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To whom was Abigail married?

I Samuel 25:39
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Back quite a few years ago I visited my Grandfather down in Overton, Texas, he got to talking to me about the second coming of Christ, told me that one morning, instead of a normal, regular, mild sunrise, blinding brightness surged on to the scene, people would be jumping out of their beds, startled with this bright light. Well, I wish my Granddad hadn't told me about that, because I had nightmares later on. Now my tricky brother came in one time and shined this flashlight right in my eyes and it startled me and I jumped up and I was sure Christ was coming and I forget what I said, but something like, "oh, not now, I'm not ready yet." What would it have been like if this had been the last Feast of Trumpets?

Transcript of this Sermon coming.