Against the Gates of Hell
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Against the Gates of Hell


Appendix A

The Church and its Doctrines

   THE Worldwide Church of God is a Christian church whose I doctrines are based on a literal interpretation of the Old and New Testaments.
   Church leaders believe that the prime duty of the modern Christian Church is to preach actively the Gospel of the Kingdom of God throughout the world. Herbert W. Armstrong, its president and Pastor General, and also president and chancellor of Ambassador College, is believed to be Jesus Christ's appointed Apostle on earth.
   Basic doctrines of the Church include belief in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ; that He lived a sinless life; that He was crucified and rose thereafter, and that the sins of those who repent are remitted through His blood; that salvation may be obtained only through His name; that He is the one and only Messiah and that His second return is imminent.
   The Church's internal organization is hierarchical rather than congregational, comparable to that of the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches. Authority proceeds from the top down in temporal as well as ecclesiastical matters. Herbert Armstrong appoints the members of the board of directors and is the temporal and pastoral head of Church affairs. His position and authority are comparable to those of his holiness, the pope; the board of directors is the equivalent of the papal curia.
   Other doctrines and practices include the following:
   Sabbath - Saturday, the seventh day of the week, is celebrated as the Sabbath.
   Holy Days - Members of the Church of God also observe Passover, the Day of Atonement, the Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, and the Feast of Tabernacles - holy days of the Old Testament also kept by persons of the Judaic faith.
   Tithing - Members voluntarily tithe and make other contributions from time to time. No appeals for funds are made to the general public, which may receive any of its more than 250 publications on subjects ranging from biblical doctrines to evolution to economic and political problems free.
   Dietary Laws - Members follow the dietary laws of the Old Testament, which forbid the eating of pork and shellfish. Baptism - Water baptism by immersion is required for membership. Children are not baptized.
   Medicine - Mr. Armstrong believes in divine healing through prayer. However, surgery to "repair," such as the setting of a broken leg, and cleansing of wounds, is permitted. A doctor is available at Ambassador College for those "who do not understand or have faith in divine healing through prayer."
   The Church is not activist nor militant about any social or political issue, but through its continued teaching over radio and television, and in its magazines and special booklets, offers practical solutions to the problems faced in day-to-day living.

Appendix B

   ALL RECEIVERSHIP orders in the Los Angeles Court are issued out of the two Writs and Receivers departments, Nos. 85 and 86. Cases are assigned to one department or the other on a mathematical basis, even-numbered cases going to one department, odd-numbered cases to the other. However, a case number is not assigned until the complaint is actually filed. Furthermore, the judges sitting in these departments are specially assigned on an annual basis, commencing the first of each year. Judge Pacht is a member of California's Commission on Judicial Performance. Hillel Chodos is a lellow member of the same commission. Judge Pacht was assigned to Department 85 commencing January 1, 1979; concurrently Judge Vernon Foster was assigned to Department 86. Pacht's predecessor in Department 85 was Judge Charles Phillips. The 2nd of January, therefore, was Pacht's first day in office in that department.
   Had the action been filed prior to year's end, a difterent judge would certainly have heard it. Had the action even been filed before ex parte relief was sought, in the manner required by the court rules, there was only a 50 percent chance that it would have been assigned to Department 85.
   The facts therefore suggest that Chodos, not wishing to leave anything to chance, engaged in a bit of astute shopping. He deferred acting until January 2. According to a declaration filed by him, he telephoned Department 85 that morning and was put directly through to Judge Pacht by the clerk. Chodos advised the iudge that he intended to seek ex parte relief that afternoon. Pacht suggested he send his proposed complaint in that morning, and Chodos accordingly had it delivered by messenger for the court's perusal in advance.
   By thus approaching the court before actual filing, Chodos eliminated any chance that the case might, on the luck of the draw, he assigned to Department 86. It is evident from the facts that Chodos and the attorney general were afforded courtesies that are not available to other lawyers.

Appendix C

   FOLLOWING ARE samplings of lengthy accounts of our travels, I previously printed in various Church publications. The dispatches, each of which has been sharply abbreviated, illustrate the diversity of places visited, dignitaries met, scope of our activities, and the quality of the receptions.

