Dear Fellow Ministers:

   Greetings in Jesus' name! The weather is beautiful here again today — although some smog is starting to creep back in now that our cold and rainy weather is about over. But I can still see the television antennas on We. Wilson and it has been beautiful so far this morning.

   The unifying effect of the recent trial continues among most of our brethren. Church attendance has been up in many, many areas as people are now more excited and concerned and drawn together by recent events. Many of the brethren have had to commit themselves to God's Work more than ever, and it has been good for them.

   Frank Brown called from England a few minutes ago, and in our conversation he reported that the January income for the entire U.K. was up 22% from that month a year before! He said the fiscal year-to-date mail income registers a 13% increase. So things are humming along in Britain and in God's Work in many parts of the world.

   There was a fine feature article on us starting on the front page of yesterday's Los Angeles Times. Although some negative things are stated, it was one of the most thorough and balanced articles that has appeared and indicated that the press is waking up to the real issues involved in this current trial. The Worldwide News is requesting permission of the Times to reprint this article later this week, so hopefully you will be able to read it early next week when you receive the paper.

   With increased publicity throughout the area of southern California — and perhaps in other areas across the country as well — we are already beginning to plan a few evangelistic campaigns to take advantage of this publicity! As Mr. Armstrong has often said: "We will turn the lemons into lemonade!" So if your area is getting a lot of coverage of our recent trial, please let us know and analyze your feelings and advice regarding possibility of holding an evangelistic campaign in your area to take advantage of the publicity and turn the notoriety into an advantage for God's Church.

   If any of you are in an area where this publicity has had some impact, please let me know right away personally!

   We are now in the process of making big budget cuts throughout the Work — about 17% for our area. Several of us at the top are going to take salary cuts, but we are hoping not to have any general cuts for you ministers in the field, although that could become necessary if the crisis worsens. In addition, rather than hiring new ministers at this time to replace those who are having to leave us, we will try to have many of you pastor two churches rather than one and utilize our manpower better in this and other ways. I know that many of you fellows have not felt as challenged as you would like to be and will be glad to have the opportunity to serve more and still be in the Work full-time. And I know your hearts will be in it and you will come through if you know we are behind you and that we are in a genuine crusade to revive God's Church as never before!

   So keep up the good work that I know the vast majority of you are doing, keep in contact with us here at HQ, and we will truly turn this thing around with God's help and "make lemonade with all of the lemons that have been thrown."

—With Christian love,
Roderick C. Meredith

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 12, 1979Vol 3 No. 4