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How many stones did David take with him to face Goliath?

I Samuel 17:38-40
Just what do you mean... BORN AGAIN?
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Just what do you mean... BORN AGAIN?

LET'S be honest - don't some of these religious terms seem vague, meaningless, when you stop to think about it? Do you know that most people who think they have been "born again" actually have no more real conception of what it means than the young man who said he "gave his heart to the Lord" at a revival meeting. When asked if he had his chest cut open so he could reach in, take his heart out, and hand it to the Lord, he stammered confusedly that he guessed he didn't really know what it did mean, when he had been told that he "gave his heart to the Lord." It's about time the TRUTH of what Jesus Christ meant by being "born again" is made so plain you will UNDERSTAND! For He did not say or mean, what most religious people think! And NOTHING IS SO IMPORTANT!

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Publication Date: 1962
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