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Who am I: I am tall, dark and handsome and use to be extremely humble. I diligently obeyed my father. At my investiture as king, I hid. Afterwards, I disobeyed God and I lost the throne.

I Samuel 9-15

A NEW Good News!
Good News Magazine
July 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 6
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A NEW Good News!

HERE is a new GOOD NEWS! With this issue, the GOOD NEWS becomes exclusively the official publication of Gods True Church in these closing days of this world. With this issue a new policy is adopted. The Good News will hereafter be sent only to those recognized as MEMBERS of the true Church of God - those in whom we can see evidence, by the fruits borne, that GOD has added them to His Church. It is a holy Church which no man can "join." We are inducted into it by God, thru receiving, and being led by, the Holy Spirit. The PLAIN TRUTH to the World The Plain Truth now becomes, as it was from its first issue in February, 1934, the general evangelistic magazine of this Church, sent freely to all who request it for themselves. It is edited for the public - for the world, as many as request it for themselves. But of course it is edited, too, for God's own children, and so you will, of course, continue to receive The Plain Truth each month, in addition, now, to The Good News.

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Good News MagazineJuly 1953Vol III, No. 6