first program of this series that I have been speaking to you and will continue speaking to you in this series as no man has spoken in our time. I wonder if we realize the real danger that we're in this very moment. Now we find that those who k ...View Transcript

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The Purpose of Mankind The Purpose of Mankind
Herbert W Armstrong - June 3, 1978 - 8W-3

Now I want to go on and show you how God began reproducing Himself, why He put man on the earth, He put man on the earth in order to reproduce Himself, in order to build into human beings the Holy Righteous perfect character of the living Eternal Creator God. Now we come back here to Genesis and we ...View Transcript

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Recreation of Earth Recreation of Earth
Herbert W Armstrong - June 3, 1978 - 8W-2

Now as I have showed you before and I want to just repeat a little bit to bring you up-to-date because I want you to have this background in mind in the present program. Before God had created matter, there was no physical matter, just outer space. God is composed of spirit, not matter. The Word was ...View Transcript

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Satan's Rebellion Satan's Rebellion
Herbert W Armstrong - May 27, 1978 - 8W-1

Is there a purpose in human beings being here and were we put here or did we just evolve from a spineless ameba, single celled ameba? Where are we going is there purpose to life and what is the way? And let me say here that I bring you absolutely certain hope a hope that is absolutely sure and that ...View Transcript

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