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Cause of the Biafran Agony...
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1970
Volume: Vol XXXV, No.03
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Cause of the Biafran Agony...
William F Dankenbring and Herman L Hoeh  

Biafra has fallen. The cost, in terms of human life and suffering, is incalculable. What CAUSED this war? What does the agony of Biafra mean to all Africa and to the world? Then Nigerian civil war has officially ended. Biafran military leader Major General Philip Effiong signed the unconditional surrender. What horror! And in the nation which in 1960, when it received independence from Britain, was expected by many to become the leader, the model for all Africa. After thirty-one months of death and destruction, and the expenditure of over a billion dollars, near-total starvation set in.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1970Vol XXXV, No.03