July 20, 1943  
July 20, 1943 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


VOL. IV  Number 4                               July 20, 1943

Published every little while by your radio-pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.

More Stations Soon to be Added

   It is later than we think!

   I have mentioned before an organized effort to throw off the air the preaching of the PURE BIBLE TRUTH.

   It comes from a powerful organized group in New York — constituting themselves as the representatives of the Protestant (Federated Council of Churches — modernist), Roman Catholic, and Jewish faiths in a united action.

   This religious combine now seeks to constitute itself the sole voice of religion over the air in America. Their plan, if accepted by radio stations, would shut off virtually everyone else.

   It actually would bar JESUS CHRIST Himself from the air, were He here in person today preaching as He did 1900 years ago — and in fact, it WILL shut Him and HIS MESSAGE and His true ministers off the air, if it succeeds!

   The "RECOMMENDATIONS" sent out by this organized movement from New York, considered only from the side as they present it, will appeal to many if not most radio men as eminently fair and right.

   The "RECOMMENDATIONS" urge that (quote:) "religious programs, like educational broadcasts, should be presented on a sustaining basis, without payment for time." If no charge is made for TIME used for religious broadcasts, stations obviously cannot GIVE time to everybody. Therefore the "RECOMMENDATIONS" urge next:

   "That time available be allocated by networks or local station management in cooperation with advisory committees from the various faiths." Meaning, of course, the committees of this New York combine which has appointed itself the representation of religion in America.

   Now SHOULD radio stations DONATE time for religious broadcasts? the answer is IT COSTS MONEY to spread and proclaim the Gospel. SOMEBODY has to pay the cost. God's way is not for the printing company to pay the cost of publishing the Gospel, the contractor to bear the burden of the expense of building church buildings, or for radio stations which may not believe the Gospel to pay the cost of proclaiming the Gospel over the air.

   GOD'S WAY of financing His work is THRU THE TITHES AND FREE-WILL OFFERINGS OF HIS PEOPLE, who gladly, willingly, cheerfully GIVE for this purpose that the Gospel may be given, without money and without price, to those who do NOT believe as they do.


   But what can we do? Frankly, about the only thing YOU can do, dear Co-workers for Christ, is to PRAY! Pray as you never did before! And continue to stand back of me, stronger than ever, at any sacrifice, that this great work may grow now faster than ever, that more and more radio stations may be added WHILE THERE IS YET TIME.

   Yes, it is LATER THAN WE THINK! We are in the very last days. We must work while it is DAY, for the night cometh when NO MAN can work! We must press on in greater power than before, in pure FAITH! We must seek power, and wisdom, and help from God as never before. JESUS IS COMING SOON!


   During the past year this work, to which our heavenly Father called me from a life in business, has doubled and re- doubled in power. It has grown almost unbelievably. Now the Gospel Message of "The WORLD TOMORROW" — for the Kingdom of God is "The WORLD TOMORROW" — can be heard in nearly all parts of the North American continent.

   We receive many letters from people who confess they are unconverted and in sin, asking me to help them find Christ as Saviour and forgiveness of sins. These letters come from all over the United States. I have three such letters for answer today — and those are the FIRST letters to receive my time. One such soul saved is worth the whole cost of this work. Many wives write that their husbands, who never would go to church or listen to religious broadcasts, are now listening eagerly and with interest to our program, and when The PLAIN TRUTH arrives we usually get report that they are reading it and devouring every word. Our main PURPOSE is to reach the UN-converted. That's why, frankly, I start out nearly all programs as a news analysis program, tying in the news of today with the PROPHECIES of God's Word. Thousands who will listen to no other religious program are intensely INTERESTED in "The WORLD TOMORROW" broadcasts.

   But our path has not been easy. We have met opposition, discouragement, every obstacle. This whole past year, which has seen the greatest growth and expansion of this work, has been a constant test of faith. Just recently we met perhaps our biggest test of faith, when I was forced to rush out a letter appealing to our Co-workers for immediately financial help.

   Many of you responded, and I want to let you know now how much the offerings, and tithes, you sent in HELPED. You SAVED THIS WORK! We needed $3,000 over and above enough to carry current week-by-week expenses. It didn't all come — in fact, only a little over half of it — but it did tide us over for the time, and you who responded can't know how much you helped, and I can't express to you in words how full is my heart with thanks and gratitude.

