February 03, 1955  
February 03, 1955 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

February 3, 1955

Dear Co-Workers for Christ:

   Once again I have to side track everything else and RUSH to you a short emergency letter. I have to ask YOU to put everything else aside, read this letter first, go and PRAY over it, and then respond to the utmost of your ability — immediately, if you are able! I have more sensational, IMPORTANT, news! But LISTEN!

   While God's work is growing now in power as never before, yet the past two weeks has again brought an alarming falling off of tithes and offerings to keep it going!

   TIME IS GROWING MIGHTY SHORT! Co-Workers, we have to wake up, and redouble our efforts! World conditions are developing at breathtaking pace toward the prophesied END of this world. The catastrophic time of trouble, such as never struck this world before, is developing daily at lightning speed. SOON IT WILL BE TOO LATE! This Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD must go to all the world as a witness to ALL NATIONS — and then shall the END of the world come!

   Already it is going around the world! But it is yet far from ALL NATIONS! We still have a long way to go. It is going to take two or three times as many Co-Workers, right here in America, as we now have, in order to finance this monumental task God has given us — "a witness unto ALL NATIONS."

   God knows how short time is! He KNOWS how urgent it is that we be able to send the EVERY NIGHT programs into every town and county in the entire United States, with such plain, clear reception that EVERYONE can hear the program just like a local station. GOD IS OPENING THE GREAT MIGHTY DOORS OF THIS NATION'S GREATEST, MOST POWERFUL STATIONS to accomplish exactly that!

   Our God is a miracle-working God! He is now moving at breathtaking speed to OPEN DOORS — to lead the way! In my last letter I told you that the great nationally-heard station WLS, Chicago, had opened the doors of their great station for our EVERY NIGHT program. I told you also that I had, that very day, given the order to start the every night broadcasts on the great CBS station, WWVA, reaching all the densely-populated EAST — all the middle and north Atlantic states, not reached by the Mexican stations! Mail is rolling in, DAILY, in large piles, from these stations.

   NOW HERE'S THE LATEST NEWS! Yes, it's thrilling — exciting — the way our God is speeding the momentum or His work! Now, the great NBC station, WLW, one of only TWO stations in the U.S. allotted an absolutely EXCLUSIVE clear channel — rated the nations greatest station — has opened its doors to EVERY NIGHT broad- casting — the full half hour program seven nights a week, right across the board, at 700 on the dial, 10:30 Central Standard time! This great station has NEVER before allowed any religious program time for every night broadcasting!

   Here's a letter sent to us by WLS, Chicago. A listener wrote WLS as follows: "Grand Rapids, Mich. Dear WLS Management and Staff: It is very gratifying to know that the wonderful "World Tomorrow" broadcast is now being heard on WLS almost daily instead of only once a week as formerly. It is certainly the most important program you have on your schedule. I have been listening to "The World Tomorrow" on a powerful but distant radio outlet, but there was so much interference from other stations and/or unfavorable weather conditions that only parts of it could be received most of the time."

   What this listener wrote is true of MANY THOUSANDS — interested listeners who have been listening with difficulty to XEG or XELO, many of them unable to get the program at all thru the five summer months. Now they hear it with plain and clear reception like a local station. WLS, and WLW are so strong and powerful that I can tune them in here in Pasadena, either on my car radio, or our radio at home. But besides this, think of the hundreds of thousands of NEW listeners who never heard the program before! Then, in the densely-populated EAST, covered by WWVA, where we have been using so many network stations for over a year, once a week, think of the hundreds of thousands who now can hear the program EVERY NIGHT except Saturday.

   Here's a letter from a Japanese man, living in Chicago. This will give you an idea of the GOOD being done: "Dear Mr. Armstrong I have been listening to your broadcasts for some weeks now (via Station WLS) in open astonishment. I never had ever heard broad- casts like yours before! I am not a Christian now but would like to become one — so I guess my first step should be to read and understand the Word of God as given in the Bible. The Christian religion has always had me confused by the many and seemingly weird interpretations of its very foundation — The BIBLE! So until I heard your broadcasts I was convinced that I would never understand what the message was, for myself: much less the puzzling and the most fascinating part of the Bible — the prophecies. Until hearing your broadcasts I never could make much sense out of many of the words used or see that the prophecies are actually being fulfilled before my own eyes day by day! Frankly, this revelation has scared me into thinking that if these prophecies are actually being fulfilled, then perhaps this "man" Jesus must have lived and the rest of the Bible be THE TRUTH! So — I am asking you to please send me (the Correspondence course, the Plain Truth, and other booklets)."

   I have so many more — but I want to get this on this one sheet — so must break off here — more next time. YOUR dollars — God's tithe, which you have been faithful in paying into HIS WORK — have produced this mountain-harvest of precious fruit for HIS KINGDOM, which this great work is producing.

   LISTEN, Co-Workers! Do I have to send you desperate, urgent appeals to be faithful in sending God's tithes, and your generous offerings? In my last letter I tried to avoid that — and ever since, the receipt of money for God's work has dropped off! Another two weeks like it and this work will surely be STOPPED! It is STILL a life-and-death struggle of desperation to keep God's work going! IT ALWAYS WILL BE! We can't slacken or let up ONE SINGLE DAY! Again the situation is ALARMING! Right now, PLEASE put everything else aside, go to a private place and pour out your heart to God in earnest and believing PRAYER for the continuance of HIS WORK! Rally once again! Send the largest amount for the work God has made possible for you to send — AND KEEP IT UP, as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! It's later than we think! Time is growing short — but it's still DAY — let's work while we MAY! God bless you! And THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely, in Jesus name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

SPECIAL: Co-Workers in Puget Sound area and state of Washington.

Starting next Monday night, February 7, the program will be heard EVERY NIGHT on KVI, 570 on your dial---10:30---PM---seven nights a week. For the first time you people in that area can now hear the DAILY broadcasts.

Publication Date: February 03, 1955
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