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Where did men try to build a tower that would reach to heaven?

Genesis 11:4
Church History - Lecture 11 - Eusebius, Arias, Constantine, The Council of Nicea
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If you have your History at a Glance Chart handy, there was a mistake pointed out to me on it, I hadn't caught it another time, don't know why, obvious mistake. In the right hand column under contemporary events the second one down, "the martyrdom of the Apostles", should read "James and Peter", James and Peter that were killed in the early to mid 60's. John of course died later as is noted in that same column. There also was a question I had mentioned some time ago that there was a rather sizable hand out on Simon Magus, which is a reprint series from the Good News magazine in the 1950's and early 60's maybe...

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Lecture Date: 1987