July 31, 1955  
July 31, 1955 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

July 31, 1955

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   We are now ON TELEVISION! The start has been made. But the result still hangs in the balance.

   There are now indications that TV is the ANSWER to our problem — the solution to this tight financial squeeze in God's work — the ultimate medium to really HIT this entire nation with terrific IMPACT with Christ's Gospel and God's last warning.

   But, even if so, WE ARE NOW ENTERING THE VERY NARROWEST, TIGHTEST PART OF THE FINAL BOTTLENECK thru which we must squeeze before victory is finally won.

   Many of you who were unable to see the first program on TV have written to ask how it came out. Before I tell you, I have to say, first, that we came out $12,000 short of our necessary regular expenses of this great work for the month of July.

   Today is our 38th wedding anniversary, but Mrs. Armstrong and I have had to devote most of the day to reading letters, and preparing for the next telecast filming, and I'm having to leave her now while I write to tell you how DISCOURAGING it is — what a TEST OF FAITH — when receipts for the conduct of the work drop off so frighteningly the last part of each month. We have ended the month today. The situation is SO DESPERATE we have had to open mail today, Sunday, to see if there might be some large amounts, as a miracle, to bring up our monthly quota. There were none. We came out $12,000 short for the month.

   Co-Workers, it seems that when I send out one of these letters the response lasts for about seven to ten days, and then it stops, and thereafter it seems most of our Co-Workers have forgotten all about God's precious and all-important work. Will you not get under this burden WITH ME, and pray earnestly, passionately, for God to move on more and more Co-Workers to keep enough coming in, especially during the last two weeks of each month, so this wonderful work may survive?

   Even if Television does, as we now hope and pray, prove to be God's solution, it will not help us FINANCIALLY — but will only add heavy EXPENSE — for six months or more. Over 97% of all the letters received from last Sunday's FIRST program on TV have been from totally new listeners — who never heard the program on radio. TV is bringing us a totally NEW AUDIENCE. It is carrying the Gospel to multiplied THOUSANDS, and soon, MILLIONS, who have never heard it before! But these people are not going to accept and be moved by the TRUTH, and start sending in money to support it, right away. Most of you didn't.

   Before I tell you about last Sunday's first TV program, and the results, may I add one bit of real PERSONAL news? I think I mentioned on the radio that we have a new grandson — born to our son Ted, and his wife Shirley. Little David Dale Armstrong was born almost a month ago, over in Texas where we had sent Ted to preach and baptize new converts the first half of the summer. They arrived home last evening, and as soon as they telephoned to let us know they had arrived Mrs. Armstrong burst into an enthusiastic urge of impatience for me to stop eating in the middle of my dinner and rush over to their house "to see 'Markie-doodle,'" as we've affectionately nicknamed their oldest son, (not yet two), Mark Allen. Well I did finish my dinner, then we hurried over. I, too, was thinking mostly of seeing "Markie-doodle." (You'll think we're crazy, calling a grandson such an outlandish pet-name!) You see, we had never yet seen our youngest grand-son. Mark was splashing around having fun in the bath-tub after a long, hot automobile trip from Texas, and we saw the new baby on the way to the bath-room. Little David Dale stopped me in my tracks. It was love at first sight! Seemed like I'd never seen such a pretty, lovely, fine- looking little baby! Then I remembered back over the years, and said to Mrs. Armstrong, — "Why, he's just another of OUR BABIES — looks just like our own children, and our other grandchildren all did!" All you grandparents will know what I mean. Our own grandchildren seem just like our very own, and in a way we can't explain, different from all other babies, don't they? So now if you'll pardon that little personal paragraph, I'll get back to our more serious problem.

   Here in Pasadena, I lived thru a nightmare last Sunday evening. EVERYTHING, it seemed, worked against our first TV program on the local station, KTLA, Channel 5. First, the station had failed to get the program listed in the newspaper logs. Then of course I knew that first program was by far the poorest I've done, so far as my speaking is concerned. The program before ours got off 8 minutes late. I knew that late starting meant the loss of thousands of listeners.

   Then the suspense really did become a nightmare. The picture was fuzzy, like an old worn-out silent-movie film of 40 years ago being resurrected. The sound was not normal or natural, or resonant, but muffled. Seeing it this way, in comparison to other TV programs, it seemed to me to be a total flop, a dud, a failure. I got very little sleep that night. I saw visions of total failure of our great television effort.

