November 11, 1949  
November 11, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Analyses Today's News, with the Prophesies of THE WORLD TOMORROW

Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

November 11, 1949

Dear Friend and Co-Worker:

   I wrote you co-workers a year ago today. Again it is "ARMISTICE DAY." A tragedy is happening, and I have to write you again. You must help me prevent it.

   It seems foolish to celebrate the armistice of World War I. Today we are in the midst of the second armistice. AND THERE IS A REAL REASON FOR THIS PRESENT ARMISTICE! Everyone knows it's only another "recess!" Everyone knows ANOTHER WORLD WAR IS COMING!

   But there is a divine PURPOSE in this present "time-out" between the second and third world wars! Very few know why World War II ended as, and when, it did.

   Well here's the real truth of what happened. Shortly before the war ended some of us knew — and I said repeatedly in my broadcast — the Germans were feverishly rushing to completion a mysterious new SUPER-weapon. Week after week I told the nation- wide radio audience it was a RACE AGAINST TIME — whether General Patton and other allied commanders could close in on Berlin and END the war before this terrible mystery-weapon was perfected. For we knew it was so destructive that if Hitler was able to use it, even tho backed right up against Berlin itself, he could yet turn apparent certain defeat into total and almost instantaneous victory.

   Well, we won that race against time — but only because a "chance lucky hit" by an American bomb "accidently" destroyed the center of German production of that secret weapon! U. S. forces, upon conquering Germany, soon learned what that mysterious new weapon was! Their frightful new weapon was the ATOMIC BOMB! Yes, the Germans were actually ahead of the U. S. in producing the atomic bomb, by more than six months! And except for that "accidental" bomb-hit on the very center of their A-bomb production, WE WOULD HAVE LOST THE WAR!

   But today we know that was no "accident." America was spared from defeat only by a miracle from God!

   But why? Why did God let us win? Why did He give us this present armistice? For one purpose only, my dear co-workers — and it's time we began to realize it — to allow time for the very work He has called YOU and ME to DO! To allow time for the last solemn WARNING MESSAGE to be thundered to our English-speaking peoples! To allow time to proclaim to all the world the TRUE GOSPEL which Christ Himself brought from God — the NEWS OF THE SOON COMING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD TO RULE THE WORLD TOMORROW!

   I know it's difficult for your mind to really grasp the overwhelming meaning of that. Hasn't the Gospel been preached in all the world, one will ask? EMPHATICALLY NO! Not the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ! Not since early apostolic days! Astonishing, — yes, BUT TRUE! The only true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel CHRIST PREACHED — the Message God sent to this world by Him — and that Message is the NEWS of WORLD RULE by GOD HIMSELF — the Message of the overthrow of all the governments of this world — all its nations and empires — and by the supernatural power of God ALL NATIONS to be ruled over by the soon-coming KINGDOM OF GOD!

   But Christ foretold a turning away from His Message. He said MANY FALSE TEACHERS would rise and mislead nearly all. Paul wrote that this "mystery of iniquity" — the old Chaldean "mysteries" or pagan-idol-worship of Babylon — was already working in his day. He prophesied there would be a GREAT FALLING AWAY from Christ's true Message. He was inspired to write that the popular churches would turn away from the TRUTH and believe FABLES. John, in Revelation, was inspired to foretell that ALL NATIONS would be deceived. And so today the churches preach their OWN "gospel" about the PERSON of Christ — they continually talk ABOUT Him — but they deny, and fight against HIS MESSAGE of the GOVERNMENT OF GOD in our lives now, and over the whole WORLD TOMORROW! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a message ABOUT Christ — it is a Message OF Jesus Christ — the Message God sent by Him — the Message He brought from God and which He proclaimed 1900 years ago!


   But now, after 1800 years, THAT SAME MESSAGE once again is going out in great power to the United States — and already to portions of Canada and Mexico. Today God has provided FOR THAT MESSAGE the very best and most listened-to time — 8 o'clock Central time — EVERY NIGHT over the most powerful radio station on this continent for the dynamic proclaiming of HIS TRUE GOSPEL. And He has provided several other powerful radio stations besides — with more being added!

