Raymond F. McNair  

As most of you know by now, the receivership has been (for all practical purposes) lifted from the WCG, AICF and from Ambassador College. How did it affect the College? What about Ambassador's future?

The imposition of the receivership did have serious repercussions on Ambassador College. In all, we cancelled classes for about seven days so students could participate in the demonstrations of loyalty held in the Hall of Administration (the so-called sit-ins), and, more recently, so the students could be present at the important court hearings in Los Angeles.

But was this really necessary? We think it was. To begin with the judge(s) and the enemies of this Work were saying that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong didn't really have the backing of the members of the Worldwide Church of God. A number of dissident members (and especially former members) had become quite visible and very vocal. It .vas they who had spearheaded the initial lawsuit against God's Work. It soon became clear that it would be necessary for the loyal members of God's Work to become even more visible and more vocal. This is the reason behind so many thousands of faithful church members writing letters of support to Mr. Armstrong and the WCG. Also, the continual demonstrations of loyalty by the California members was very important in demonstrating to the world that they were behind Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, and were strongly opposed to the receivership. Furthermore, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Rader, and the ministers here at Pasadena were all encouraged by such demonstrations of loyalty. And, of course, the press was very impressed.

Most of the students took part in the demonstrations of loyalty held in the Hall of Administration building. As you may have heard, over four thousand members congregated here at the college on one day alone. And on several other days, thousands were present. All classes were cancelled during the week of the sit-ins from Monday to Thursday inclusive. But in spite of some cancelled classes and a few other College activities, we were able to keep Ambassador College functioning during the period of the receivership. At no time did Mr. Armstrong ever give any of us in the College the slightest hint that he was thinking about closing Ambassador. He told us, however, that he planned to see that enough funds were sent to Pasadena from out of the state of California to keep the College ticking.

Fortunately, the receivership was lifted before the funds dried up here in Pasadena.

During the receivership crisis we, like all other divisions of this Work, did have to trim back our budgets. We had to cut our budget down by 12%. Even so, we have been able to keep all important functions of the College going, and have not needed to impose any salary cuts as of the present.

When Ambassador College was cut back last year, most of the former faculty members were terminated. Many of them were on contract. These terminal salary contracts have been taking about two-thirds of the entire College budget, but by this corning August those contracts will have ended. Presently the actual College budget is somewhat over one million dollars. We plan to keep the College lean and trim. With the continued help of Almighty God we will be able to keep the College on the track, and with His blessing we will continue producing well-trained, dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable students who can serve well in this Work. A.C. can continue to function efficiently on a relatively low college budget.

About fifty new students enrolled in A.C. at the beginning of the present semester. Some of them were former Ambassador students who decided to re-enter Ambassador so they could complete their education and get their degrees from A.C. We now have a total enrollment of approximately three hundred and fifty students. We anticipate that next year's enrollment will remain at about this same level or slightly higher.

The students, faculty and administration of Ambassador are happy and very positive. Many, both in and out of the College, have commented that they are glad to see A.C. "back on the track." Once again the old "Ambassador spirit" of service, self-sacrifice, courtesy, loyalty, diligence, hard work, Bible-centeredness and dedication to recapturing the true values is everywhere in evidence.

Be sure and encourage any of your young people who want to go to college, to seize the wonderful opportunity of attending "the West Point of God's Work" — Ambassador College!

—Raymond F. McNair, Deputy Chancellor

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 27, 1979Vol 3 No. 6