Roger G Lippross  

Los Angeles Airport is overcast and it's raining as I sit and write this report in the airport lobby. I'm doing this now so I can phone it in to Richard Sedliacik in order to meet the Monday noon Pastor's Report deadline. We just got off a National Airlines flight from New Orleans where a few of us teamed up from Publishing and Pastoral Administration to hold a workshop-type seminar over the weekend. The seminar was held with a group from the New Orleans and Baton Rouge churches.

The purpose of the seminar was to find out if local church members are interested in becoming involved in the promotion and handling of Quest magazine through newsstands, bookstores, businesses, etc. in their local area. And to show how Quest is benefiting the Work in the outside world plus get feedback in general from members.

Everybody felt the weekend was a great success and thanks to men like Mr. Jim Chapman, Mr. Jim Servidio, and Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer, everything went smoothly. It was both inspiring and exciting to meet new people in God's church and make some new friends. We have planned a few more fact-finding weekends. The next one is in Cincinnati on January 7th. All being well, we will present our preliminary findings at the conference in January.

This was a team effort where Publishing and Pastoral Administration worked on a project of benefit to both areas and the church. Special thanks to Art Mokarow, John Halford, Diane Gilchrist, John Kossey, and other people in Pasadena who made the first session so successful.

—Roger Lippross, Publishing

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 47