   Listen to the PROPHECY-COMMAND of Jesus: He said, referring directly to OUR DAY in this 20th century, just before the END OF THIS WORLD: "This GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM SHALL BE PREACHED IN ALL THE WORLD FOR A WITNESS UNTO ALL NATIONS, AND THEN SHALL THE END (of this world) COME." (Mat. 24:14).

   Not just to America — but now TO ALL NATIONS, as a witness, just before the END of this age.

   Listen Co-Workers! We must not let this startling truth overwhelm us, or stun us into inaction — but we must GRASP it, and let it INSPIRE US, and let us give ourselves into the hands and power of GOD to be used of Him for this PURPOSE! Because it is FOR THIS PURPOSE God has raised up this great work! It is for this purpose God has made you and me CO-WORKERS together. IT IS FOR THIS PURPOSE GOD BY THAT MIRACLE PREVENTED US FROM LOSING THE WAR — TO PROVIDE TIME FOR THIS MESSAGE FROM HIM TO GO NOW WITH THE LOUD SHOUT BY THE POWER OF RADIO AND THE PRINTING PRESS TO ALL THE WORLD!

   Yes, that's difficult for us to really grasp — that God would choose such common, ordinary people as you and me for this GREATEST JOB ON EARTH TODAY. But God always chooses the meek and humble — those HE can use — those willing to yield themselves to HIS WILL — those willing to forsake this world and its ways and give themselves as instruments in His Hands! God never chooses the great and powerful of this world! He calls to His service those who will yield to HIM — sacrifice and give up all for HIM (will you?) — and it is HIS POWER working in and thru them which makes the accomplishment GREAT. The real POWER back of this work is not Herbert W. Armstrong — it is not you — IT IS THE POWER OF GOD. His power is UNLIMITED!

   And so HERE ARE THE FACTS — a living reality to day! Here is this work of GOD — dynamically proclaiming this very Message of CHRIST, after a lapse of 1800 years, to MILLIONS here in America Coast to Coast, by the most powerful radio stations, and by the power of the printed word! And here in Pasadena, by a series of unbelievable miracles is AMBASSADOR COLLEGE, started as the smallest liberal arts college in America, but we believe the finest, growing dynamically — and here God already has sent several of the most unusual, converted, consecrated, Spirit-led, UNDERSTANDING young men and women I have ever met to study and prepare to CARRY THIS MESSAGE OF CHRIST INTO ALL NATIONS!

   We here at Pasadena are working with inspired energy, virtually night and day. The students in the college are applying themselves to the task with a diligence and enthusiasm and purpose I have never seen in college students before — because these young men are energized by the power of God! Our office staff, assisting me in the broadcast and publishing work, are laboring with inspired zeal. We are giving our ALL!

   But without YOU and our other co-workers, we can do nothing! YOUR PART IS JUST AS VITAL AS OURS! When money drops off, THE ENTIRE WORK IS THREATENED!

   Yes, hard though it is to realize, THIS IS THE WORK GOD HAS RAISED UP AND IS USING TO SHOUT HIS LAST WARNING MESSAGE TO A DYING WORLD! Let us REALIZE it, and come to our senses and SPRING TO ACTION in God's service.

   THE REASON FOR THIS SO-CALLED PERIOD OF PEACE BETWEEN THE SECOND AND THIRD WORLD WAR IS TO PROVIDE TIME FOR THIS MESSAGE TO GET OUT, AND THIS WORK TO BE COMPLETED! For one purpose only did God let our nations — His people Israel — win the war. For one reason only is World War III being held back now: — to allow time and opportunity to carry out this very mission to which God Almighty has called you and me!

   WE ARE AT THE END OF THIS WORLD — this age — this civilization. Can you really understand that fact? can you REALIZE it? This has been MAN'S world, under Satan's sway. All its governments going down in final chaos. The devil knows far better than we that we are near the END of his dominion. Consequently he is FURIOUS against this powerful work of God carrying to this dying world THE VERY LAST MESSAGE FROM GOD! Repeatedly Satan has struck at this work. Everything in his power is being done to destroy it! But he can't destroy it — for it is the WORK OF GOD!

