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Where did David fight Goliath?
The Valley of Elah.

I Samuel 17
The MARK of the BEAST
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The MARK of the BEAST

Better be sure whether this brand is upon you! Without it, no man will be able to buy or sell! Without it, you will be tortured even to death! But with it, you shall suffer the SEVEN LAST PLAGUES! SOME say this mystic "mark" is the fasces on our dimes. During World War II many said it was Hitler's swastika. During the Depression New Deal many said it was Roosevelt's NRA! No subject has intrigued - and baffled - more people in our generation. Thousands of sermons have been preached on it - by professed ministers and evangelists who themselves did not know what it is! Millions have been curious. The average sermon on this subject considers one text of Scripture, only! Only Text Usually Read This is the sole passage ordinarily quoted:

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Publication Date: 1952
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