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August 1969
Volume: Vol XXXIV, No.8
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But what's this? Now, even Americans scream anti-American slogans. Here is the shocking story of the CAUSES behind the ugly SIMILARITIES of student riots around the world.

   "YANKEE, GO HOME!" That's the cry, whether it's in front of the American Embassy in London or in Tokyo, Japan.
   Around the world — in Britain, in Europe, Central and South America, in vast parts of Asia — demonstrators tell Americans to "get out." In the last few months, twenty-two countries have had student riots. Most of them have had one overall general pattern. And that is "Yankee, Go Home!"

Worldwide Hate-America Campaign

   Why? Why such anti-Americanism around the world today?
   Recent headlines from news sources read like these: "A Tarnished Image Abroad," "Pakistan Mob Stones and Loots Yank Center — Police Use Gas and Clubs to Rout Students."
   "A Growing Problem?" is the question on another. "Anti-American Attacks Keep Bonn Busy" That's in West Germany, one of our staunchest allies.
   Some others with the same somber theme: "Filipino Protestors Blast the United States and Britain," "Anti-U.S. Tone Grows in Turkey — Once Stalwart Ally," "Sweden's Hate America Campaign — WHY?"
   Wherever you find these riots the world over — college students are in the forefront.
   In Manila, the Philippines, Filipino students demonstrated outside the United States, British and Malayan embassies, chanting, "United States go home!" and "Malaya and Britain are Thieves."
   These demonstrators were obviously well organized. They arrived in chartered buses, for example.
   What do they riot about in Tokyo? University students riot about American occupation of Okinawa. Or about American nuclear vessels arriving in Japanese ports or perhaps the existence of the American nuclear umbrella.
   Yet, Japan is one of our most trusted Oriental allies.

Students against America

   Some time ago students in Calcutta, India burned Robert McNamara in effigy. And demonstrators at the London School of Economics became so violent that the school had to be shut down. The students were protesting the Vietnam War.
   In Rome, Italy, violent anti-Nixon riots broke out in February, 1969. Thousands of students and Communists gathered outside the premier's offices shouting, "Nixon, go home!" and "Mao, Mao, Mao Tse-tung."
   Recently, Governor Rockefeller visited South and Central America as an emissary on a special mission for the new Nixon Administration.
   In PRACTICALLY EVERY MAJOR CAPITAL in those countries — except where the trip had to be cancelled because of threatened riots — there were major or minor incidents.
   Several students were killed; scores were wounded. American flags were destroyed. Hundreds upon hundreds were arrested. Bombs exploded. Property was damaged and destroyed. America got a black eye among the local citizenry of a number of Latin American cities. Only a managed press prevented a worldwide tarnished image.
   All over Central and South America anti-Americanism is a sort of hobby.
   But why? Why has America become the world's whipping boy, the jolly "green-back" giant?

Why All This Anti-Americanism?

   Wherever you find unrest, poverty and squalor you will find automatic jealousy — especially if you have a rich neighbor. Wherever you find deprivation, poverty, a stifled economy — you will find attacks on authority and domination. This will be true especially of industrial, agricultural and economic domination.
   But why have student demonstrations usually taken on an anti-American theme? Why this common thread of anger at the American way of life; rebellion against the "establishment"; blind rage at the suspected responsibility the U.S. has for many of the conditions in the world as we find them today?
   Ironically, the very countries that are eager for American aid are also the ones who resent us the most for our wealth. It seems nearly everything the United States does results in screams of indignation around the world, and even at home.
   Why? And where is it taking America?
   Believe it or not, the shape of protest around the world reveals a certain pattern that holds significance for the future of the United States of America.
   But even more shocking is the anti-Americanism being shouted by students WITHIN the United States.
   Today, campus protest in American universities and colleges is far more than just a passing fad. It is being seen by law-enforcing officials as a serious threat to the very fabric of society.

Anti-Americanism on American Campuses

   The idea that anti-Americanism exists within the United States seems shocking at first. But on second thought it's quite clear.
   The statements by student revolutionaries would be tantamount to treason — if this nation had declared war on North Vietnam. But it seems they can get away with such inflammatory statements under the guise of freedom of speech in today's climate. Analyze any riot on American campuses. Whether at San Francisco State, Berkeley, or in other large American universities — one thread runs through the riots, that is "America is wrong! America is guilty! Hate America!"
   It may be couched in other statements. But the recurring theme is "Down with the establishment."
   But what is the "establishment"?
   Simply the American way of life, its institutions, its policies, its government, its leaders. The theme of student demonstrations — in the United States, as well as outside — is against or "anti" all the above-mentioned. Therefore, by their very nature, these demonstrations are ANTI-American!
   It's about time we realized this.
   Dissension, protest, honest disagreement — these, too, are part of the American way of life. And they are priceless privileges, absolute essentials to our continued existence as a free people.
   But arson, threats with guns, violent confrontations with police, occupation of college buildings, burning the American flag, draft cards, school records, and the injury of college officials is not honest protest, but unlawful acts of violence which are the hallmarks of revolution.
   Look at the patterns evident. How often do students demonstrate against America's ENEMIES? And how often do America's "friends" demonstrate IN SUPPORT OF American policies?

