Listen to  Herbert W Armstrong's 50th Feast Herbert W Armstrong's 50th Feast
Herbert W Armstrong - October 9, 1976 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well, greetings all my little children. I address you as my little children because all of you who have and are led by the Holy Spirit are directly or indirectly my children in the Lord Jesus Christ. I might say that this is the fiftieth Feast of Tabernacles for me, number fifty. And let me see, I t ...View Transcript

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Listen to  History of the True Church History of the True Church
John H Ogwyn - October 27, 1979

I've drawn on some of these parallels as we have been going through the Bible studies on the life and letters of Paul. There are many parallels that can be drawn between the Church in the first century and the Church in our time, the end time, many of the things that it has gone through and I thin ...

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Listen to  Hoe to the End of the Row Hoe to the End of the Row
Donald L Ward - 1978

Bill Brown made a million, Bill Brown think of that, a boy you remember as poor as a rat who hoed for the neighbors at jobs by the day, well Bill's made a million or near it they say, well you can't understand it well neither can I and then I remember and now I know why, the bell might be ringin ...

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Listen to  Hold Fast to the Work of God Hold Fast to the Work of God
Gerald D Waterhouse - November 11, 1978

I feel the basic core that all of us fully need to understand and if a person does there's no way you can be shaken, I don't care what happens, I don't care who might leave or what might be said you know exactly where you stand and you don't have to be concerned or worried about it, all you ...

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Watch  Hope Hope
Carl E McNair - December 24, 1994

Over at our place we are having our problems too, we moved in to the Lawrence Welk or are moving in to Lawrence Welk Village and we thought last night that we would spend the night in the new place, new to us. You have to be a senior you know in order to get into that Lawrence Welk Village, and than ...

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Listen to  How Democracy Hurts Us Spiritually How Democracy Hurts Us Spiritually
Frederick C Kellers - 1980 - Feast of Tabernacles

It is a sad world, the government in this world and I'm interested in government, you know I heard just this morning that the government over in Italy has fallen, they resigned and I say boy, what else is new. My how many governments have they had over in Italy that have gone one after another and ...

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Listen to  How Do You Imagine God? How Do You Imagine God?
Dean C Blackwell

Good afternoon everyone, nice to see a lot of old Amarillo faces again. Used to dropdown from Kansas City in the district trips and plague you people quite often so, it's really nice to be here again. It's always striking to me how, when you have juggling in the schedule like we had with the ser ...

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Listen to  How Do You See God? How Do You See God?
Dean C Blackwell

Well, if I had to have a favorite sermon that I've had the opportunity of giving, this would be it. It first dawned on me back a number of years ago when I was watching a movie called "The Agony and the Ecstasy" which is a story of Michelangelo, the Pope had drafted Michelangelo and instead of bei ...

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Watch  How Does Heresy Happen? How Does Heresy Happen?
Carl E McNair - April 16, 1994

Text below starts at 1:00:30 thru 1:02:30 - The most common responses I've heard from the Ministry in the current round of apostasy, is as follows: (1) Well I have to let Christ do something, He's in charge of His Church, so it's Christ Church, well I think you know my feeling about that. If C ...

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Listen to  How Good and How Pleasant How Good and How Pleasant
Herbert W Armstrong - September 29, 1985 - Feast of Tabernacles

I have been observing these festivals now for 58 years, longer than any of you. And so I look on you as my children; and I am going to talk to you tonight as a father. Now I have a Bible in front of me. But, you know, I can't read a word of it. Last year, when I talked to you on this program the n ...View Transcript

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Listen to  How It All Finally Ends How It All Finally Ends
Herbert W Armstrong - October 21, 1981 - Last Great Day

Greetings everybody all over the United States and Canada and in every Feast site in the United States and Canada and including Alaska and Hawaii. For the second time this Feast I'm speaking to you by satellite to all Feast sites in the United States and Canada. At the first telephone conversation ...

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Listen to  How Much Must We Change? How Much Must We Change?
Edwin N Marrs - 1979

Greetings everyone; I don't know what to title the sermon. I started to title it the rantings and ravings of a shook up Minister, but I figured no that wouldn't be a good title for a sermon, because people would think I'm mad, maybe some people think I am anyway, but just in thoughts and some ...

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Listen to  How Satan Attacks How Satan Attacks
Keith Walden - 1979

What I want to do is go through and show you who our adversary is and how he works and how you and I can resist and overcome him. Now to get the first mention of him as God has inspired the Bible to be written we have to turn back to Genesis. Although over in Ezekiel you get a better understand of w ...

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Listen to  How to Keep the Sabbath How to Keep the Sabbath
Herman L Hoeh - September 16, 1980

What I would like to do today is to address a question for all of you that we have not done in my remembrance here recently and that is the subject of the Sabbath day and how we should look into the Bible to determine what it is we ought to be doing this day. There are a number of approaches that on ...

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Listen to  How to Overcome How to Overcome
Dean C Blackwell - 1978

Today I'd like to touch on a brief subject, not to be labor at all. In the book of Revelation, you have a series of rewards; it starts out in these 7 Churches that are listed here. Then it goes even further in the book, Revelation chapter 2. Each one of these Churches is descriptive of attitude we ...

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