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(Editor's Note: The following letter from two of our members was passed on to us for possible use in the Pastor's Report. We think you'll enjoy its humorous ending as much as we did.)

Dear Mr. Rader:

One thing this recent legal action against the Church has done is to bring you out into the spotlight where we can see you, and therefore, begin to appreciate your work and effort and fine accomplishments that you're giving to the Church.

As you know, before all this came to light there were many rumors and stories; Rader this or Rader that, going about thru the Church. The only thing I could say when I would hear one of them is I really don't know anything about Mr. Rader. Even our minister said the same, but now we all do know quite a bit about you, and it is quite a good feeling to know we have such a fine and capable man on our team.

I just finished reading "Forum with Stanley Rader" from the May 3rd Q & A out of the June 11th Worldwide News. At the end you mentioned some people objecting to your terminology with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes. Well, did you hear the story about the youngster who was sitting on the front step of his house when the local minister happened by?

The minister thought it would be a good time to encourage the boy to come to church, and engaged him in conversation. The minister said, "Why is it Johnny that I have not seen you in services at church?" John replied, "There's too much bad language used there and I don't like to listen to it." Said the minister (slightly perturbed), "Come to services and if you hear me use any profane language I'll give you 10 dollars."

The next day at services sat Johnny in the front row and as the minister was enthusiastically delivering his sermon about how God is in our lives, the minister stated "By God we live, and by God we die." Up stands Johnny and shouts out, "And 'by God' you owe me ten dollars!

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Muench

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Pastor General's ReportJuly 11, 1979Vol 3 No. 26