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Jesus is the vine, who are the branches?
True christians.

John 15:5
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As we look around in the world today, we find that there is a lot of effort that's made by people in marketing business to try to define various categories of people and they do incredible amounts of research, incredible amounts of opinion sampling and polling to try and identify all these various market segments and they can come in and identify, tell you an incredible amount of stuff about the characteristics of the people who subscribe to a certain magazine, who watch a certain television program, whatever it may be. That in turn is used to lure advertising, because advertisers, a television station for instance they've got this particular program that they carry and they've got all this marketing data so they try to then pitch to people who are advertising things, who have a product to sell that's really going to fit that particular audience.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: November 1, 2003