Back from lerusalem

   Herbert W. Armstrong returned to his Tucson, Ariz., home Dec. 2l following what be termed six "busy and eventful days" in Jerusalem.
   Mr. Armstrong kept to a quick pace of activities that included meetings with Israeli President Itzhak Navon, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan.
   Numerous special luncheons, dinners, and banquets were given in honor of Mr. Armstrong, who was in Jerusalem to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Work's relationship with Hebrew University and the Israeli Archaeological Society.
   On Dec. 17 Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek arranged for a special inauguration of the city's new downtown park, the Liberty Bell Park, to honor Mr. Armstrong for his role in making the facility possible.
   A stone sculpture bearing Mr. Armstrong's name was unveiled at the entrance to the park.
   The same day, Mr. Armstrong was honored by having a large paved court named the "Herbert W. Armstrong Square" at the entrance to the International Cultural Center for Youth (ICCY) building.

News, January 1,1979

Back from Rome

   Herbert W. Armstrong returned here April 29 after what Stanley R. Rader, vice-president for financial affairs and planning for the Work, described as a "very successful trip" that included the observance of the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread in Israel, followed by a visit to Rome.
   In Israel, Mr. Armstrong met with Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem and others active in Israeli public life, Mr. Rader said. Mr. Armstrong then visited Rome, which is now receiving world attention because of the Communist Party's expected entry into the Italian government in Italy's June elections.

-Worldwide News, May 10,1976

In Kingston, Jamaica

   Today I am in Jamaica, and in a few days Mr. Armstrong u,ill be speaking to thousands in the National Arena, as he has in other places throughout the world. Jamaica is a developing country, and its leaders have been striving to eliminate the inequality that has led to class division and strife and has prevented the development of the Jamaican people, both before and after Jamaica became independent from Great Britain. Already we have met with the governor general and the minister of education to discuss plans for a lasting and important project to be carried on in cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation-a project that we hope will play a substantial role in helping the people of Jamaica to achieve the transformation of its educational system that is so essential for Jamaica's development into a modern society in this technological age.

-Stanley R. Rader
The Plain Truth, January, 1976

From Nairobi, Kenya

   We were received by President Kenyatta at the State House in what was truly one of the most memorable meetings we have ever had with a Head of State.
   The President asked Mr. Armstrong about his work-his Mission, which he had heard so much about-his efforts on behalf of world peace and the activities now being carried on by the Foundation.
   Mr. Armstrong asked me to explain the work of the Foundation in its many activities throughout the world, and the President was duly impressed by these concrete evidences of humanitarian concern for others and a definite manifestation of a willingness to help others to help themselves. We expressed our interest in establishing a permanent relationship with the people of Kenya in a project that would be meaningful both for the people and for us.
   After leaving the President's office, he introduced us to the Attorney General, having previously introduced us to the Minister of State. Earlier, we spent thirty minutes with the Minister of Defense.
   On Wednesday, Mr. Armstrong was the guest speaker again at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Lion's Club of Nairobi. Later that afternoon Professor Gotoh and I met with about four hundred people at the Kenyatta Conference Center where Mr. Armstrong will speak next week on the 6th, 7th and Sth of June, and we screened Mr. Armstrong's film ("Ambassador for World Peace"), which highlighted his successful appearances last year in Manila.
   Last week we were in The Hague and we had tremendous success there. Dr. Singh invited people to a luncheon and dinner to meet Mr. Armstrong and to introduce the work of the Foundation. At the luncheon we had various members of the World Court, as well as Ambassadors from Tanzania, Nigeria and India.
   In the evening Dr. Singh really managed to introduce us to the elite of the Hague. The Ambassadors of the following nations were present: Japan, Tanzania, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania, El Salvador, Belgium, Canada. There were also six representatives from the United States Embassy and six from the Russian Embassy, as well as other members of the International Court of Justice, including its president, His Excellency, Justice Lachs.
   Tomorrow evening Mr. Armstrong will be introduced in Nairobi to the political, academic, social and industrial elite at a dinner hosted by Ambassador and Mrs. Mugo, a nephew and niece of President Kenyatta. There will be many Ministers and Vice Ministers in attendance, as well as permanent Secretaries.

-Stanley R. Rader
The Bulletin, June 3, 1975

From Johannesburg, South Africa

Herbert W. Armstrong addressed the Turnhalle, the constitutional conference of Namibia (South-West Africa), March 14 in Windhoek, the capital city, and a week later, on March 21, spoke before the parliament of the newly independent Transkei in Umtata, its capital city.
   Mr. Armstrong is the first "non-South-Wester" to have been invited to speak to the Turnhalle conference.

