August 24, 1942  
August 24, 1942 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


VOL  III   Number 4                            August 24th, 1942

Published every little while, by your radio-pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.

Enroute, Seattle to Des Moines
August 24th, 1942

Dear Friends and Co-workers:

   GREETINGS! I write this issue of The BULLETIN on the train, as we approach the Continental Divide along magnificent Glacier National Park, with its lofty peaks and scenic grandeur. It is inspiring to view the majestic works of nature which have been spread out by the mighty creative hand of God.

   After sending "The WORLD TOMORROW" program out over the Liberty net-work lines from the studios of KRSC in Seattle yesterday, we had another splendid and enthusiastic service at the Chamber of Commerce auditorium in downtown Seattle last night, with the auditorium again well filled. We rushed from the auditorium to the Great Northern station, boarding the "Empire Builder" for Des Moines, Iowa.

   And there, the Eternal willing, I hope to begin broad- casting "The World Tomorrow" program over our first super-power 50,000-watt station, WHO, one of the nation's eleven clear-channel super-power stations, on next Sunday. I will speak to all our listeners over the Coast stations — KNTR, Hollywood; KFMB, San Diego; KRSC, Seattle; KWJJ, Portland; KGA, Spokane; and KORE, Eugene, — from there.

   Since I last wrote you in The BULLETIN, July 15th, almost six weeks have fled past. Then we were in the third week of the SUPREME CRISIS of this war. We entered that crisis, in which the ultimate OUTCOME of the war probably shall be determined, the first of July. I have estimated it as a 16-weeks crisis. Unless a dead- lock prolongs the crisis period beyond that time, we probably shall know how the war will end by November first.

   But as I write today it is difficult, indeed, to enjoy the marvelous scenery I am passing. Grand, inspiring, unusual tho it is, my mind and heart is too weighed down with the stark SERIOUSNESS of this time — with the knowledge I have, based upon actual conditions as they exist and understanding of the prophecies of the Eternal God — and of the horrible possibility of the fate this nation may be rapidly heading into, without realizing it, just now, — to enjoy even this vast and beautiful handiwork of God. To look at scenery, even so rare, seems a waste of precious time I cannot spare just now. The car I ride in is well filled with army uniforms, as an additional reminder of the seriousness of this time. And so I have spent this day, so far, in studying and writing material to help WARN our people of their peril they seem not to recognize.

   Now we are in the NINTH week of the 16- or 18-week supreme crisis in which the FATE OF OUR NATION — the fate of YOUR HOME AND MINE — perhaps the fate of OUR VERY LIVES — is being determined. I have explained to you how it is a RACE AGAINST TIME! We are now in the supreme RACE to determine whether the war production effort and the army-training effort of the United States can reach sufficient power BEFORE Hitler accomplishes such objectives as to make that potential and mounting power ineffective before it can get started. To do this, Hitler would have, undoubtedly, to take all the Caucasus (which he virtually has taken already) to go thru Turkey and Palestine and take Suez, driving the British Navy from the Mediterranean, cutting the life-line of the British Empire; to drive on to meet the Jap armies in INDIA, severing that rich country from the British, cutting off all supply routes to Russia and China; knock out Russia and China; thus, with vast newly-acquired resources freeing Hitler to turn WEST against Britain, and Japan to turn EAST against the United States. Our goal was to attain to all-out invincible power by November first. In this race United States INDUSTRY plays a major part. If we can attain to that tremendous power BEFORE Hitler and Japan attain to their almost fantastic objectives, then Hitler's doom will be sealed. But if the Axis can crash thru to these objectives I have outlined BEFORE we have reached power so vast as to take a winning initiative, then we may as well realize the chances of winning will be all Hitler's.

   And now, almost at the half-way point in this mad race against time, the hard cold FACTS are that Hitler has continued, week by week, virtually at the pace necessary for him to accomplish his objectives by November first. But, on the other hand, the facts which OUGHT to startle every American out of his complacency and into GRIM ACTION, are that WE HAVE BEEN SLOWING DOWN in this race — men in defense industries have been striking because they could not SMOKE on the job during working hours — labor and management in some of the major defense industries are reporting fighting each other instead of co-operating to fight Hitler — and the truth that should cause our hearts to drop is that defense production is NOT keeping pace with the President's goal — which pace MUST BE KEPT IF WE ARE TO WIN THIS RACE AGAINST TIME, AND TO WIN THIS WAR!

