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Which prophet said, "I alone am left, and they seek my life?"

I Kings 19:10
FAMINE ...Can We Survive?
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FAMINE ...Can We Survive?
Gary L Alexander  

FOR A moment, close your eyes and imagine yourself as the "median man," Mr. or Mrs. Average World. First, throw out - in your mind's eye - all your living room furniture: lamps, tables, television, couch and chairs. Next, smash your bedroom furniture, box spring, mattress, mirror, chest-of-drawers and clothes closet. Save only one change of clothes, your dirtiest work clothes. Next, destroy all the bathroom facilities entirely! As you move to your kitchen, you'll have to disconnect and discard all those "energy slaves." Throw out your refrigerator, stove and dining table set. Discard all food on your shelves except for a few half-rotten potatoes and a few crusts of dried-up bread. Throw out the daily protein staples, such as meat, milk, eggs and cheese. Are you "average" yet?

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Publication Date: 1974
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