News, March 28,1977

En Route from Tokyo to Hong Kong

We have on board one of my "Japanese s6ns"-4 high member of the Japanese Diet, with his very charming wife and two of their three sons.
   Last Sabbath we had a dinner in the private dining room connecting with the Fontainebleau Restaurant atop the Imperial Hotel with the Ambassador of Israel and his wife and other members of the Israeli Embassy and their wives, making it a total of 12 at the dinner. There immediately followed a Sabbath afternoon service attended by some 200 Plain Truth readers.
   Last night was the big night of the visit to Tokyo-a most important banquet with about 150 in attendance, including several high in the Japanese government, with 13 ambassadors from as many countries. Most of my "Japaness s6ns"-all members of the Japanese Diet-were present. I was guest of honor and main speaker. I did get over to them the good news announcement of the Kingdom of God.

-Pastor's Report, July 21,1977

Visiting England

   Herbert W. Armstrong spoke to 1,000 brethren in the gymnasium of the former Ambassador College campus at Bricket Wood, England, May 28.

-Worldwide News, June 6,1977

Return from Asia and Africa

   Herbert W. Armstrong returned here Aug. 8 from an aroundthe- world trip that included stops in Japan, Hong Kong and Israel and was highlighted by a two-night evangelistic campaign in Liberia.
   After his departure from Hong Kong Mr. Armstrong flew aboard the G-II to Jerusalem, where he was honored at a luncheon by Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek.
   From Israel Mr. Armstrong flew to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which served as a regional base of operations for trips to two adjoining West African countries, Liberia and Ghana.
   We were met by the mayor of Monrovia, capital of Liberia. He took us in his car to see the president, and we spent 40 minutes with him.
   Mr. Armstrong said the mayor also held a luncheon in his honor.
   The next night we had a public meeting in an auditorium which seated 2,400.

-Worldwide News, August 15, 1977

From the Bahamas

   Herbert W. Armstrong completed a "successful" week's stay in this capital city of the Bahama Islands that included meetings with the governor-general, prime minister and other notables and culminated in a three-night personal-appearance campaign Feb. 20 to 22.
   The meetings, held in the Crown Ballroom of Loews Paradise Island Hotel, were emceed the first two nights by Osamu Gotoh, director of overseas campaigns, and the third night by Kingsley Mather, preaching elder responsible for the church here.
   Stanley Rader, vice president for financial affairs and planning, spoke briefly after Mr. Armstrong's sennon the first night and then "spoke eight to 10 minutes" on Saturday night, again following the close of Mr. Armstrong's sermon.
   Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Rader arrived in Nassau Sunday, Feb. 15. Mr. Armstrong arrived in Nassau from London, where he had spent several days in conferences with Frank Brown (regional director of the Work in the British Isles) and others at Bricket Wood.

-Worldwide News, March 1,1976

From Cape Town, South Africa

   Herbert W. Armstrong wound up his third week in South Africa with a visit with Prime Minister B. John Vorster in his office in the country's legislative capital on part of an agenda that so far has included Plain Truth lectures in three cities and speeches before civic clubs, as well as Holy Day services on Pentecost, June 6, for 800 brethren from all over South Africa.
   The prime minister and Mr. Armstrong had planned to talk only 10 minutes, but the meeting lasted a half hour.
   Stanley Rader, the Work's vice president for financial affairs, who is with Mr. Armstrong on his latest overseas trip, was also at the meeting with the prime minister. Mr. Armstrong flew to Windhoek, South-West Africa, for a luncheon in his honor that had been arranged by the South Africa Foundation for the leaders of the "constitutional community" of South-West Africa, a southern-African territory governed by South Africa.
   The leaders of each racial group and ethnic group [of South- West Africa] are trying to hammer out a constitution in much the same way the Americans had to hammer out one years before. Mr. Rader in an impromptu speech pointed out the similarities between the constitutional committee in South-West Africa and our own founding fathers in America2o} years before.

-Worldwide News, June 21,1976

From Bombay, India

   In the past three days I have addressed a banquet attended by Junior Chamber of Commerce members and wives, with about 600 present, a "Giant Club" group of 450, a Rotary Club luncheon, and a "Lions International" group of 300-close to 1,500 leading citizens of this metropolis altogether.
   I was here about a month ago when I addressed a similar number of groups composed of leading citizens in political, industrial, judicial, professional and commercial fields.
   I am telling them that world peace is coming.

