Pastor General's Report
Brian Knowles  

Mr. Armstrong has decided not to go ahead with the planned biblical signature to the PT which was slated to begin with the December U.S. edition. We are now redesigning the December number in conformity to that decision. Mr. Armstrong intends to get back to the kind of PT he originally envisioned, and I will be participating with him and Mr. Rader in a discussion regarding the content of the magazine later this week. We will keep you informed of the developments in the Pastor's Report.

We will be reprinting all of Garner Ted Armstrong's booklets minus the byline, and with minor editings. Existing stock should not be used, and should be destroyed in accordance with Mr. Herbert Armstrong's wishes. (International areas please take note.) The new printings are being given top priority, since the material is urgently needed.

We have now prepared a sample PT for approval, yet to be printed, which will be sent out to "new adds" to the mailing list instead of the present six-month trial subscription. This should save considerable money and help weed out at an earlier stage those who are unlikely to become more involved with the Work.

The present PT newsstand program is continuing to prove successful. As a result of it, we are adding about 15,000 new people to the mailing list monthly. This is in the United States only. As of August 1978, worldwide circulation for the PT is 2,257,487. This includes, the newsstand edition.

— Brian Knowles, Editorial Services

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 05, 1978Vol 2 No. 34