   But that is why, my dear co-workers, we have had to face one crisis after another. Satan never stops fighting us. But GOD ALWAYS DELIVERS US! His work keeps leaping ahead, greater, more powerful than ever! Often our co-workers, many of them, seem to grow drowsy and weary with well-doing. Often they tend to ease up in their part in this work, and money begins to drop off. That makes it very hard and difficult for us here at Pasadena. BUT SATAN NEVER EASES UP! He grows increasingly angry, and with increasing fury strikes at us harder and harder! And that, when our co-workers neglect the work, lays on us a DOUBLY sore trial and test of faith!

Great Accomplishment of 1949

   This year 1949 has seen the GREATEST LEAP AHEAD this work has ever taken. It has produced by far greater fruit for God's Kingdom — made far greater progress — been more blessed of God — than any previous year.

   Ambassador College has almost doubled in size. — both student body and faculty, and in buildings and grounds. Now, through the acquisition of the fine large adjoining property, "Mayfair," all our students live right on the campus, and the beautiful campus grounds are doubled in area. Yet this valuable property was acquired on even lower terms than the original property — on such basis that the income from rentals virtually pays for it, thus avoiding increased expense to the work! It greatly increases our assets and facilities, without increasing expense!

   Look at this year's great harvest of souls! Two qualified students from the college on a Coast-to-Coast tour this summer baptized SEVENTY-EIGHT precious souls converted thru this work. A total of nearly one hundred have been converted and baptized thru the entire year — BUT, MORE IMPORTANT, FOUR HUNDRED MORE, converted, as we believe from their letters, still anxiously await baptism as the harvest of this work for this year — A TOTAL OF APPROXIMATELY FIVE HUNDRED PRECIOUS SOULS! The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. But now God is graciously sending us called and qualified laborers to be trained at Ambassador College that this harvest may be GREATLY MULTIPLIED. In another month or so now, God willing, another baptizing tour will be made from the college. Next summer we hope to have two or three teams out in the field.

   Today the radio program goes out over more powerful radio station than ever before. Two stations recently were added. Now the program goes on the air every morning in the year in the Los Angeles district, and a powerful Chicago station has been added. Still others will be added as soon as our co-workers make possible.


   Look at the financial progress of this work. As your know, the work is incorporated under the name of the Radio Church of God as a non-profit religious association. It is officially income-tax exempt by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and all offerings sent as donations (including your tithes) up to 15% of you net taxable income are automatically deductible from your income tax. A year ago this work had NO ASSETS except office equipment and supplies and some college equipment. Money previously paid on the college property was then necessarily on a lease-and-option basis. We were threatened a year ago with losing it all. God performed a miracle last December and the obligations were met, and the property deeded over to the corporation, the Radio Church of God. Today, largely because we have more than doubled the value of our properties thru improvements and diligent labor of our students and helpers, the work of God can show assets, over and above liabilities, in excess of $200,000! I must explain, however, that these assets are in the form of equity in the college properties — not in cash, and not in such form that we could possibly get any money from these assets now to help us meet expenses. Yet these assets represent rapid financial strides thru this past year, and show that this work is gradually getting on a sound financial basis. Thru such a year of trial and test, this financial stability is almost unbelievable, and definitely shows GOD'S GUIDANCE in good and sound business management, and GOD'S BLESSING!

   Nevertheless, while the ACTIVITIES of this work, and the RESULTS accomplished, and the BLESSING FROM GOD, have steadily increased thru this year, our co-workers have at the same time STEADILY LET DOWN!

   Gradually, we have been heading toward a severe crisis. On and on it has crept, and NOW THE SITUATION IS DESPERATELY ALARMING!

