What are the Laws of Success?
Telecast Date: April 6, 1984
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Imagine if you can a world with all poverty banished, now we live in a world where fifty percent of all the 4 1/3 billion people on earth are living in poverty many in abject poverty in filth squalor, but just imagine a world with no poverty whatsoever plenty for everybody, well I have good news for you such a world is coming, but not the way you think. Universal prosperity also world peace all the good things in life, universal happiness, that means utopia, you look up the word utopia in the dictionary and it will tell you it's a fancy full sort of an imaginary world where everything is just perfect and there is plenty for everybody and no poverty and anything of the kind, but imaginary an impossible, well why should it be impossible?

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Telecast Date: April 6, 1984