Brian Knowles  

I'd like to take a little space to explain about The United States and Britain in Prophecy booklet. The abbreviated booklet, which had been in use for some years, is now out of print. We are completely out of it in Pasadena. Some of the international offices are still using up existing stocks.

A number of areas have built local advertising campaigns around this booklet. Apparently others have been considering doing so. I suggest that all such plans be abandoned for the time being. We have some 60 other booklets around which campaigns can be built. Mr. Armstrong does not wish to see this shortened version reprinted.

He is working on a full-sized book on the subject, however. It is to be published by Everest House and will be on sale in bookstores. In the meantime, Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Rader will be discussing just what to do about replacing the smaller version mentioned above. We'll let you know as soon as a decision has been made.

Final grades have now been handed in on the journalism class. Since this was the first full semester of the class, it was somewhat of an experiment. All of the "guinea pigs" did very well, however — in spite of the "mad scientist" presiding over the lab. I think we'll have some publishable articles for the PT and the GN (pending Mr. Armstrong's approval, of course).

The June/July combined issue of the PT should begin rolling off the press shortly. We are contantly working on the August PT. Hopefully the respite from classes during the summer will allow us all more time for planning and creative work. I have been working on several writing projects, including the continuing parables series that has been running in the GN.

Brian Knowles

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Pastor General's ReportMay 14, 1979Vol 3 No. 17