GLENN IN ORBIT - What does it MEAN? GLENN IN ORBIT - What does it MEAN?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  April 1962

With a lump in its throat and a tear in its eye, America cheered John Glenn! HE MADE IT! But what is the meaning of these fantastic accomplishments? What lies ahead? The answer, from your Bible, is shocking! Boy! That was a real fire-ball!" shouted Astronaut John Glenn as his tiny space capsule ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong & Paul W Kroll  -  Plain Truth   -  May 1967

Ants are our most familiar, and pesky, insects. Whether you live in Australia or Austria, in Britain or Bloemfontein you could discover ants in your home - or find them trying to carry off your picnic lunch! Evolution is completely BAFFLED by the ant world. Ants are the most illogical creatures in t ...

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GOD Doesn't Need YOU! GOD Doesn't Need YOU!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1965

Why is it that religion has begged, cajoled, and with quavering voice pleaded with sinners to accept Christ? Is God trying desperately to get everybody "saved" before it's too late? Does God really NEED you so desperately - RIGHT NOW? Here's what your BIBLE says. What about it? Is ther ...

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God Loves a Cheerful Giver - Part Two God Loves a Cheerful Giver - Part Two
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  August 1975

In the last issue we saw how the Bible is literally packed with analogies, examples and parables about the right attitude and approach toward money. Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave example after example about talents, pounds and pennies. In this article we'll show you where "your treasure" ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  February 1959

During the recent ministerial conference, January, 1959, God's ministers saw the government of God in action! Here are some of the results of that meeting, and what it means to God's Church! DO YOU realize the real BLESSING it is to be in God's Church? At the close of the recent ministerial co ...

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God's Power God's Power
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Tomorrow's World   -  November 1971

God Almighty has POWER. He shares that power with Jesus Christ. Jesus gave that power to His disciples, and that same power sustains this Work today. Read what that POWER is and how you can inherit it. ...

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God's Work Is Waiting on YOU! God's Work Is Waiting on YOU!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  March 1958

God's work is seriously in need of more qualified ministers! Hundreds are being brought yearly into the truth - scattered brethren need to be visited, comforted, anointed when they're sick. Perhaps YOU have not recognized your own responsibility to your brethren! "Lift up your eyes, and look on ...

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Government in Crisis - But Why? Government in Crisis - But Why?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  April 1974

The world is in a crisis of government. Despotic communism, dictatorships, parliamentary democracies, autocracies, limited monarchies, republicanisms, tyrannies, majority rule - in whatever form of human government, crises threaten; and governments topple, collapse, decay, disintegrate, or are ...

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Governments of the World In Such Disarray. Governments of the World In Such Disarray.
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  September 1974

NEVER SINCE the Great Depression and World War II have governments of the world been in such disarray. Just since the Yom Kippur War, the governments of Britain, West Germany, France, Japan, Israel, Italy, Canada, Denmark, and finally, the United States have either toppled, been replaced t ...

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Greatest FEAST Ever! Greatest FEAST Ever!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  November 1960

Thousands of God's people met in many parts of the world recently - for the greatest Feasts of Tabernacles since Apostolic days! Here is the inspiring news of the Festival. IT SEEMS impossible there could be a Feast of Tabernacles better than the one God's people observed in l959, but the Feast ...

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Greatest FEAST in Centuries! Greatest FEAST in Centuries!
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  November 1957

About 2,800 of God's people - the largest number in many hundreds of years - heard dynamic, inspired messages from God's servants during the wonderful Feast of Tabernacles. Especially for you brethren of the Church who were unable to attend, we bring you this report of those eight joyous days! G ...

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Has God Changed? Has God Changed?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1977

And greetings friends around the world, has God changed, has His moral standards changed, does He punish for the same abominations and crimes today as He did in ages past? You know a lot of people look in to the Old Testament they see the prophecies of Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and others, they thin ...

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Has the New Covenant Been Made Yet? Has the New Covenant Been Made Yet?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Good News   -  June 1976

Millions of professing Christians are basing their religious lives on a careless assumption! They assume that the New Covenant - in all its terms and conditions - is now and has been in full force and effect since the first coming of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. But scripture after scripture ...

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HATE... but Why? HATE... but Why?
Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  September 1964

What's HAPPENING to us? Why such venomous racial HATRED? What would YOU do about it? How would YOU propose to stop it? How much POWER would you need? Read, in this article, how the problem WILL BE SOLVED! "Kill 'em!" they screamed. With that, thousands of enraged, screaming, hate-filled Negroes ...

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Garner Ted Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  June 1961

Thousands of modern young mothers are having their babies at home! Recent outbreaks of deadly infections in large hospitals, combined with more wide-spread interest in natural childbirth have begun a return to the oldest practice of all - having babies at home. In the last installment, we read the h ...

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