Will the World RECOGNIZE the Returning Christ? Will the World RECOGNIZE the Returning Christ?
Richard H Sedliacik  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1965

The Jews did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah when He appeared over 1900 years ago. They called Him a blasphemer. The Romans crucified Him. Today the most COLOSSAL LIE of all time is being spawned to counterfeit the identity of the returning Christ. This challenging article unmasks the deception. ...

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Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1979

Where is the one and only true Church today- the Church founded by Jesus Christ in A.D. 31? Seven major eye-opening proofs identify it unmistakably. Proof Four: THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL, The Holy Bible is essentially the book of and concerning the nation Israel. It is concerned with other nations ...

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Was JESUS Dead? Was JESUS Dead?
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  June 1955

IT IS revealed that Jesus was "Emmanuel" - that is, "God with us" - GOD in the human flesh. He was both God and man. He was divine, as well as human. Can God die? Was Jesus really dead, or did only his body die? Was Jesus the Divine One alive during the three days and three night ...

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Church History - Lecture 1 - Introduction Church History - Lecture 1 - Introduction
Ronald D Kelly  -  Ambassador College Lecture   -  1987

For the beginning of our Church History lectures I would like to let all the class know that we are going to be taping the class this year, with the possibility in mind of sending the tapes out to the field Ministry if they would like to kind of get filled in on what's happening in some of the Amb ...

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The Two Babylons The Two Babylons   Chapter III       Festivals    I. Christmas and Lady-Day
Alexander Hislop  -  Reference Book   -  1858

If Rome be indeed the Babylon of the Apocalypse, and the Madonna enshrined in her sanctuaries be the very queen of heaven, for the worshipping of whom the fierce anger of God was provoked against the Jews in the days of Jeremiah, it is of the last consequence that the fact should be established beyo ...

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Was All of Ancient Israel Really Carried Captive? Was All of Ancient Israel Really Carried Captive?
Lawson C Briggs  -  Good News   -  June 1974

Most Christians assume that all the ancient Israelites became Jews. Others suppose the "House of Israel" - the so-called "lost ten tribes" - simply lost their identity and ceased to exist as a people by becoming merged in the mass of Middle Eastern humanity. Clouding the issue in both" suppo ...

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What I Never Knew About Dad What I Never Knew About Dad
Darris L McNeely  -  Youth Magazine   -  June-July 1984

Going through the old photos, I began to wonder what else I didn't know about Dad. "Dad, what's this picture of?" I asked as I handed over a small black-and-white snapshot. "Oh, that's the first American military cemetery dug in France during World War II. I helped dig that with ...

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Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - July 07, 1948 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - July 07, 1948
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  July 07, 1948

Another issue of The PLAIN TRUTH will go to the printers before you receive this BULLETIN. I know you are all anxiously awaiting it. Hundreds of letters tell me that. But since it takes a week or ten days from the time we turn copy over to the printers before it is ready to be mailed, I want to send ...

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The Bible Story - Volume II The Bible Story - Volume II  -  Chapter 52
Basil Wolverton  -  Ambassador College Publication   -  1983

IT was on the tenth day of the first month (Nisan in the spring - not January in the winter) that Israel crossed the Jordan River and made camp in Canaan at a spot called Gilgal. The west border of the camp wasn't much more than a mile from Jericho, a thick-walled city swarming with enemy soldiers ...

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Judah's Septere and Joseph's Birthright Judah's Septere and Joseph's Birthright  -  Series 1   
Chapter 5    The Birthright or the Promise of Many Nations to Abraham

J. H. Allen  -  Reference Book   -  1902

After the division which occurred among the seed of Abraham in the days of Jeroboam and Rehoboam, and before the two kingdoms had settled down to steady going, there arose several contingencies which we must understand, before we can intelligently follow their history any farther. By consulting the ...

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Is Jesus God? Is Jesus God?   Table of Contents         
Ambassador College Production  -  Special Topics   -  1955-1974

Millions do not know what Christ really was! Shocking though it is, millions of sincere believers are deceived by a diabolical deception. Was Christ human, or divine? Read the truth about this vital subject that has puzzled millions. Is Jesus God? What is the real answer? Is Jesus God? Is He the sam ...

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Richard H Sedliacik  -  Good News   -  April 1979

The religious world is in great confusion regarding the various baptisms mentioned in the Bible. We hear about baptism by immersion, sprinkling and pouring. There is the baptism by the Holy Spirit, which John the Baptist spoke of, and the baptism mentioned in Matthew 28:19. Last, but not least ...

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Against the Gates of Hell Against the Gates of Hell  -  Table of Contents   
Stanley R Rader  -  Reference Book   -  1980

Shortly after 7:00 A.M. on the third day of January 1979, I drove down broad Colorado Boulevard in the small California city of Pasadena. The sun, which had shone with a dazzling brightness only two days before on the Tournament of Roses parade along the same thoroughfare, had disappeared. In its pl ...

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Does EASTER Commemorate the Resurrection? Does EASTER Commemorate the Resurrection?
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1958

Christ did not rise on Easter Sunday! Here is an article explaining what Christ did command His Church to observe! Have you ever stopped to consider why you believe the things you believe? Where did you learn the custom of observing Easter? "I learned it from childhood," you reply. Of cour ...

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The Scarlet-Colored Beast The Scarlet-Colored Beast
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Telecast   -  June 4, 1982

Time is running out, Armageddon is closer day-by-day. Troubles even wars between nations are increasing all the time, the Falkland crisis and the Poland crisis. What is going to develop out of the Middle Eastern strife, out of the many other trouble spots all around the world? Just how near are we t ...

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