   Such a bogging down as is now reported, in the very midst of this supreme crisis, is SERIOUS INDEED. It is time for AMERICA TO WAKE UP! Personally, I feel very SOBER, because I KNOW what the true situation is! And it is anything but encouraging for this nation. We are not winning this war, we are LOSING IT! Week by week, every week since Pearl Harbor, we have been losing. America hasn't yet really BEGUN to fight. America is not yet even READY to fight, on the scale she must fight to match or defeat a tremendous war-machine such as Hitler has been building since 1933! But it is NOT YET TOO LATE, and therein lies our one hope!

   (. . . and now we are stopped at Glacier National Park, and here is the famous Glacier Park Hotel I have heard about since I was a young man. Everything is very beautiful. A huge U.S. flag of growing red, white and blue flowers stretches out over large well-kept lawns. It would be very nice to be able to stop off here and spend one to several days in this wonderful national park — but that is a luxury for which I can afford neither the money nor the time in a time like this, when even the necessities of life, our freedom, and life itself is in jeopardy. . . . And so now we have started up and are speeding on east. The great mountain range seemed to come to an abrupt end at the Glacier Park station, and now we are travelling past rolling grazing land, though the mountains of Glacier Park still loom on the horizon behind us. . . . And now back again to the work we have to do.)

   No, thank God, it is not yet too late! But, as one correspondent who knows conditions wrote from Moscow, it is now FIVE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT! If we fail to heed the warning, it may be too late within another two or three months. Yes, I, too, know the conditions, and I know also what prophecy reveals for the future. And I know, as I hope with all my soul you co-workers are now beginning to know, that our hope now lies in arousing this nation to TURN TO THE GOD IT HAS FORSAKEN AND FORGOTTEN! That, I know, is the one sure hope of this nation now. Our situation is just that serious. This war, for us, is a judgment sent from God. God has blessed us with vast material wealth — more than two-thirds of all earth's economic resources! And we have forgotten Him, forsaken Him and His ways, made gods of the very material things with which He has blessed us, and our land is steeped in sin, and now plunging hell-bent into fast-INCREASING sin! THE DAY OF RECKONING IS HERE.

   Friends, and Co-workers, WE KNOW THESE SOLEMN TRUTHS! If we fail to WARN this nation, God says He will require the blood of the people at our hands. (Ezek. 33:1-6) Our job is to WARN the people before it is too late — to admonish them with POWER, over more and more radio stations until the whole nation hears the warning — to turn back to the God we have forsaken. Because HE ALONE CAN SAVE THIS NATION NOW. This is not idle talk. It is not more alarmist language. IT IS THE STARK, BARE, SOLEMN TRUTH! And in this RACE AGAINST TIME, we, dear co-workers, have OUR race against time! It is, now, "five minutes till midnight". Then it will be too late.

   That's why I am speeding now back to Des Moines. There is NO TIME TO LOSE!

   So listen carefully, please. When I went to Los Angeles, four months ago, and started on stations KNTR and KFMB in Hollywood and San Diego, I faced the greatest test of faith of my life. In order to get he message over, and establish the broadcast in Southern California, and do it quickly, it was necessary to take advantage of the opportunity God opened to go on the air 30 minutes every day. That required more than $200 per week over and above our regular expenses. I could not see where it possibly could come from. But this is a WORK OF FAITH, and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I went ahead on sheer faith. And thru YOU, co-workers with me in this work, God supplied every cent that was needed, and ON TIME, so I could pay every broadcast in advance. THAT DOUBLED THE POWER AND SCOPE OF OUR RADIO WORK. It doubled the vast radio audience — raised it to approximately a half million people hearing the message every week.

