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Why did Hannah agonize in prayer in worship at Shiloh?
She asked God for a son.

I Samuel 1:10-11
The Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday
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The Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday

Was Jesus three days and three nights in the grave, as He plainly stated in Matthew 12:40? Can you figure three days and three nights between sunset "Good Friday" and sunrise Easter Sunday? IT IS COMMONLY supposed today that Jesus was crucified on Friday, and that the resurrection occurred about sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. Few professing Christians have ever thought to question or to prove this "Good-Friday-Easter" tradition. Yet the Bible tells us to prove (test) all things. And you will be literally astounded by this proof. For proof there is but one dependable authority, a sole historical record - the Bible. Tradition No Proof There were no eye-witnesses to the resurrection. Even so-called "apostolic fathers" had no source of information save that record which is today available to us - the biblical revelation. Any tradition, then, which conflicts with God's revelation must be dismissed. What are the recorded facts?

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Publication Date: 1972
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