No Demonstrations FOR America

   Can you imagine for one moment a group of American students marching down the streets of an American city burning Fidel Castro in effigy? Not only Cuban students — or refugees — but ALL Americans, a cross section of Americans?
   Where are all the demonstrations against continued Communist suppression and domination of a nation only 90 miles from our shores?
   You can't imagine American university students taking to the street in a peaceful demonstration as a result of Ho Chi Minh's policies in North Vietnam. Or the FACT that the Viet Cong have butchered thousands of people. Where are the headlines showing such demonstrations? You haven't seen any.
   What about Czechoslovakia?
   Where were the thousands of American student demonstrators when the Soviet Union crushed that tiny, helpless nation? They were out by the thousands demonstrating against the United States' policies in Vietnam!
   How many demonstrations — mass demonstrations — have you seen against the Berlin Wall? Where are all the counter demonstrations against the Japanese student demonstrations opposed to American involvement in Okinawa or American air bases?
   What a paradox!
   Not only do we have anti-American demonstrations in foreign nations — in some cases among our allies — but America also faces riots from its OWN people.
   A nation divided against itself cannot stand. When will the demonstrators realize this? Do they think the Soviet Union or Red China will give them more freedom of speech? If so, they need to take a look at "freedom" of speech in these countries.
   Today a whole generation is either strangely silent in its commitment To America or is rabidly vociferous AGAINST the United States.

The Outspoken Minority

   "It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease," is an old clichι. But it explains why the "anti-establishment" minority on college campuses has gotten all the publicity. Television viewers have little interest in seeing college students peacefully sitting in their chairs, listening attentively to a lecture.
   But a riot — that is exciting! That is BIG news — and the big news teams are always on the spot with the latest details. So we find the demonstrators, the rioters, the shouters always seem to get the headlines.
   What about these student demonstrators — the "New Leftists" who have set themselves up as judges of the United States?
   It is admitted that a hard core of dissidents are the leaders in inciting other thousands of students to demonstrate or riot.
   Broken up into various organizations — often competing with each other to the point of shoot-outs and murder — they comprise little capsule societies of their own.
   These little groups have set themselves up as the moral judges of the nation. They claim to have the corner on true righteousness. "Only we," they claim, "can feel righteously indignant about social injustices, about racism, about the hypocrisy of the establishment. We have the answers to the ills of the world."

A Little Society of Problems

   In a recent issue of The PLAIN TRUTH magazine we interviewed Mr. Phillip Abbott Luce, a former member of such an organization. He had led American students to Cuba in direct defiance of the American State Department travel ban to Cuba.
   He admitted to having secreted guns in New York City. Mr. Luce soon found oat that the organization he had joined was not what he thought it was. He had joined them as an altruistic young college student expecting to find the answers to the problems of the world.
   But he soon found that this capsule society of demonstrators, rioters, bomb planters and shouters possesses the same cross section of social evils it so vociferously claims to be trying to correct.
   One only has to read the headlines for proof of this.
   Remember the shoot-out at a leading university? Two members of one organization were MURDERED by members of another. Did you read about the annual meeting of the "SDS," a leading radical student organization in June, 1969?
   It was absolute pandemonium. For five days the 1,100 delegates battled in some of the bitterest "political" infighting ever seen.
   The hostility was so vocal that at one time the president of the organization had to take off his sandal and bang it on the wooden lectern in order to restore "order."
   Then consider racism.
   Some of the very hard-core organizations among the black community or other minority groups in the United States are ostensibly organized to attack and combat racism.
   And yet, as a practical statement of fact, when you see inside those organizations — you cannot find any more inflammatory, enraged, hate-filled, violent racism than in some of those same "anti-racist" organizations!
   Only those who themselves are devoid of racism could claim to be the righteous judges of those who still have it. But so long as racism is the tool used to combat racism, man will find the road to a solution of this problem completely BLOCKED.

Who Will Be the Ruler?

   Demonstrators are against the "establishment." They are against laws of the land. They seek to destroy the society. As one revolt leader shouted, "Student revolt is not enough. Revolt must be made to spread to workers, like it did in Paris and New York!"
   Speaking of these student dissidents, J. Edgar Hoover, Chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said, "They detest (as do the Communists) the military, law enforcement, and other government agencies. They harass military recruiters on campus, heckle prominent government officials, even physically threaten the safety of visitors at their schools." (On Communism, J. Edgar Hoover, page 31)
   What could be more anti-American?
   The ultimate hope of the student revolt is the overthrow of the existing society. And they admit it in their writings — without fear.
   "It has grown much larger," said Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the riots in France, "than we could have foreseen at the start. THE AIM IS NOW THE OVERTHROW OF THE REGIME." (The Student Revolt, edited by Herve Bourges, page 97) The aim of American student rebels is the same. They want to OVERTHROW the American establishment.

But where are Their Solutions?