   And now, after three short weeks of hard work in my office — just three short weeks at home with my wife and family, and three splendid services in downtown Seattle, I am speeding back to Des Moines to undertake a NEW test of faith JUST TWICE AS GREAT AS THE ONE WE FACED IN LOS ANGELES.

   The time for broadcasting on this great super-power station will cost just TWICE AS MUCH as time costs us in Southern California. It will reach twice as large an audience — will again DOUBLE the listening audience — add another HALF MILLION LISTENERS EVERY WEEK! Think of it — a total of ONE MILLION in our vast radio audience every week. That's what the addition of station WHO will mean! This station thoroughly covers the whole state of Iowa, and can be heard plainly over the main population sections of the six surrounding states in daytime. If we could afford a night-time broadcast (twice the cost of day-time), we could be heard in every part of the United States on this one station alone.

   To establish this broadcast quickly — to really GET OVER our vital warning message intensively and in a hurry — I ought to be able to broadcast EVERY DAY for the two weeks I shall be in Des Moines. To do so will cost over $500 a week. I CANNOT OBLIGATE MYSELF to any such amount as a debt. I can do it, ONLY if I have the money TO PAY IN ADVANCE! By faith I KNOW God will supply, thru you who receive this Bulletin, enough extra at this time to undertake the regular Sunday broadcast over WHO. But I cannot undertake an EVERY-DAY broadcast unless you send that money for me to pay IN ADVANCE. By all means it ought to be done. WILL YOU DO IT, for God and for your country?

   If we want to back up the boys risking their lives in the armed forces — if we want to help save this country now while it still is NOT too late, this surely is the way to do it. God helping us, I know of no one else warning this nation of its plight — WARNING this nation that it now MUST TURN TO GOD in order to win and save its very life — starting the crusade for the great vast OFFENSIVE that will defeat Hitler and can be started NOW — the great national heart-rending PRAYER OFFENSIVE I am now calling for in every broadcast.

   Will YOU enlist, now, ANEW? Will you drop to your knees and pray earnestly and fervently? Pray for this country to repent and turn to God. Pray for me and this work. PRAY that God will reward this SHEER WORK OF FAITH, and meet this supreme need just now. Remember we never beg for money over the air — never even hint at it directly or indirectly. We put no price on The PLAIN TRUTH or anything we have — the Gospel must be GIVEN — it must go FREE. I know of no other work like this. God is blessing it abundantly and almost beyond belief. This work is leaping forward now by leaps and bounds, as God goes before and opens and prepares the way. Thru you I know God will meet this present supreme crisis in our work. It will take great sacrifice on the part of many of you, I know. Better make that sacrifice now and SAVE EVERYTHING than lose everything in defeat in this war, and perhaps lose out with Almighty God besides! No sacrifice, now, is too great. I need a FLOOD of tithes and offerings from our small but growing family of co-workers to meet this present supreme need. We need LARGE amounts — $25, $50, $100, yes, even $1,000 or more — from all who can, even by great sacrifice, put such sums in God's work in this very crucial hour. And we need the widow's mite. Will you RUSH, even air-mail, the largest amount you can spare, by immediate return mail? I know you will, — and GOD BLESS YOU!

   I am now rushing this to my office in Eugene, air mail, to be printed in the Bulletin and mailed to you. An addressed returned envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Your fellow-servant,

Herbert W. Armstrong

. . . . . . . . .

   Under God's blessing, for which we are more grateful than words can express, this work is doubling and re-doubling in size and scope and power.

   I want briefly to outline now to our Co-workers some of the plans we have tentatively in mind for the conduct of this greatly enlarged and fast-growing work. We hope within a few more months to be Coast-to-coast on the air.

   The time is coming, now, when we shall need an enlarged personnel in the office. We printed 9,000 copies of this issue of The PLAIN TRUTH. Next issue will be on a much-improved white paper. I realize the necessity of publishing it regularly once each month. That has been impossible due to lack of help. But now the supreme need is here, and God is paving the way before us in every direction. He is raising up men fitted by natural talent, ability, and education and experience, especially spiritual experience, — men whose hearts are right toward Him and His ways — to step in.