-The Plain Truth, 1975

Above the Sahara Desert

I am seven miles high over the Sahara Desert flying to Nairobi, Kenya, for the next big campaign. We expect a large and very successful campaign there. All Black Africa is now opening to us. Europe is now opening to my personal public appearances. The satellite states of eastern Europe, under Communist control, are opening. This new dimension, carrying Christ's true Gospel Message in all the world as a witness to all nations, is speeding up. It is an absolute miraculous intervention from God!
   Time did run out on us in South Vietnam and Cambodia. We were making splendid headway toward a really BIG campaign in Saigon. Already I had held a testimonial dinner in Saigon attended by about a hundred of the very top people in government, education, business and industry. I had made a very friendly personal acquaintance with President Thieu. We were planning a huge campaign of successive nights with upwards of 25,000 or more in attendance in the university stadium. But the big offensive of the North Vietnamese got underway, and it became dangerous to chance assembling so huge a crowd in one place-it might have attracted bombing.
   On the day before taking oft for this present trip, I spoke to approximately 2,000 people-brethren and ministers-in the San Francisco/Oakland area. At the Hague, Holland, on Wednesday (May 2l), Judge Nagendra Singh from India, Judge of the World Court of International Justice, hosted a luncheon in my honor. And that night I spoke at a banquet of upwards of 300 of the most distinguished people in that area-World Court justices and wives, ambassadors from many nations and wives, local dignitaries in government, education and industry. Actually it was one of the most distinguished-appearing groups I have ever seen. A similar meeting will be held in Paris in October.

-Pastor's Report, May 26, 1975

Bombay, India

   I have returned to Bombay to speak this afternoon to 4,000 delegates attending a Lion's Club District Convention. Last February 26, I spoke here in Bombay to a group of 400 at a Lions Club banquet.
   Yesterday afternoon I spoke to a group of nearly 300 Plain Truth readers from this part of India.

-Herbert W. Armstrong
Pastor's Letter, April 27, 1957

En Route to Tokyo

   This letter is extremely important. I am writing as I fly 550 miles per hour more than seven miles over the ocean, having just left California's West Coast en route to Tokyo and other Far East capitals, ending at Manila for the very first of the new public appearances before large mass audiences in many nations around the world. Due to war threats in Saigon, the first public appearance was moved to Manila-Saigon next month.
   For forty years there was no way open to us by which we might get this vital in-time message to the great nations of the world-China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh (just to mention the six largest nations on earth, not including the United States). Now the doors are opening.
   Already they have opened in Japan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Iran, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Korea, Costa Rica, and the South American nations. I have an invitation through the Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia (who is the former Chief of Protocol in Peking) to visit Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai in Peking. The Russian Ambassador to Nepal is working on a meeting in Moscow with Mr. Leonid Brezhnev. Doors have started to open in Holland, Germany, and France for meetings with their heads-of-state.
   I am now continuing this letter in Tokyo. Last night I was the guest of honor at a dinner hosted by the eight Japanese congressmen who flew with us in our plane for two weeks, beginning in India, and whom we then left at Cairo. They said the Prime Minister of Egypt expressed exuberance over my meeting with him, and that President Sadat is now eagerly looking forward to a meeting with me.

-Herbert W. Armstrong
Pastor's Letter, Feb. ll, 1974

From Bangkok

   I am writing from Bangkok Tuesday morning, May 21, after closing the Manila campaign Sunday night with a receptive, upper and middle-class adult audience that packed the huge 24,000-seat Coliseum, with only some of the peripheral outer rafter seats unfilled. For three successive nights, these large crowds heard three successive sernons on the soon-coming Kingdom of God to restore peace on earth! The first night there were some empty seats scattered here and there. The second night the main auditorium portion of the huge Coliseum appeared almost packed, and solidly packed the final Sunday night.
   On arrival at the airport I was met by Dr. Angeles, the Executive Vice-President of Angeles University.
   On the first Saturday I spoke to some 600 people. On Sunday, for a noon luncheon, I was guest speaker before a group of more than 200-a combined luncheon of the Knights of Columbus and Daughters of Isabella.
   On Tuesday, Angeles University conferred on me the honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities. Wednesday I was guest of honor at the Kiwanis Club luncheon and at 5 p.m. we arrived at the University of the East, largest in the Philippines. Friday we met with President Marcos.

