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The HYDROGEN BOMB Shifts Trend
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1950
Volume: Vol XV, No.2
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The HYDROGEN BOMB Shifts Trend

Drift now sharply toward WAR! Germans coming back twelve years sooner than before. The trend once again is turning SHARPLY TOWARD WAR! President Truman's decision to go ahead with producing the HYDROGEN bomb may prove the most fateful decision ever made by man! It is SPEEDING UP the race toward war. AMERICA TODAY STANDS IN MORTAL PERIL, AND DOESN'T KNOW IT! America today is too absorbed with pleasures, more things to ENJOY, lower taxes, hoping for greater prosperity in a PEACEFUL world to become actually CONSCIOUS of the REALITY of things - to even REALIZE the HARD, CRUEL FACTS THAT EXIST. AMERICA TODAY IS ASLEEP and it doesn't want to wake up!

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1950Vol XV, No.2