   LISTEN, dear Co-Workers! This means we are heading straight and rapidly toward the DEATH of this work! We do, — AND MUST — pay our big radio stations AS WE GO. We cannot go on the air UNLESS THE TIME IS PAID FOR! And when enough money does not come in, all I can do is STOP! Once again we shall be cut off XEG and other powerful stations UNLESS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ARE RUSHED TO US IMMEDIATELY!

   Co-Workers, it is MOST embarrassing for me to have to tell you again, that unless you RALLY — unless you immediately send in to this work money you had planned for something else, — THIS VOICE YOU HAVE HEARD PROCLAIMING THE TRUE GOSPEL THAT JESUS BROUGHT TO THE WORLD WILL BE STILLED! — and this time, at this season of the year, out time will be sold to others and we probably will NEVER get it back!

   God's work must owe no man anything! It cannot continue on in debt! Our policy is to pay in advance, or as we go. This indebtedness was forced on us by factors outside our control. WE MUST NOW UNITEDLY SET OURSELVES TO PUT GOD'S WORK ON SOLID GROUND FINANCIALLY — out of debt, and with a reasonable cash surplus to tide over temporary slumps or unexpected emergencies. We here at Pasadena are SET TO THAT POLICY, and that is now our one major goal — BUT WE MUST HAVE YOUR HELP, AND IT MEANS REAL SACRIFICE ON YOUR PART!

   This is the most important work and activity on earth today! WE ARE IN A TIME OF PEACE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALLOWING TIE TO PROCLAIM THIS MESSAGE TO THE WORLD! In a few years YOUR MONEY, YOUR PROPERTY, will be worthless, or blown to bits. Present so-called "peace" won't last! We are near the end of this world — this age — this civilization! ONLY THE WORK OF GOD COUNTS NOW!

   CO-WORKERS, RALLY TO THIS EMERGENCY AS YOU NEVER DID BEFORE! Never yet has anyone given a single contribution to this work as large as $5,000. ONE OF YOU CAN! Will you? One man and his wife borrowed $5,000, mortgaging their home, and loaned it to us to pay off the last of the college reconstruction cost. Two months ago, when the bank unexpectedly demanded the remaining $3,000 of that loan be paid immediately, six months sooner than originally arranged, we were able to pay only $1,500, obtaining an extension until December for the remaining $1,500. It must be paid then. Of course we will not let these dear co-workers lose their home. But we now have only thirty days to raise this in addition to these other crying needs. And somewhere among you co-workers is one who can send this amount.

   Co-Workers, would you let the broadcast stop, because of your neglect? Would you let The PLAIN TRUTH stop? This year The PLAIN TRUTH has grown to 16 pages every issue — its circulation has grown much more than in any previous year.

   Yet at this very moment thousands of copies of the November number, all addressed, and in mail sacks, have been lying on our office floor for days because of lack of money for postage. I have the December number half written and set in type — BUT THE PLAIN TRUTH IS HELD UP FOR LACK OF MONEY! Ambassador College sorely needs $5,000 for library books which we cannot now afford, and will not, until the work as a whole is "out of the red" and in currently sound financial shape.

   CO-WORKERS, all of you — we must now remove this reproach from God's work! THE WORK SORELY NEEDS A GIFT OF $5,000 OR MORE! But if you can't send that, or a thousand, or a hundred or more — or even $50 or $20 — at least EVERY ONE OF YOU can send the widow's two mites! And another downpour now of widow's mites would lift this work out of this DANGER. Remember every dollar carries the true Gospel to TWO THOUSAND SOULS! Can you use it otherwise, and then face God in the judgment?

   Now is the time for financial sacrifice as you never did before! WILL YOU JOIN ME IN EARNEST PRAYER OVER IT? The condition this minute is DESPERATE! Please PRAY, and ask God to move on the hearts of co-workers so compellingly they will respond over- whelmingly and SAVE THE WONDERFUL WORK OF GOD. Rush the largest, most generous amount you possibly can, AIR-MAIL — and get it into the enclosed envelope NOW, — immediately — or the first moment you can get the money. THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU!

In Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 11, 1949
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