-Herbert W. Armstrong
Pastor's Letter, May 2, 1974

Appendix D

THE FOLLOWING is the complete text of the letter sent by Herbert Armstrong to Stanley Rader, from which the second half of the tape played by Mike Wallace was taken. In the letter, Mr. Armstrong reaffirms his total support of Mr. Rader.

   "Dear Stan: I regret exceedingly having triggered the violent emotional outburst (that is putting it mildly) over the telephone last evening. Our personal relations together through the years have been too pleasant, stimulating and rewarding, and based on mutual esteem, loyalty and trust, to let anything come between us. I'11 certainly do my best to prevent any such outburst in the future.
   I had been considerably distraught by things brought to my attention, or I should not have spoken so emphatically to Virginia. As I said on the phone, I am deeply sorry. Things have been brought to my attention that seriously threaten the very life of God's Church and Work. I feel I must now candidly bring it to you. If ever I needed your help, Stan, it is now. You have been a faithful help to me in the Work that no one else could have contributed. Ted has been playing overtime on the rift between himself and you. I told you last spring that I felt I could come more effectively to your defense after I got the Church turned around and had built back my own credibility. I did accomplish that and sincerely, Stan, I'm sure that feelings that may have been aroused against your integrity, honor and loyalty have not disappeared, and I will continue to defend your good name as do you mine. But from a number of coordinators and field ministers as well as from Pasadena, I have learned that definitely the following situation does now exist, which could prove fatal to the Work unless cleared before the ministers' conference.
   I have the following report from the Office of Pastoral Administration: 'Quite frankly, Mr. Armstrong, a very large number of members and ministers see only two choices for the future.' The words themselves, you see, were not emphatic enough. 'These two choices are Ted and Stan. Though many, most, actually, don't want to leave you and follow Ted, they see the only alternative as following Stan, and they'd rather see Ted lead the Church than Stan.
   'To reinforce this attitude in the minds of our people, Stan is doing everything he can to present himself as next in line under you to run the Work in a purely physical way. It is common knowledge that Stan did not allow very much time to pass after Ted's departure from his office before he, Stan, moved in. That office is part of the executive suite. It is seen as a symbol - the place for the man next to you in authority. Stan uses the underground Eara1e, and he uses your private elevator. It is a very common belief that very few, if any, people can get to you [this is the irony of error] to talk to you privately without going through Stan. Mr. Armstrong, I could go on and on, but why? My point is that Stan and his prominent position in the Work is causing many people to stumble. This causes offense. God's Word says that we who are converted and have a godly love for our fellowman will suffer even wrongly, unjustly [last words underscored, which I agree]. The apostle Peter said: "What reward is it when you suffer for things deserved?" But one is humble, is like a little child. He is willing and ready to suffer wrong rather than give unnecessary cause for offense and stumbling to others.'
   "Stan, I know you have done these things to help and serve the Work and to help me. I love you as a son, as you well know. I have accepted such things as moving into Ted's former office as trying to most efficiently serve the Work.
   "But actually, the letter quoted above is mild compared to things I've heard from other sources. Certainly none of it is any reflection on your integrity. [Mr. Armstrong's emphasis.] I don't hear any more reflections against your good character. But I do hear that people believe you are pushing your way in to take over.
   "But no matter how false, God says we should avoid even the appearance of wrong and avoid causing little ones to stumble. Even though I do not feel as if I were over 45 years of age, people do look at that 86-plus figure. And most people do feel that anyone past 60 is old, and past 70 is sure to die any moment.
   "I know and you know that I will go on living as long as God needs and wants me to live. But the little ones out there seem unable to see that. I know, Stan, that this is the general attitude in view of the ministry, and brethren, generally, around the country. I have been assured of it from coordinators and ministers from widely scattered areas. And, although I think we have cleared any false charges against your personal integrity, they do look on you as an attorney, familiar with finance and business, and not as a shepherd over God's flock.
   "So what I propose is this, that we go back to the status as it was prior to Ted's departure, that you resign from administrative responsibilities in the Church and the college, but continue as vice president, executive vice president for the foundation, as my personal assistant and adviser, as our auditor, CPA and legal counsel, and of course, perhaps most important of all, continue with me in the great commission overseas. It might even look better for the Church to pay you an annual retainer for legal counsel, financial adviser, etc., subject to additional billing where warranted, and the foundation to pay you also a salary or fee, as you think best. I do want you and need you to continue as my personal assistant and adviser, especially in projects such as our overseas work and marketing of my books.
   "Stan, I believe this will remove the last remaining serious threat to the Work of the great commission. I know that if we do what Christ leaves for us to do, and as I know He has led me in the above, the living Christ will preserve His Church and Work, will bless you and me and all in the Church and lead us to gloriously finish the great commission.
   "With deepest love in Jesus' name."

