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WHY 'Mystery Of The Ages' could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT books of our day...WHY 'Mystery Of The Ages' could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT books of our day...

   I have lived a long, active, interest-packed life. It has covered all of the twentieth century to the present and the last eight and one half years of the nineteenth century.
   I have seen this twentieth century develop into a state of awesome advancement and achievement, industrially and technologically. At the same time, I have seen alarming escalation of appalling evils.
   And now the crucible of nuclear war threatens the very extinction of the human race within our generation!

Why the Paradox?

   The world's great minds, the evolutionists, the educators, scientists and religionists have striven in vain to solve the paradox of great scientific technological accomplishments and appalling human evils.
   These conditions and facts are mysteries that have remained unsolved. They now need to be explained.

Why the Mystery?

   Have you ever asked yourself, "WHO am I? WHAT am I? WHY am I?" I did. And I tried to reason out the answer, but I couldn't. It was a mystery to me and to the world as a whole. So as a young man, I began an in-depth study and research into the theory of evolution and also into the Bible.
   I found the Bible to be a coded book, with positive, absolute answers to the paramount mysteries confronting all humanity.
   I discovered that the Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle thousands of pieces that need putting together and the pieces will fit together in only one way.
   "Mystery of the Ages" puts the many pieces of the great puzzle together so they can be clearly understood.
   It will explain "Why human suffering? The origin of the Universe. Who and what is God? Why were you born? Is there hope for a better World Tomorrow?" and much, much more!
   Time may prove this to be one of the most important books of our day.
   This book will open many eyes to the truth of these long, hidden mysteries of life.

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The Worldwide NewsSeptember 17, 1985Vol XIII No. 19
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