Listen to  Blessed and Happy Blessed and Happy
John H Ogwyn - August 17, 2001

Well greetings brethren, it's a real pleasure to have the opportunity to be able to speak to you today. I would like to focus our attention on something that is on the minds of an awful lot of people. What is it that really leads to happiness and success? You know there has been all sorts of books ...

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Listen to  Blessings Blessings
John Richard Seiver - September 20, 1979

Well good morning brethren; I imagine that all of you thank God everyday for all of His wonderful blessings, I know I do, it just sort of pops out, I don't seem to think about exactly what I'm saying when I say it. It's just one of those things that seems like we ought to thank God for when we ...

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Listen to  Bricket Wood Message Bricket Wood Message
Herbert W Armstrong - May 18, 1974

Well, greetings everybody once again. It's nice to be back at Bricket Wood. I might just say that about a week ago we did have a wonderful turnout over in Jerusalem; and I was able to speak about 25 minutes to the top people of the nation Israel - members of the Knesset, members of the Cabinet, Su ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Broken Laws Bring Penalties Broken Laws Bring Penalties
William C Bradford - August 18, 1979

Now that brings up a subject that I think we need to discuss here this morning and of course some may not understand it and I believe it something I have got to discuss quite openly because of the inquiries about it and if you have several inquiries about it and several people or one or two people w ...

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Listen to  Building A Relationship With God In Prayer Building A Relationship With God In Prayer
John H Ogwyn

Well good afternoon again it's really nice to be here. You know brethren if we look around in the world in which we live and we see so many things that are going on in the world scene we see events that are shaping up in Europe, you see just this past week, just in the last few days a familiar fac ...

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Listen to  Building The Temple Building The Temple
Herbert W Armstrong - February 14, 1981

Jesus said, in Matthew 16:18 I will build my church, and the gates of hell [which should be translated "the gates of the grave." That's what He meant. And the word "hell" there is Hades, which simply means the grave. It doesn't mean the kind of hell that Dante thought it mean ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Called To Be Teachers Called To Be Teachers
Herbert W Armstrong - June 10, 1984 - Pentecost

We came here from different parts of Europe and from the United States. You know you can come to a place like this or any part of the world where we see a congregation of God's people and you find the same spirit. You find unity and harmony. The world and the nations of the world have been trying ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Called to Rule in the Kingdom of God Called to Rule in the Kingdom of God
Roy O Holladay - October 6, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

You know, a few years ago, I gave a sermon on the Kingdom of God. And I explained in that sermon basically how we're going to become gods, how we're going to rule the world tomorrow. The fact that we are going to be kings and priests, and I sat down after giving that sermon, and I sort of patted ...

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Listen to  Called, Chosen and Faithful Called, Chosen and Faithful
John H Ogwyn - 2000 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well greetings brethren, it's really good to have this opportunity to speak to all of you. The times we're living I think we all understand are not simply normal, average, ordinary times. We have gone through during the course of the twentieth century events that have built to the point of setti ...

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Listen to  Can't Be First If You Don't Last Can't Be First If You Don't Last
David J Albert - Pentecost

Today is Pentecost as you very well know from this morning's service which from what I understand was very well explained and expounded to you. I suspect scriptures such as James 1 were mentioned, but let's just turn there again briefly and be reminded of the fact that we are God's first fruit ...

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Listen to  Catch the Vision of God and Christ Catch the Vision of God and Christ
Gerald D Waterhouse - May 6, 1978

The one thing we need to always keep our mind on, never lose sight that is never look below God and Christ. Because you look to men you can get caught up and that's usually the problem with most people they don't see God and Christ in charge of their Work and that those two individuals know exac ...

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Listen to  Challenged Challenged
Herbert W Armstrong - April 19, 1981 - Unleavened Bread

When I was challenged fifty-four years ago, fifty-four and a half years ago now, and I didn't know very much about the Bible up to that time. I'd been brought up in a respectable Sunday school and church. All I knew was, I thought I knew that there is a God and I thought I knew that, well they t ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Change Change
Ronald W Laughland - May 9, 1981

Well good morning everyone; good to be here in Portland. It's a beautiful day today. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet almost everyone today in our visit out here. I'd like to start out with a little story. A women went to a Marriage Counselor about getting a divorce. The Marriage Couns ...

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Listen to  Character Flaws Character Flaws
Arthur W Docken - October 11, 1979 - Feast of Tabernacles

The special music this morning was especially touching I felt, the first number "All My Trials Lord, Soon Be Over", an old Nero Spiritual that came out of agony and misery, came out of slavery and came from the heart of a people that looked forward to freedom, looked forward to a day when ...

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Listen to  Checklist For Salvation Checklist For Salvation
Leroy Neff - January 17, 1981

Good afternoon everybody; I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather. I talked to some of our Ministers back in the east this past week, they're telling me it was 0 degrees or 10 degrees or some other abominable figure and I also received a report from one of our Ministers, who said that his ...

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