Completion Of Work Near???Completion Of Work Near???

   Signs are now fast appearing that our Work of the GREAT COMMISSION may be much more near completed than we have realized.
   Mark you, I say "may be". It is not yet so.
   World conditions may force European nations and possibly some Balkan nations (10 in all) to unite, bringing to pass the revived "Holy Roman Empire" of A.D. 554-1814 even yet this year or possibly next. Our Work (Philadelphian era) probably will be finished about the time this European empire is united. Those nations have WANTED to unite politically, with a common currency and common military force, for some time but have been unable. It can be accomplished only through the Vatican.
   There are no "great" men heading any nation, such as Stalin or Churchill any more. The one man now ascending to the stature of such strength is Pope John Paul II. Already he is the most traveled Pope in history.
   He has just finished a tour through three nations in Africa, and now has just completed a four day crucial visit to France the first time in nearly 200 years any pope has visited France. France is more than 95 percent Roman Catholic but mostly nominal not fervent or active Catholic. The pope was much perturbed about this and strove to correct it.
   Last night I watched on television an interview with the foreign minister of France. The French are seriously "turned off" against the United States. Asked his opinion of President Carter's boycott of the Olympics, he said, in effect, it was only a slap on the wrist. Asked what would stop Russia's advances, which began with the invasion of Afghanistan, he said, in effect, ONLY SUPERIOR MILITARY POWER. That is true, and the nations of Europe know it. But they no longer have faith in U.S. military power being used to stop Russian advances beyond Afghanistan.
   More than ever, European governments realize their very LIFE now depends on their own UNIFICATION IN MILITARY MIGHT, to stop Russia, who is virtually on their borders now.
   The debacle of President Carter's military attempt to free the hostages in Iran, added to other Carter weaknesses and blunders, has turned off European confidence in relying on U.S. military power to protect them from the U.S.S.R.
   The Kremlin has made its first move toward complete world domination, on moving into Afghanistan. One more small leap and they are in control of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf and in CONTROL of nearly all the world's oil. The death of Tito, the hostage situation, United States' display of having lost "the pride of our power" all combine to frighten European leaders, preparing the way for a lightening-fast move for the Vatican to politically and militarily UNITE EUROPE to protect herself against a danger OTHERWISE UNSTOPPABLE.
   It may not jell so rapidly yet I warn you IT MAY so rapidly it will take your breath!
   Once the Roman Empire is resurrected in Europe and the Balkans, our great commission will be virtually COMPLETED.
   Quickly the Laodicean church will rise up. It will go through the GREAT TRIBULATION. We shall be taken (by flight) to a place of protection for 3 1/2 years, till the coming of Christ.
   I have rechecked Revelation 3:10 again and from the original Greek it definitely refers to our being taken to a place of safety from the Great Tribulation.
   Meanwhile, let us redouble our efforts, and PRAY as never before that we draw yet closer to Jesus Christ and to God. Time is short and daily growing shorter. Please pray for me personally with intensive fervor right now!

Publication Date: June 16, 1980
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