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Southeast Asia

Burmese Tour: Mr. Saw Lay Beh, our Local Elder in Burma, reported that there were five baptisms just before Passover. Also, five Co-Workers have been added and are showing a great deal of interest in God's truth and Work.

Malaysian Tour: The results of a tour conducted by Mr. Rod McQueen and Mr. Chris Hunting during the latter half of April were very encouraging. Bible Study lectures were held in five cities in West Malaysia and 59 new people attended.

Mr. McQueen and Mr. Hunting also traveled to Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia. As well as visiting with members and prospectives there, contact was made with five new people interested in the Work of God.

Further details of the Malaysian and Burmese tours will appear in the Worldwide News.

(From the Australian April Report

"At the beginning of February, the Australian Plain Truth mailing list stood at 40,218. Today it is over 56,500. This excellent increase of over 16,000 Plain Truth subscribers during the last three months has resulted mainly from our ads in national magazines and state newspapers, from responses to our house-holder card promotions, and from our special letter to non-active Plain Truth subscribers.

"We are continuing to promote The Plain Truth magazine through ads in national magazines and state newspapers. For the past ten weeks responses have been averaging over 1200 per week, with the total at the end of the month standing at 12,205.

"In addition to our regular weekly ads in state newspapers, the second week In June we will be placing one five-column ad in 38 leading country newspapers: our goal being a subscription list of 100,000 by the end of the year."

New Zealand

April was another very successful month for God's Work in New Zealand. For the fourth month in a row, income was up by more than 30% over the same month last year! April's figure was 33.5% up, bringing the year-to-date income increase to 35.6%.

The Unleavened Bread Holy Day offerings also reflected this excellent income trend. Holy Day attendances were up by 4.5% over last year, and the offerings were 31% up on last year. Their April report states:

"Because of the recent rate of increased income, and because we'd like to do our best to serve the many thousands of new Plain Truth subscribers being added in the current campaign, we've decided to step out in faith and go from our present 32-page magazine to a full 48-page Plain Truth, hopefully beginning with the July-August issue.

"We're also beginning to plan ahead for a nationwide series of campaigns by Bob Morton, to be held in about 9 months time. These campaigns will be timed to give a powerful witness to our huge new batch of Plain Truth subscribers just before they come up for renewal of the magazine."

Compiled by Rod Matthews, International Office

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Pastor General's ReportMay 21, 1979Vol 3 No. 18