   Immediately after I had long distance calls from Portland, Oregon, and from Gladewater, Texas, saying the program was good at each of those places, and even trying to tell me they were enthusiastic about it. I thought they were saying it to keep me from feeling too badly. Next morning, our Hollywood director and producer told me they were as disgusted as I at the way the station put it on, and said they were demanding a 2/3 refund on the cost of the program. They tried to encourage me by telling me the film was of the very finest quality, with finest quality sound, and should have been perfectly all right on all other stations. Incidentally, we did find that adjusting needed to be done at the station in Hollywood, which was done this week so that we HOPE tonight's program comes out sharp and clear and with good quality sound.

   Tuesday morning about 168 letters and cards came in from the KTLA telecast, and about 60 or 70 from Portland. In the afternoon mail they kept coming. I couldn't believe it! But here were the letters, some of which I'll reproduce below! The nightmare now turned to HOPE! If that off-quality telecast, with EVERYTHING against it, could bring in a response like this, I knew that we CAN make Television the medium that really reaches the nation and solves all our problems.

   But, as Wednesday and Thursday came along, although mail continued to come in good from the Los Angeles and Portland areas, very little came from the telecast at Denver, Chicago, and Tyler, Texas — the only other stations we were on last Sunday.

   So we immediately began to search for the reason. In Chicago our present time is no good — 9 AM. We only took this time, however, because it was the ONLY time available on any station in Chicago, and we had to take that now in order to get and hold the time of 11 PM beginning in September.

   In Denver we found that stations have been signing off early — at 10:30, and our station there is staying on the air 30 minutes longer for our program. That's why we had so few listeners there, the first time. However, 10:30, our time in Denver, is the very best TV time in other cities, and we believe a few newspaper ads there will soon develop a big audience for us. I think the same thing is true at the Tyler, Texas, station, where our time is 10:45 PM, following what has been the good-night news. We think this will develop a huge audience there in a short time.

   So, we are not discouraged after all. I will say this — from these two cities, Los Angeles and Portland. we did receive more than TEN TIMES as many letters as Net-work RADIO broadcasts have brought.

   At the last minute, KOA, Denver, changed their policy again and decided not to accept any religious programs. The same thing happened on our New York station, so we are not yet on in New York. However, God works all things out for our good. We now have the unbelievable time of 8:30 or 9:30 PM offered us on one of the big New York stations, at a cost lower than we were to have paid for the very late time from 11:30 PM to midnight.

   Well, Co-Workers, that's the story. Yes, we believe now that WE SHALL REALLY SUCCEED in this television effort. The American people are now looking at their TV sets. About 90% of all homes now have TV.

   It has all but killed radio. We now find, by actual count from more than 12,000 of our listeners, that 64 out of every hundred of our listeners came from that TEN PERCENT of the people who do NOT have TV. That means that, had not TV come along, for each 100 listeners we now have, we would have had 640. That's exactly what TV has done to radio.


   What we have learned is this: It is going to take very careful planning, intelligent selecting of time and stations, and every effort to produce interesting, dynamic, gripping programs — and it won't be easy — and it will take patience, and TIME — but TV offers us a chance to reach tens of millions where we have reached hundreds of thousands with radio. WE ARE NOW REACHING AN ENTIRELY NEW AUDIENCE.

   Tonight we will be on ELEVEN stations on TV. Tonight we will have a better program on the air. Scores and scores of letters this week have assured us that people who never heard of us before will be watching the program EVERY WEEK. A tremendous audience will soon be built.

   We can reach the entire United States with about 100 stations. We can't add any more stations until the NEW co-workers from the present stations make it possible. But, dear Co-Workers, if YOU'LL be faithful, continue to sacrifice week by week, month by month, to carry the Message on the 12 stations (including New York), until these new Co-Workers join us, then THEY in turn will make it possible for us to add more and more TV stations until ALL you Co-Workers, in every part of the country, will see the programs. We are looking to GOD for wisdom and guidance, and I do have to ask you to STAND BY ME, to be patient and faithful, until we can get into YOUR territory, if we are not already there!

   Now even tho this is becoming long, I know most of you will want to read from some of the letters that are pouring in.

   TUESDAY, August 2, 1955: Interruptions, and pressure of other emergency circumstances prevented finishing this letter, even tho it is desperately urgent to get it to you without delay.

