(Editor's Note: The following press release by Mr. Rader was distributed to news media representatives — TV, radio, newspapers — in his office on Friday morning, February 16.)

   Last week I disclosed the discovery of a reporter's transcript of an improper hearing granted by Judge Pacht in his chambers on January 2, 1979. Present at the improper hearing were the Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Tapper, the would-be receiver, Mr. Weisman, and two attorneys representing the plaintiffs, Mr. Chodos and Mr. Gibson.

   This hearing violated judical procedure and ethics because it was held before any complaint had been filed and before Judge Pacht had any jurisdiction or right to discuss the matter with anyone.

   Consequently the matter has been brought to the attention of the Commission on Judicial Performance as well as other appropriate authorities.

   However, notwithstanding the aforesaid, I have been advised by my counsel that Judge Pacht is not the real villain of this sorrowful episode. Rather, they urge, that Judge Pacht was as much a victim as was the Church, the brethren of the Church, and the officials of the Church — because it was Mr. Chodos and Mr. Tapper, along with Judge Weisman, who deceived, deluded, and duped Judge Pacht — who otherwise, in the opinion of my counsel, would not have acted as he did.

   I trust that my counsel are, indeed, correct because I would prefer to understand that the corruption in government, that Watergate revealed so very much recently to all of us, does not exist in the judicial system of California and in the Los Angeles Superior Court system in particular.

—Stanley R. Rader

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 20, 1979Vol 3 No. 5