The Pastoral Administration Department (PAD) needs the cooperation of all of you ministers. Repeatedly, we get reports that there is a certain amount of confusion concerning the handling of divorce and remarriage problems.

   Of course, any doctrinal or policy matters will be decided by Christ's Apostle. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong has expressed to some of us on various occasions his deep concern over reported abuses in the actual administration of our teachers concerning the Bible grounds for divorce and remarriage. Mr. Armstrong has wanted some of us (Mr. Meredith, myself, etc.) to get together any facts which should be taken to him for his decision in this important area.

   We would like you to send in various questions, problems, specific examples etc. which you feel we need as input in order to be able to take them to Mr. Armstrong for further instruction and clarification.

   Unfortunately, according to persistent reports, there is a certain amount of confusion and disparity of practice in administering the Church's teaching [unlegable] divorce and remarriage.

   In the meantime please remember to do everything (in sermons, Bible studies, personal counselling, etc.) to build solid marriages, teaching the permanency of that God-ordained institution, and the awfulness of divorce, regardless of how it comes about.

   So please send your questions, problems or specific examples to me so that we can go over this material, organizing it etc., for the purpose of taking it to Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong for further clarification.

Thanks very much.

Raymond F. McNair

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Pastor General's ReportJune 25, 1979Vol 3 No. 24