Greetings again fellow ministers:Greetings again fellow ministers:

   Since this is turning out to be a very busy week, I only have time to jot down a few items of importance that need to be communicated to all of you in this Pastor's Report.

   First of all, I am very pleased to be able to announce that plans are being made to hold a full Ministerial Conference here in Pasadena in mid-January. In the U.S., all Area Coordinators, Senior Pastors and full Pastors of churches, along with their wives, will be invited to attend this year.

   In international areas, budgetary restrictions will have to be considered and worked out with the Regional Directors. We hope that as many as possible in the International Work will be able to come in as well.

   I realize that there may be several men whose particular situation might be somewhat unclear — we do have so~ Associate Pastors who are functioning in many respects as full Pastors — and the feasibility of men in that category attending the conference would best be discussed with your immediate superior and the Area Coordinator or Regional Director.

   This year's conference will begin the 15th of January and continue through the 18th inclusively. Mr. Armstrong is very much looking forward to speaking to the majority of our ministers during the meetings and we are all looking forward to a very profitable conference. Will keep you posted on the details as time goes on.

   One more item I want to mention in this report concerns the ordination notices that need to be sent in to Pasadena if elders were ordained in your area during the recent Feast season. Ordinations certainly constitute news of a very positive nature and we want to be able to announce all such ordinations to the brethren as soon as possible. We would appreciate your sending in the appropriate notices as quickly as you can.

   Thanks for everything that each of you is doing in your loyal service to God, His Work and Church. Please continue to pray for God's blessings, as this Work of God goes forth in announcing and disseminating this exciting message of good news and hope for all mankind.

With love in Jesus' Name,
C. Wayne Cole

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 15, 1978Vol 2 No. 42