   HELD SPELLBOUND: From Oregon: "Mr. Armstrong, would you please send me the 28-page booklet called 'United States in Prophecy'? I saw your TV program and I think it is wonderful. My folks are Christians but don't go to church. When your program came on Sunday evening, they both sat spellbound. God bless you and keep your program going."

   FROM A SERVICEMAN ON NAVAL SHIP OFF SAN DIEGO: "Dear Sir: I watched your program on Television tonight and was very much interested in your booklet entitled "United States in Prophecy." I have thought many times before of the prophecy that God had in store for us as the greatest country in the world. I knew that He had these prophecies in His Word. I read my Bible regularly, but could never find the time to sit down and study. I see the opportunity now, with your book, to learn. I feel sure that I will benefit from it greatly. Thank you."

   EXTREMELY INTERESTED — From Los Angeles area: "Dear Sir: I am extremely interested in receiving a copy of your booklet, 'The United States in Prophecy.' Thank you for your inspiring program. God bless you."

   FROM ONE REALLY HELPED — Los Angeles: "Dear Sir: I heard you for the first time this past Sunday, and you'll never know how much you helped me. I'm going to listen to you as often as I can. Please send me the prophecy for United States that you mentioned. Thank you."

   A FAN-CLUB FOR THE TRUTH? Sherman Oaks, Calif. "Please send us one of your free copies of UNITED STATES IN PROPHECY. Your program is wonderful!" Signed, H.W.A. TV FANS.

   SEEN IN CHICAGO HOTEL ROOM — "Dear Sir: I heard your program this morning in my Sheraton Hotel room, and round it very interesting and informative. Please send the booklet 'U.S. in Prophecy' to following address: — Thank you very much."

   CHALLENGE TO SKEPTICS — From a Co-worker of long standing in Portland: "Dear Brother and Sister Armstrong: What a great privilege it was to see and hear you on TV. Ted and Beverly were wonderful, too. My heart rejoiced to see them smile at each other as they did. What a change from the way most singers on TV try to express themselves. What a challenge you gave the skeptics. I have a son-in-law who asked me how I know the God I worship is alive. I wrote and asked them to tune in on this TV program, and he would have a chance to know. I hope they listened. Now, Brother Armstrong, please don't worry any more if you have to waste a few dollars trying to help others as you did in getting started on TV — that's to be expected. If our hearts are right, we wouldn't be thinking about the money so much as we would be thinking about all you were having to suffer in order to help others. My heart and prayers are with you always. Lots of love."

   Co-Workers, I have to say that, while I don't worry, because my life and this work is in God's hands and I have implicit FAITH in Him, — nevertheless my heart is heavy as lead this morning.

   I was just called over to the business office to see Mr. Mattson, our business manager. We are still thousands of dollars behind on radio bills. Several thousand dollars are DUE for the past two, and next two TV broadcasts, which ought to be paid in advance. He doesn't have this money. Week-end receipts were about HALF our day-to-day quota of expense. He has been trying to lay aside a fund for the next TV shooting of nine more programs, and has only about a third of the needed amount, and the next shooting is scheduled for two weeks from now. It looks like we won't make it, and won't be able to stay on TV.

   DON'T FORGET — we are desperately trying to stay on RADIO every night or every day, and AROUND THE WORLD. My son Dick writes from Europe that he is finding that once a week broadcasts over there are not often enough to help people really find the truth as they should. He is trying to find some way to reach them more often.

   I had a wonderful letter from two men in far-off INDIA, who had been converted by our broadcast over Radio Ceylon, and want to be baptized. I wanted SO MUCH to let you read that letter. It seems to be misplaced. If I find it, will reprint it for you in a later letter. But here are some more letters from far overseas!

   FROM A SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT IN INDIA: "Dear Brother Armstrong, and fellow loved ones in Jesus: Greetings to you and all others connected with the Lord's work. I do thank you very much for all the booklets received from time to time. This has been a blessing to my home, and especially to my boys in this school. I covet your prayers for those boys. They often hear the Gospel and a good clear Gospel here in this school (Indian boys). Pray that many will give their hearts to Jesus, and come to the knowledge of His saving power, and only way of salvation. Yes, in these days of unrest and so many religious sects coming in, we have to ask God to keep us true to His Holy Word and to Him. In this matter I must say that your booklets have been a tremendous help to keep us on the lines of TRUTH, ...so you see, God's Word and other helpful subjects in your booklets are not in vain. Some day it will bring forth fruit, as you and I pray for them. I do hear your message quite clear each week over Radio Ceylon....We in India are now finding it difficult to preach the Gospel outright, so our only hope is to leave God's Word in print, and God will do the rest. Once again, I ask God's blessing on you and the rest, and thanks to you all in His precious and worthy name, Jesus our Saviour."