   We are planning now to bring one of our very valuable and trusted Co-workers, Dr. Douglas Blake of Seattle, into the office within two or three months. He is fitted by education, experience, and Bible understanding to help in the preparation of material for articles in The PLAIN TRUTH, in answering correspondence that has had to be neglected, in devoting time to research for facts and information needed both for radio programs and articles. We hope later to have Basil Wolverton, an artist and trained writer from Vancouver, Washington, on the staff in the office. About three years ago he was an atheist. He was converted solely by our broad- cast. He has grown spiritually and in knowledge until he is now elder of our little group in Vancouver. He has many excellent talents endowed by God which we hope may be used exclusively in God's service in the near future. We have other secretaries, expert in all kinds of secretarial work, research, etc., now waiting for the call to join our staff in the office.

   Soon The PLAIN TRUTH circulation will be up to 25,000 copies. Then 50,000, and on up. It must come out, as soon as facilities permit, on the first of every month. Later we hope to expand it is size from the present 12 to 16 pages.

   We plan, as soon as we have this added help in the office, to publish the Bible Study Quarterly regularly every quarter. We plan to publish many booklets and single articles on various Bible subjects. We hope too, to resume publication of another magazine, "The GOOD NEWS", edited just for those who really have been baptised by the Holy Spirit into the one and only true Body of Christ — a magazine containing spiritual food, going into the deeper truths, feeding God's true flock. The PLAIN TRUTH is not intended to fill that purpose, but is rather evangelistic, intended to reach those OUTSIDE — the carnal-minded who could not understand real spiritual truths, as well as the truly spiritual-minded.

   We feel we are alive to the need. Just as soon as God makes this enlarged work, with an enlarged staff, an actuality, we will have MANY more good things for you than we can offer you now. Big things are ahead. Yet, TIME IS SHORT, we fully realize. We must all WORK, while we may, — while it is day, — for the night cometh when no man can work. Soon there will be an utter FAMINE of hearing the Word of the Eternal. What we do, we must DO QUICKLY. We are ready to build this work to these greater, more effective, more powerful and far-reaching heights, just as rapidly as our Co-workers provide the financial means. God has already raised up the right and qualified people for the various jobs to be filled. Let us PUT OUR ALL into it — and NOW!

* * * * * * * * *
DON'T FORGET - - - to notify this office of your change of address.


   Did you ever read, in Zechariah 14, how, after Christ returns to RESTORE God's ways upon earth, that ALL nations, including all Gentiles, will be forced to keep the Festival of TABERNACLES every fall?

   If we are now being trained, in our Christian life, to sit with Christ on His throne then — to carry out His orders as kings and priests under Him — to help enforce these ways at that time — should we not be practicing these ways now?

   There is not space here to explain all there is in the Bible about God's Festival of Tabernacles. Suffice it to say it is God's camp-meeting time. It is His VACATION time. It is His THANKSGIVING time — not one Thanksgiving day but eight of them in one glorious festival. It is a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving over the coming KINGDOM.

   We shall observe it at the set time, as usual, in Eugene. The time is September 26th to October 3rd inclusive. Meetings will be held in our little church building, at the end of West Eighth Avenue. There are many new and modern tourist cabins and motels within a short distance, for visitors. Several are coming from Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and Olympia, and Vancouver, Washington; from Portland and other points in Oregon; from Los Angeles and southern California.

   For eight full days God's people will meet together in a splendid fellowship with God thru Christ, and with one another. You'll meet some of God's true people here. You'll ENJOY their inspiring fellowship. There will be Bible reading and prayer service every morning; Bible study and round-table discussion every afternoon; singing and evangelistic preaching service every evening. YOU ARE INVITED TO COME. If God lays it on your heart, put everything else aside, and come. Write my office in Eugene if you wish cabins reserved. I shall return from Des Moines, by way of Los Angeles, speaking again in downtown Los Angeles Sunday, September 20th, returning to Eugene in time for the Fall Festival. MAY I SEE YOU THERE?

Publication Date: August 24, 1942
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