   Many wrote letters with their offerings showing how concerned they were about the crisis in this work. It was a real burden to them. I can't tell you in words how this concern touches my heart, and how it encourages, and INSPIRES me, to know that there are so many others who are truly BURDENED for this great work, and so loyally standing back of me. I wish I could make you know how I feel about it. Many of our Co-workers realize JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON — that our time is short, and OUR RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE GOD IS GREAT. I pray God's richest blessing upon you. He knows our hearts, and His rewards will be far exceeding above any- thing we can imagine.

   You can't know how your good letters encourage and inspire not only me, but the whole office staff. I pray for you all daily. We pray especially for those who request prayer at our weekly midweek prayer meeting here in Eugene. I would love to answer all your questions personally, and have tried to, but just been unable. If I devoted my entire time to nothing but answering letters I could only answer a PART of the many I receive. It takes five busy secretaries to handle our radio mail. But I do try to read every letter that is personal, or asks questions, or is more than a mere request, even tho I do not find time to answer them all — tho I do answer all I possibly can.

   By the way, I am now starting work on a task that has been a desire very close to my heart for a long time. I plan to prepare in series' of seven articles, or lessons, each, some 49 to 70 articles on various Bible subjects. They will be sent only upon request, and only the first seven articles will be mailed first. Then, if these have all been read and studied, and the reader wishes to continue, the second series of seven more will be sent, and so on until you will have had a COMPLETE BIBLE COURSE. It will all be free, of course. These articles will answer most of the questions our listeners ask. They are not yet prepared or ready. It will be announced in The PLAIN TRUTH when they are ready for distribution.

   But, dear Co-workers, I must tell you now the crisis of this moment is just about as serious as that of five weeks ago. Our contract with station WHO expires with the broadcast of August 22nd. Unless God Himself intervenes in our behalf we shall not be able to continue on this great super-power station after that date, for the business manager of WHO favors those "RECOMMENDATIONS" I have told you about. I feel he is sincere in it, but deceived. Letters to the station would not help — would only do us harm. Do not write them — but PRAY, please PRAY, and BELIEVE we shall have the petition we ask of our heavenly Father. I am starting East in ten days. If God intervenes so we continue another year on WHO, I hope to add station WJJD, Chicago this trip. If not, I will try to add another 50,000-watt nationally-clear-channel station. There are only a FEW such powerful stations. I NEED YOUR HELP AND YOUR PRAYERS! And God's guidance!

   Meantime, I am finishing up the copy for the coming PLAIN TRUTH, ready to hand to the printers in the next two or three days.

   The printers have today ordered the paper for this next number, — a TON AND A HALF of paper — three thousands pounds of paper — think of it! That is a lot of paper. And we may thank God we were able to get it in this time of paper shortage. All the larger magazines and newspapers are rationed to 10% less paper than they used before. I feel God Himself has watched over the interests of His work, so that we are able to buy, so far, constantly INCREASING amounts of paper as His work expands and grows. We are printing 33,000 copies this issue. It will be LARGER — 12 pages this time. I hope to make it the best and most interesting PLAIN TRUTH yet. This issue of The PLAIN TRUTH will cost over a thousand dollars, just for printing and postage alone.

   So again we are in URGENT and IMMEDIATE NEED. In addition to our weekly needs now running into several hundred dollars per week, we must have, almost immediately, an additional $2,000 to complete The PLAIN TRUTH, and put this serious crisis behind us. I feel that somewhere among our growing family of Co-workers is someone who can, if willing, supply that entire extra sum so that all the regular offerings may go for the week-to-week regular expenses. And perhaps if that person, whoever he or she may be, realizes THE TIME we are living in — how short is our time for finishing the great work God has called us to do — how soon it will be when there shall be a FAMINE of even HEARING the Word of God — HOW NEAR IS THE COMING OF CHRIST — that there would be no hesitation. I could easily use one million dollars in the next year in proclaiming God's last warning MESSAGE by radio and by newspaper, magazine, and otherwise.

   But whether YOU can send $2,000 or more, or only a dollar or less, God knows your ability and will reward you accordingly. We should each do our very utmost whatever that may be — even at great sacrifice. And I know you will. Please pray for me and this work, and continue to stand loyally with me in God's work to the utmost of your ability.

God bless you!
With Christian Love,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 20, 1943
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