   CO-WORKERS, DO YOU GRASP the overwhelming importance of OUR WORK — and what your tithes and offerings are doing in INDIA? India is the second largest nation on earth, in number of people. More than two and a half TIMES as many people as in the United States. Most people in southern India speak ENGLISH. More people speak and understand English in India than in England, believe it or not. When Prime Minister Nehru wants to talk to the people of the southern half of India the only language he can talk to them in is English. This school director in India says it's difficult to preach the Gospel outright, in India. India is a pagan, not a Christian country. He can't do much outright preaching right there on the spot. But WE are able to get right into the homes of multiplied THOUSANDS in India, where they understand our language, and PREACH THE TRUE GOSPEL without anyone to stop us!

   SHALL WE DROP A POWERFUL WORK LIKE THIS, because there's not enough money to keep it going? YOUR HEART-RENDING PRAYERS could change the situation and start money rolling in sufficiently to save the work!

   Tuesday 1 PM. — I have just gone off the air on the local broadcast, and here are some letters coming in from the second telecast, of Sunday night, July 31st.

   OTHER SIDE CHALLENGED! — San Bernardino, Calif.: " Dear Mr. Armstrong: Last night I heard your program for the first time, and I was very much impressed. It is the first time I ever heard the other side" (skeptics, infidels, scoffers) "challenged. It was refreshing. Please send me your 'Plain Truth,' and a copy of 'The U.S. in Prophecy'."

   ORDAINED MINISTERS BEING HELPED — Los Angeles area: "Dear Sir — I listen to your TV talks on Sunday evening, and find them most interesting. Our Bible prophecies have always been interesting, and we cannot seem to learn enough. I am an ordained ... minister, and have confined my teaching in a small way to help folks understand God's Word. I feel you can help me through your magazine 'The Plain Truth,' as well as 'United States in Prophecy.' Then I in turn can help hungry souls who come to me. I am enclosing one dollar as a love token and wish it could be more. May God bless and help you to reach many who need God.' (Our first dollar received from new TV listeners — tho several have sent postage change.)

   INTEREST AROUSED — So. California: "Dear Sir: Will you please send to the above address a copy of the 'U.S. in Prophecy' and also the current issue of 'The Plain Truth.' We receive your program over channel 5, and it has aroused our interest. Thank you.'

   I mustn't take time for more TV letters — but feel I simply MUST give you a few radio letters from England and the U.S.

   FROM VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA: "Hello, Mr. Armstrong! I would like to pass along to you the deeply-felt gratitude of myself, and many more folks who don't write you. Your broadcasts ARE reaching more people than you realize! You have been directly responsible for me to begin reading my Bible. Your explanations of this Holy Book have fascinated me as no other minister has been able to do since my childhood! I am now 37 years of age. Since my 16th birthday I have shunned even mentioning the word 'Bible'. As a salesman, I have formed the habit of NOT believing everything I read, see, or hear. So I follow your broadcasts with a paper and pencil, and 'a grain of salt.' I agree with you, that people as a whole (even here in Canada, where we are considered 'conservative,' when compared to the people of the United States) are self-centered, greedy, can't see beyond the end of their noses, etc., etc. Even the churches aren't exempt! Kindly accept the $5 money order enclosed with this letter. I am sorry I couldn't send along $10, or even $50, but as I have just recovered from an illness — which cost me my job — this is the best I can do! (quite a bit, for someone who has only dropped one nickel or dime into the collection-plate previously.) Would you mail me the following booklets: — — -. This may seem like a LOT of booklets, but Mr. Armstrong, remember — I follow your sermons with pad and pencil, and sometimes you just get 'carried away' with your enthusiasm, that you mention 2 or 3 booklets to send in for, and I don't want to miss ONE of them, if I can help it!" (All underscoring is his.) CO-WORKERS — I don't believe you realize HOW MANY people, the world around, this great work God is doing thru YOU and me is reaching — how MANY it is INTERESTING, AROUSING, BRINGING TO CHRIST, CHANGING, AND CONVERTING! If you could just SEE what it's doing, you'd know that every dollar you put into this, GOD'S WORK, is doing MORE GOOD, and going farther, than any other place it could go!

