John Lundberg  

This week a camera crew (Dick Quincer, Ron Prociw, Steve Szabo, and Jack Epps) is leaving in advance of Mr. Armstrong on his trip to Jerusalem and London. They will record Mr. Armstrong's meetings with government officials, dinners at which Mr. Armstrong will be honored, as well as various projects in which the Ambassador Foundation is presently involved.

As Mr. Rader indicated in the previous Pastor's Report, we are working on the pilot for a new series of programs which, if approved by Mr. Armstrong, are scheduled to start airing in the fall of 1979. Some of the material gathered on this present trip to the Middle East will be included in at least one section of the pilot program.

Some other areas of interest that our Television crew will try to gather footage on will be the archaeological dig, general street scenes and holy places within Jerusalem, the International Cultural Center for Youth, and the possibility of interviews with important personalities regarding the Middle East situation.

More news will be forthcoming as soon as Mr. Armstrong ap-proves the format of the proposed new series of television programs.

— John Lundberg, Media Division

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 06, 1978Vol 2 No. 45