Appendix E

   TRIGGERED by media coverage of California's attempted "takeover," and by my volatile encounter with Mike Wallace on nationwide television, a flood of letters streamed into Church headquarters from all over the world. More than 15,000 - many from nonmembers - arrived in the first week alone. Because of limited staff, the Church has not been able to answer or even sort them. Addressed to Herbert Armstrong, they expressed support and confidence that the Church would win the fight. Following are excerpts from a tiny, random sampling:

   I am shocked in a nation which boasts of human rights and freedom of religion, that the Courts would allow some former members to persuade them to take our Church away from us. If they don't like the Church, they can leave but they have no right to take the Church from those of us who do like it.
   Christ said, "A prophet is not without honor, safe in his own country and in his own House." Matt. 73;57, Mark 6:4 and John 4:44. While Mr. Armstrong is honored as an Ambassador of peace in nations ardund the world, in his own country he is sued for taking that message to those countries.
   I have been a member of the Worldwide Church of God for 15 years. I have respected Mr. Armstrong for his wisdom in always choosing high quality in anything representing God's work. He has always given God credit for the growth of this work and us [Church membersl credit for our part.
   Of course we Church members know how the money was being spent. It was reported in our Church magazines and in letters from Mr. Armstrong.

Mrs. lames R. Kale

   If the attorney general has jurisdiction over Armstrong's Church, then he has it over mine, a Presbyterian Church; and any time a member disagrees about how money is spent, all he has to do is go to the attorney general's office and have the unlimited power to interfere, even though it destroys the church in the process.
   How a church's money is spent is up to the governing body of the church, who are stewards for God and are answerable to Him.
   How can some judge - who is not sensitive to the church body, has no idea of the church's theology and wasn't ordained for that responsibility - be a responsible steward of God's resources?
   Whether or not these people were misusing money in the judge's opinion is not the point - the point is freedom of religion is gone from California if the state can appoint a judge or anyone else to tell the church what it should do and how it should spend its money.
   Money is given to God, not the state or the attorney general and it's given to be used for His purposes, not the state's to be administered as a public trust. Maybe the state thinks churches sent too much money overseas, or spend too much on a sanctuary and the money should go to those living in the poor sections or to some other "worthwhile" project. But the money wasn't given to the public or the attorney general, or even the judge, it was given to God as an act of worship, to be administered through His church.
   I thought we had a first amendment that guaranteed freedom of religion. Perhaps I was mistaken.

A. Virginia Munn
Alhambra, Ca.

   I am so grateful God has allowed your life to be a blessing to so many - and has blessed you with the enthusiasm and motivation to be such a spiritual example to us, especially in these last few months when the Church needed a strong leader. May God continue to strengthen your heart and mind, giving you eagle wings to rise high above the trials that are hitting the Church.
   I count on God's word that all things work together for good for those who love and obey Him. In deep respect and love, in Jesus'name,

Alice Baker

   Our prayers are with you now as never before. Every second you must realize there are thousands of prayers reaching our Great God on your and Mr. Rader's behalf.
   There are no words to express the love we have for this work and for you. We never think twice about your honesty because you are in command under Christ. We are loyal to you because you have remained Ioyal to Christ. If people would only realize that this Work is the only honest good thing surviving today. Remember, we love and are behind you 100 percent.


   Most people don't believe like the Worldwide Church of God but surely we all can appreciate the threat and great danger that such tactics used by our government against any denomination could lead to in the future if any district attorney in any state can walk into any church in our land, fire its leaders, appoint whom he wants to take charge, take their records, release damaging unproved information to the press and which the press either doesn't report at all or buries on page 15 if the church is proven innocent.
   The church's reputation is already damaged beyond repair because most people never do get to hear the true outcome. I say it is time to forget religious prejudice and start worrying about the communist-like tactics used.
   I'm a great believer in getting on with my own religion and letting the other fellow get on with his. After all, isn't that what our Constitution is all about - freedom?