   FROM LANCASTER, ENGLAND: "Dear Mr. Armstrong, I have received your book, 'Marriage and Divorce,' and 'The Plain Truth,' for which I send my sincerest thanks. Like many in your book on Marriage, I didn't realize the solemnity of marriage, and believed whole-heartedly in the man-made laws of divorce. I can only say that my eyes have been opened very widely indeed. I have now put behind me all my old ideas and moral concepts of this previously controversial subject. I thank you for this book, and I know that with God's help I can live up to the standard that I have set my- self. 'The Plain Truth' was also an 'eye-opener,' and I enjoyed reading it so much and learned so much from it, that I would like you (if possible) to send it to me continually. I have filled in the coupon and enclose it with this letter. In 'The Plain Truth' was an article with the title 'What's Wrong with Modern Education.' I can honestly say that I agree with every word. I received, what is known in England as a Secondary or Grammar School education, and it is a very comprehensive education, indeed, but I cannot honestly say that I have been taught, to quote your words, 'the purpose for which I was put on this earth,' and I have indeed been taught 'how to make a living, but not how to live.' I know now where I have gone wrong in life, and have accepted Christ, and will in the future serve Him and try to get other people to serve Him. I thank you very much for what you have done for me. I will pray for you and your work every night (please pray for me, too) and may the work help millions more as it has helped me."

   Co-Workers, can you read a letter like that, and not be deeply MOVED? YOUR DOLLARS, AND YOUR PRAYERS have made such a great work, helping millions of lives around the world, possible! Are we going to let it fail now?

   FROM DEVONSHIRE, ENGLAND — "Dear Sir: Your remarkable magazine, 'The Plain Truth,' arrived two days ago, but I have not been able to thank you until this moment. No words can convey my thoughts in reading it — a God-inspired message to our unhappy Godless world! May the Almighty bless you, and protect you in this your great work for humanity! I thank you from my heart for this issue of 'The Plain Truth,' and your generous offer to enter my name on your mailing list. Thank God, you dare speak the TRUTH to this smug, complacent world! God give you His power and blessings! Again, THANK YOU."

   I could go on, giving you scores and scores of such letters from England. Just this one more: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: Am sending a letter of encouragement so that you carry on the good work. My wife and I are regular listeners of your broadcasts. We look for- ward to it now each week, as it is so stimulating. We are very fond of your son's and daughter's singing. We think they sing very nice indeed. Well, Mr. Armstrong, we did not have the June edition of 'The Plain Truth.' We miss it very much. We look forward to it every month now, as it is so interesting to read. Would you also send booklet about baptism, as I am not sure whether we have to be baptised to be a true Christian. My wife and I are nearer to God than we have ever been before, thanks to your broadcasts, and it has changed our whole lives."

   ISN'T IT WONDERFUL — reading about the CHANGED LIVES, all around the world, that YOUR MONEY, God's tithes, our united prayers and our sacrifice and hard work, has been used of God to produce?

   And I have scores and scores more. I had intended to give you several from the United States — listeners to the DAILY RADIO BROADCASTS over WLS, WWVA, the super-power Mexican stations, and our Pacific Coast stations. Changed lives! Converted lives, brought to God thru CHRIST! Yes, hundreds and hundreds of them! Our young ministers and advanced students have been out — FIVE DIFFERENT TEAMS OF THEM — touring all over the United States this summer, baptizing repentant sinners into CHRIST. God is giving us a rich and abundant HARVEST. I have stacks of letters here telling of MIRACULOUS HEALINGS of many sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities. I just haven't the space to print them in this letter — and if we are to get out the next 'Plain Truth,' and I'm to get out the next TV programs and daily broadcasts I simply haven't time to copy them, now.

   When I look at this rich and bountiful HARVEST OF HUMAN LIVES being brought into God's Kingdom for eternity, all is so encouraging. But when I face the hard, cold facts that we are running THOUSANDS of dollars behind — that I can't see any way, naturally, that we can stay on TV, or even keep up the daily broadcasting, because of lack of money, my heart sinks — and I have only FAITH to hang on to — a faith sorely TRIED past the breaking point.

