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Who would not believe that Jesus was risen from the dead, until he could see the nail marks?

John 20:25
How to STUDY the BIBLE
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How to STUDY the BIBLE

What are we? Were we put on earth for a purpose? And what is that purpose? Why are human lives empty, discontented, unhappy? How may human life become happy, filled with interest, abundant, successful, prosperous? What is the real cause of wars, and the ultimate way to world peace? What lies on after death - what is the way to a happy, abundant, eternal life? No book ever written, except the Holy Bible, reveals the answers to these fundamental questions of life! That's why we need to study and understand the Scriptures. IN BIBLE study, as well as with anything else, there is a proper and an improper way to accomplish. There are certain rules which, if followed, will give you a more thorough understanding of God's Word - leave you with fewer questions, begin to help you think and act as God does because you understand what He says in His Word. The following rules are not necessarily in order - they are certainly not all the rules of Bible study - but they are basic and important and will help you gain the truth from God's Word.

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Publication Date: 1976
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