Mrs. Charlotte Farley
Dunlap, Tennessee

   Be assured, Mr. Armstrong, and your devoted and dedicated assistant, Mr. Rader, though the whole world falsely accuse you and besmirch your good names, I and my friends in the Leeds Church will never believe anything but good can come from you. Our loving Father will never forsake his chosen Apostle nor his Church. We shall keep praying earnestly while we wait to hear justice has been done.

Imogene King
West Yorkshire, England

   I'm not a member of the Church but have been a co-worker for a number of years and have listened to the programs, read the Plain Truth and received the booklets much longer.
   Concerning your "lavish spending" - a ridiculous and typical accusation - I was and still am proud of the way the money has been used because it's all part of getting the Gospel through. I'll continue sending my tithes and more when possible.

A devoted follower

   I feel that you are first and foremost a remarkable servant of God and I pray that God will bring you through this great trial. Stand tall against the forces of adversity. Christ is with you as you perform his work daily. Know that you are loved and have the backing of millions of people who are praying for you.

Wayne Reyles

   We are behind you all the way and pray daily for you, Mr. Rader, Mr. Meredith and Mr. Luker and the Work of God. We wish that each of us could tell the judges in California that you have the right to spend the money we send you in any way that you feel is necessary to get the Work of God done. You are responsible to no one but God as to how you spend it - not to those of us who send it or to the judges of this land.
   Keep fighting and encourage Mr. Rader to do the same.

In Christian love,
Glen A. Akins

   I'm glad you care enough about all of us to explain what is going on. You truly are a loving father to us all and we do appreciate all you do for us. We are all praying for your health during the crisis now and we hope it will be over soon. I'm quite sure God will win and be victorious and I pray all of us will draw closer to Him and each other in this test and trial.
   Please remember we love you and are praying for you always.

In Christian love,
Mrs. Al Kacurek

   We are behind you. Hang in there! I know you are God's chosen apostle. I will continue to pray for you and the work for I know God is still on the throne. We will prevail! My love to you in Jesus' name.

Marion B. Hart
Warrensville Heights, Ohio

   I, for one, will follow Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and God's true Church here on this earth, wherever its headquarters may be, and under whatever name it may be called.
   I am not baptized yet but will be just as soon as possible. I have the privilege of attending Sabbath services every week and I feel I must start tithing now that I am making my own money.
   We are all behind Mr. Armstrong 100%. He is our leader and I, for one, will follow him. We are all working and praying for the Church and Mr. Armstrong.

Florence L. Spencer
Gold Hill, Oregon

   Truly these are trying times but true Christians were promised that by the very words of Jesus, "They have persecuted me, they will persecute you also."
   We have sent in our offering to Tucson as I know all of God's true children are doing. We are fasting and praying and know that all this is for our own good even though it is hard to see now. God is making his Church ready.
   With all you men full of faith leading us we shall overcome and all of us together hear "Well done, you good and faithful servant."
   With deep Christian love in Jesus' name.

Oliver and Hope Brecto
Eugene, Oregon

   I would just like to say that we are 100 percent behind you as God's chosen Apostle. Please continue in this great work. We are always praying for you.
   We would like to add a few words of encouragement to your most able and willing assistant, Stanley Rader. We realize you are the one chosen by God to assist his Apostle. Please continue to fight. There is a crown of righteousness for you right next to Mr. Armstrong's own.
   We thank God for you also as you have done wonders in the courts defending the integrity and good name of God's Church and His Apostle.

Michael and Beverly Case
Kingston, Jamaica
West Indies

   You are God's apostle - the human head of God's one and only true Church of today, the Worldwide Church of God. I am fully behind you, supporting you and backing you.
   May God continue to bless you and your work.

A member in Australia

   I was so pleased to find you on my TV screen and front page of my newspaper. I need no longer wonder whatever became of the boy I knew a long time ago. White Plains in 1946 and 1947 must be light years away from your today life. I, however, admit to sentimental mind trips back there quite often.
   I feel certain you will survive this assault on your sense of justice done because of your brilliant use of the laws of our land. My best wishes go to you from across the years past.

(The above letter was sent to me by Ruth K. Kaplan, a friend whom I had not seen in more than thirty years.)

