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Who told Ahab it wouldn't rain in Israel for a long time?

I Kings 17:1
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We have been seeing the last couple of classes how Sabbath keepers begin to, as we say, come out of the wood work because by now we are coming to the end of that 1260 years in which they would have to be in the wilderness which began, again depending on how you count it sometime in the 300's around the Counsel of Lycia or certainly no later than the Imperial restoration of Justinian in the 500's, so we're coming into that time where Sabbath keepers will be able to become known. They have lived in hiding, in seclusion in rural areas of the mountains and in the valley all the way from northern Turkey, through southeastern Russia and Europe on into Italy, Northern Italy, Switzerland, over into Spain in some cases, there has been little enclaves of Sabbath keepers throughout time...

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Lecture Date: 1987