Roger G Lippross  

Last week was a very busy week, one of the reasons being that we've had a member of our printer's technical staff from Kentucky working with us here in Pasadena. This man (Bob England) is actually paid by the printer but his job is to look after our interests in Kentucky. We had meetings and discussions with our production staff and he toured the facilities. He went away completely amazed and very impressed at the attitude of our people and the wonderful facilities we have. He said he was impressed that we had never tried to get him to join our church or donate to our cause. Apparently this has happened with other church groups he worked with in the past.

For financial reasons we have been re-evaluationg our total publishing programs and have made some recommendations which have yet to be approved. As I mentioned last time, we were going to try to do the same job with less money. During this financially difficult time, I'm asking that all your PT newsstand coordinators not spend any money locally for supplies and equipment, etc. if you expect us in Pasadena to reimburse you — we just want to keep expenses down to a minimum for a few months. If you can raise money locally for your needs like some of you have done before, that's fine, of course.

—Roger Lippross

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 20, 1979Vol 3 No. 5