   These same anti-American demonstrators — although incisive in seeing the obvious problems that do exist — do not offer practical solutions to the problems facing mankind.
   How would THEY end the war in Vietnam? What guarantee do they have that Communists would not then start a war in Malaya, Indonesia — AUSTRALIA?
   How would they solve the racial problem? Remember, many of these organizations are racist themselves! What steps would they take to solve the monetary crises? And the threat of nuclear war — how would they end that? Stop manufacturing nuclear weapons and allow the Soviet Union to blast the United States off the map?
   These students are quite unprepared to replace all the institutions they want to destroy. They are quick to discover "grievances," vague in offering solutions.
   In question after question, Gene Bradley, writing for the Harvard Business Review, found student revolutionaries have no plan to govern. For example:
   "'But what would you do after you have torn down the Establishment?'
   "'We would devote resources to the communities, where needs exist.'
   "'What would you do in the way of definable programs?'
   "'No such programs could be offered.' The students could only grope for answers as if thinking through the problem-solving process for the first time. 'Perhaps the ghetto residents would start up their own construction companies to build new homes.' " (Harvard Business Review, Sept., Oct., 1968, Gene Bradley, pp. 52, 53. "What Businessmen Need to Know About the Student Left.")
   But how does one "start up" a construction company? Who will finance it? Who will decide how many homes will be built where? What about supplies, skilled workers, community planning? You can be sure few student rebels have ever thought this far!

The Silent Majority

   Besides the hard core of "activist" demonstrators, there are many hundreds of thousands of students who identify with the movement — depending on the issues involved.
   Hundreds of thousands of other students, who may not identify with the movement, are nonetheless confused.
   All these students know the world has huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons — enough to kill the population of the earth many times over.
   They know of the population explosion and impending famine.
   They see a world of wars, of increasing crime, of social injustice and racism, of ill health, and of mental problems.
   And they want solutions!
   Some blame America for all these problems. But they have no alternative solutions to offer.

Teens for Decency Rally

   I remember having gone to a Teens For Decency rally in Florida, near Cape Kennedy, while awaiting the launch of Apollo 10.
   I watched a Congressman, the featured speaker, get upon the stand as the pop musicians were waiting their turn. All the youngsters were talking, running about, and eating popcorn.
   The Congressman stood up to tell these teenagers how much he appreciated what they were doing and what they stood for — the meaning of their "teens for decency" rally.
   The first words out of his mouth were, "Now, kids, I DON'T HAVE ANY ANSWERS, BUT.
   And that's the whole trouble! Our young people are being exposed to a number of agonizing questions. They're being told about a world that is on the brink of nuclear insanity. They're told about a world filled with poverty, illiteracy, sickness and disease — with wars and the threat of more, with the continued crisis in the Middle East, with the emergence of a United States of Europe as a third power bloc in the world, with the war in Vietnam.
   Facing such problems — and many more — they are being told that there are NO POSITIVE SOLUTIONS. Many Students simply bury their heads in studies and forget the whole thing. Some are simply confused by it all and say nothing. Others demonstrate against some issues they feel personally involved in. Thousands attack the system and blame their own country.
   These latter ones lash out in any direction, seizing on the opportunity of the moment. It might be the "People's Park" at Berkeley, a chemical concern, ROTC — or whatever. It's as if they are indulging in a kind of academic tantrum to show their frustration over so many huge problems and so few solutions. Their earnest, and perhaps very sincere desire to see a CHANGE, not only in social conditions around the world, but even a change in human nature, is submerged beneath an emotional outburst against the way things are.

"We Want a Change Here"

   They're demanding, in a sense, that the leaders of the academic institutions, the boards of regents, or their teachers in class suddenly create a model environment!
   These student demonstrators seem to demand a model little world of their own where there is no social inequality and racism — where there is justice and equity, fairness, freedom, fun, and, significantly, no outside interference with their personal lives.
   They want relevant classes, adequate facilities, plenty of fun in the sun. In short, they want an abundant and interesting life. They want life with meaning and solutions to problems.
   However, they simply aren't getting what they want. And they can't understand why.
   They are demanding change, and they're demanding it RIGHT NOW! The words they use are "us," and "HERE and NOW." They want something that is going to make them happy, that is going to answer all their needs — to fill a big, aching vacuum inside.
   The paradox is that BOTH American and "foreign" students — that is, students in other nations — blame the American system for the problems they face. Perhaps ALL expected that America — the world's most single powerful nation, the world's wealthiest nation, the most advanced nation — should have had the resources and incisive ability to give to the world SOLUTIONS to these problems.
   There are solutions to the world's ills — believe it or not! The problem is that the United States cannot give those solutions to the world nor can any other nation, as is evidenced by six thousand years of human history.

The Solution to World's Ills

   The hard-core dissidents, the new left, the extremists on the right, the altruists, the idealists, the young disillusioned students simply cannot find solutions to the problems they face with the world — in the MANNER they desire.
   And there is a great reason WHY! Solutions to the world's problems are coming to this earth — and soon. But they are not coming in the way and from the source that most expect!
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