Pastor General's Report
Two New Booklets Bring Excellent ResponseTwo New Booklets Bring Excellent Response
Pastor General Staff  

New publications are always received with enthusiasm by our subscribers and members, and these two new booklets were no exception: A Tale of Two Prophets written by David Jon Hill, and Coming - A New Age by Brian Knowles. As you will recall, the Tale of Two Prophets booklet had appeared in serial form in The PLAIN TRUTH, and during past months we have received numerous requests for it to appear in booklet form.

The booklets were offered to co-workers and members in a member/co-worker letter from Mr. Ted Armstrong, and thus far the response has been excellent. Our statistics show that about a 50% response was received from members, and a 25% response was received from co-workers. This has been the highest response to a booklet offer which we've obtained in some time.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 31, 1978Vol 2 No. 19