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To whom did Israel's tithe go?
The priests (Levites).

Deuteronomy 14:28-29
True Riches
Maceo D Hampton  
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In 1976, there was a information fact-finding search, you might say, made concerning the trace minerals and the various chemical substances, and various other things in the human body. That's gold, I think there's zinc, I don't know, manganese, all the various things, some of your chemists would know in the human body. And trying to discover if you would take all of those and melt them down at the, even in 1976 going rate. I think the human body was worth around $5.46 on the market, with all the chemistry and the gold and silver and all the rest that we have in us, just 5 dollars and 20, 40 some cents, but yet really to God, the human body is worth far more than that. But it's something that the body can produce that makes it much more than that, but actually makes it important to God, for this particular life, people engage in reciprocal trade. We have our markets, the Japanese nation, and others, and we have become industrial giants because as there is a sort of philosophy that if you want to become a success in merchandising, find a need and supply it.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: November 28, 1981