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Countries and Their Biblical Names
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Countries and Their Biblical Names
Worldwide Church of God   
Church of God

On January 5, 1968, the Radio Church of God (founded October 21, 1933) was renamed the Worldwide Church of God. Soon after, the church began to broadcast a television version of The World Tomorrow. The program would eventually expand to 382 U.S. television stations, and 36 television outlets internationally.

Country Biblical Name
Afghanistan Joktan
Alaska Tiras
Albania Lud
Arabia Ishmael
Argentina Tarshish & Tiras
Austria Asshur
Austrailia Ephraim
Belgium Asher
Bhutan Gomer
Bolivia Tarshish & Tiras
Brazil Tarshish & Tiras & Phut
Bulgaria Elam
Burma Gomer
Cambodia Gomer
Chile Tiras
China Gog & Magog
Columbia Tarshish & Tiras
Costa Rica Tarshish
Crete Caphtor
Cuba Tarshish
Czechoslovakia Elam
Danmark Dan & Judah
Dominican Republic Phut
Ecuador Tiras
Egypt Mizraim & Pathrusim
England Ephraim
Eritrea Cush
Estonia Letushim [Keturah]
Ethiopia Cush
Finland Issachar
France Reuben
Germany Asshur [Central & Southern]
Ghanna Caanan
Greece Javan
Guatemala Tarshish
Guinea Mizraim & Phut
Haiti Phut
Honduras Tiras
Hungary Keturah
Iceland Benjamin
  • Brahmins
  • North
  • South
Cush & Phut
  • Persians
  • Joktan
  • Ishmael
Indo-China Gomar
Indonesian Islands Gomar
Iran Persians
Iraq Aram & Ishmael
Ireland Dan
  • Non-Jewish
  • South Palestine
  • Mizraim
  • Philistines
Italy, North
Italy, South
Javan & Canaan
Japan Gomer
Jordan Ammon & Moab
Kashmir Joktan
Korea Gomer & Magog
Laos Gomer
Latvia Letushim [Keturah]
Lebanon Uz
Liberia Phut
Libya Ishmael & Mizraim
Lithuania Letushim [Keturah]
Maldine Islands Cush
Malta Canaan
Manchuria Gog & Magog
Mexico Tarshish & Tiras
Mongolia Gog & Magog
Nepal Gomer
Netherlands Zebulun
Nicaragua Tarshish & Tiras
Norway Benjamin
  • Southern
  • Ishmael
Panama Tarshish & Tiras
Philippines Gomer
Poland Elam
Polynesia Tiras
  • South
  • Canaan
Rumania Chaldeans
Rhodes Javan
Russia, Great
  • North Siberia
  • White Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Azarbaiddzhan
  • Armenia
  • Moldavia
Tubal & Meshech
  • Togarmah
  • Rosh
  • Madia
  • Lud
  • Aram
  • Aram
  • Madia
Salvador Tarshish
Sicily Parts of Canaan
Spain, North
Spain, South
North Chaldeans
South Canaan & Javan
Sudan Canaan, Cush, Phut, Mizrain
Sweden Naphtali
Switzerland Gad
Syria Uz [Aram]
Tadzhik Joktan
Thailand Gomer & Sakai
Tibet Gomer
Tunisia Ishmael, Canaan, Lud
Turkey Esau [Edom]
United States Manasseh
Uruguay Tarshish & Tiras
Vietnahm Gomer
Yugoslavia Elam
Presented by - The Worldwide Church of God

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