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Pentecost Study Material
Herbert W Armstrong & Herman L Hoeh  



   The Pentecost question is one that can be made very complex and complicated. Also it can, and I feel should (especially before brethren), be made quite simple.

   To simplify it, I do NOT like to say the issue is WHETHER we count 50 days from a Sunday inclusively or exclusively. In ENGLISH, 50 days FROM a Sunday can be counted NO OTHER WAY than that ONE day FROM Sunday is Monday, and 50 days FROM Sunday always falls on a Monday.

   The crux of the matter is in the statement, also page 1, "... But when it [the Hebrew "mi" or "Min"] is translated as 'from' [instead of on] and is used in conjunction with the element of time, it is always used inclusively, and never exclusively."

   This being true — that is, in the HEBREW, when in relation to time, it should NEVER be translated into the English "from," but "beginning on." It is the fact that one of the translators of the RSV, who is Chairman of the Revision Committee now revising the RSV, said not only that, but that he will strongly recommend the revision will so translate it, that caused me to CHANGE the Pentecost from Monday to Sunday. It is just that simple. In ENGLISH, 50 days FROM a Sunday is always a MONDAY. But when I learned that two of the actual translators confirmed this as above, and I found the English "from" to be MISLEADING, I changed it immediately.

   One other point: in Deuteronomy 16:9 the Hebrew word for "weeks" is shabbua, meaning primarily "weeks, but also "seven, "sevened," or "Sabbath," but in Leviticus 23:15, 16 the word is "shabbat" meaning "Sabbath," or a week always ending on a Sabbath, and not on any other day. With these two points made clear, all problems and complications are avoided. Except for any members who insist on being technical and complicated, I strongly advise all ministers to stick with these two simple points. IF a member becomes technical, then you have all the detailed material you need in this report.

April 22, 1974


At last the cycle is complete — from original committee discussions through trans—Pacific phone calls to personal meetings with Mr. Herbert Armstrong to clear up details and receive final approval!

Here then is a packet (hopefully not a "glut") of Pentecost material representing some of the combined labors of our doctrinal team, especially Mr. Raymond McNair, Dr. Robert Kuhn and myself — as well as various other researchers, notably Mr. Lester Grabbe and Mr. Lawson Briggs.

Perhaps these comments will help you save time:

The paper entitled "Must the Wave Sheaf Fall During..." covers the question, "which week?" — applicable to this year. The one—page chart which follows this article is also helpful.

Of special interest are the papers, "Summary of Evidence From World — Renowned Translators," "The Seven Weeks of Deuteronomy 16:9" and the articles with "Sadducees" in the title.

"Pentecost" is the overall summary of arguments for and against Monday, and of course for Sunday.

Happy reading and have a good, well—counted Pentecost!

P.S. Though the decisions on Pentecost are obviously correct, please realize this is not intended to be the divinely—inspired, one hundred percent correct "Law of Medes and Persians which altereth not" on all technical details — we are always open to further knowledge.

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Publication Date: 1974
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