Appendix F

Supreme Court of the United States

October Term, 1979
No. 79-1348






On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Three

Motion for Leave to File Brief of

As Amici Curiae in Support of Granting Certiorari

   The following organizations respectfully move the Court, pursuant to Rule 42 of its Rules, for leave to file the accompanying brief, amici curiae, in support of the petition of Worldwide Church of God et al. for a writ of certiorari in the above captioned matter:
   l. The National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. is a cooperative agency of 32 national Christian religious bodies having an aggregate membership of over forty million. Through its Division of Church and Society, the Council has long been involved in maintaining the constitutional separation of church and state. The Lutheran Church in America, the United Methodist Church and the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. are among the Council's members.
   2. The Synagogue Council of America consists of organizations representing the three divisions of the Jewish religion: Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed, at the rabbinic and congregational level. These organizations have a combined constituency of approximately five million Americans. The Council seeks, among other objectives, to preserve the benefits of religious liberty.
   3. The Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs represents the interests of eight cooperating Baptist conventions in the United States having a combined membership of some 27 million, and which have, throughout their history, evidenced a vital concern for the protection of religious liberty and the maintenance of a separation of church and state.
   4. The Lutheran Church in America, headquartered in New York City, is composed of some 6,100 congregations in the U.S. and Canada.
   5. The Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It is composed of some 260 congregations in the United States. Both it and the Lutheran Church in America have defined their ministries to include concerns for social justice and religious freedom.
   6. The Board of Church and Society is one of four official national program agencies of the United Methodist Church. Its particular mandate is the general area of social concern, including specific responsibility for church-state relationships. The United Methodist Church is a major Christian denomination having some 40,000 congregations in the United States.
   7. William P. Thompson, stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., is the executive officer of the governing body of the United Presbyterian Church, organized in 1706 and consisting of some 8,600 churches throughout the United States. As an organization, it has, throughout its history, demonstrated an active concern for the preservation of religious liberty and the separation of church and state.
   8. The National Association of Evangelicals is an association of evangelical organizations, colleges and universities, as well as some 36,000 churches. Together with its affiliated agencies, the Association serves the religious needs of approximately l0 million persons. The association recognizes the danger imposed by the State of California's legal position to the freedom of these individuals as well as all Americans and is vitally concerned with countering that threat.
   9. The Northern California Ecumenical Council is a regional body representing the local council of churches and ecumenical agencies together with representatives of the fourteen participating judicatories which make up its Council Board. It is the most broadly representative body of the Protestant community in Northern California and is actively concerned with the defense of religious freedom.

Consent to the Filing of the Attached Brief Amici Curiae Has Been Requested of the Parties but Refused by Respondent State of California.

   The consent of the parties to the filing of the attached brief has been sought by the moving parties. However, while petitioners gave their consent, the respondent Attorney General of the State of California refused such consent. Amici, accordingly, proceed by this motion.

Amici Organizations Represent a Maior Portion of This Country's Christian and Jewish Religious Community, and as Such, Are Particularly Qualified to Represent to the Court the Detached and Authoritative Viewpoint of This Large and Diverse Constituency.

   The above amici curiae consist of established church bodies and umbrella organizations representing a constituency of over 80 million Americans and members of this country's religious community. As such, they are uniquely qualified to represent to this Court the views of this large and diverse constituency on the vital issues presented by the petition herein.
   These amici curiae are not parties to the subject action, nor have they been involved in any of the activity alleged to form the basis for the action instituted by California's Attorney General. Neither do they believe that the religious protections of the first amendment may be used to protect wrongdoing. They are concerned, however, that these protections not be breached in pursuit of wrongdoers when other, less perilous alternatives are available.
   The issues tendered by the petition in this case touch upon the core of religious liberty and the fundamental interest of these amici. Throughout their histories, they have been devoted to the maintenance of these freedoms and to the defense of the individual's right to hold and pursue beliefs of his own free choice. Their long experience and representative viewpoints are, they submit, of unique and particular value to the Court in assessing and evaluating the character and urgency of the matters here at issue.
   Amici believe that it is not just the rights of the Worldwide Church of God and its members that are threatened by the State of California's action, but those of every religious body and every American. They are concerned that the Attorney General's claimed power to supervise religious institutions will, if upheld, have drastic consequences on traditional religious freedoms and will point the way toward the adoption of state established standards of religious observation and practice.
   Therefore, these amici strongly support the petition of the Worldwide Church of God et al. and urge that this Court accept and consider their accompanying brief, which describes and develops the bases and reasons for that support.

Respectfully submitted,
Attorney for Amici Curiae.

Of Counsel:

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Publication Date: 1980
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