   MANY of you dear Co-Workers are perhaps sacrificing more than you ought. But TOO MANY OTHERS are shirking — NEGLECTING this tremendous work — this LIFE-saving work for eternity — and probably neglecting their own salvation, too! THE PITY OF IT!

   CO-WORKERS, I simply can't carry this heavy, crushing load, this terrible financial strain, and keep fit for my own work, any longer. UNLESS YOU'LL REALLY DEDICATE YOUR LIVES TO A REAL DEEP- DOWN DEADLY-IN-EARNEST AND COMPASSIONATE PERIOD OF PREVAILING PRAYER, and keep at it, that God will MOVE on those who have with- held GOD'S TITHE and their own offerings they are able to send — that God will STIR the few who are able to send in LARGE amounts of a thousand dollars or several thousand — I have to tell you now, I shall have to cancel out this TV schedule before I can write you another letter. DON'T THINK THIS IS A WOLF-WOLF CRY! We are this minute in BY FAR the most desperate situation this work has ever been in!

   Those hungry people in England are not getting their 'Plain Truths', 1st because there has not been enough money to print them every month, and, 2nd, because large boxes of thousands of copies, all addressed to people in Britain, had to just lay over in our office for THREE LONG WEEKS, because we didn't have money — or couldn't spare it for that purpose — for POSTAGE! WHAT A SHAME!

   LISTEN, dear Co-Workers! The TOBACCO industry doesn't have to shut off production a whole month, or hold up shipments of their cigarettes because of lack of postage! The BEER breweries are able to build great, vast, shiny new breweries all over the U.S.A. — they don't have to hold up shipments because THEIR supporters with- hold money from BOOZE! OH, NO! The WORLD doesn't have these troubles!

   The president of a winery or a cosmetics concern doesn't have to carry these financial burdens I do while they try to carry on their executive jobs! They don't have to send out desperate emergency pleas for THEIR patrons to drink more beer, smoke more cigarettes, or women to use more lip-stick before their factories fold up!

   TELL ME, dear Co-Workers, WHY should the very WORK OF GOD ALMIGHTY, thru His human instruments, have these troubles? I'll tell you why! Because TOO MANY OF US are not one tenth as zealous about saving lives for eternity — about GOD'S TRUTH — as they are about their lip-stick, tobacco,and beer! And I wonder HOW MANY OF YOU, have been zealous to keep on hand enough lip-stick, cigarettes, or beer, while you thought you couldn't spare EVEN A DOLLAR for the ONLY really important work on earth — THE WORK OF GOD? The WORLD is more concerned about tobacco, lip-stick and booze than many of YOU CO-WORKERS are about real prevailing, heart- rending, persevering PRAYER that God will MOVE careless and neglectful Co-Workers to action!

   WHAT A SHAME! Co-Workers, I can't carry my load much further, unless you'll get into DEADLY SERIOUS EARNEST about this! If you don't have a thousand dollars to send, YOU COULD PRAY HARD ENOUGH, AND BELIEVING ENOUGH, that God would lay it so HEAVILY on the heart of one who CAN, to do so! You could be the means of that thousand dollar amount coming in. Another of you could be the means of causing another thousand, and so on until WE SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH, just as the tobacco, cosmetics and liquor interests have. But I doubt whether God will hear you UNLESS you are willing to do your UTMOST — whether that be only one or two dollars, a hundred or two, or whatever! God does not expect you to put into His work what you don't HAVE — but YOU CAN PRAY MORE EARNESTLY — and GET UNDER THIS BURDEN WITH ME! Remember, every dollar counts. Don't think for a minute a small amount won't help. PRAY FOR A CLOUDBURST OF WIDOWS' mites! PRAY that those who can will send in LARGE contributions — it's all deductible on income- tax, up to 20%, and the Internal Revenue Bureau officially recognizes us. And, not only do we need an IMMEDIATE response to this letter — WE NEED TO HAVE IT KEEP UP, WHEN WE GET INTO THE MIDDLE AND LATTER PART OF THE MONTH, when money usually drops way off! THAT'S when you need to PRAY THE HARDEST — KEEP IT UP!

   There's NO need for this great undertaking to fail — IF YOU'LL STIR YOURSELVES AND GET UNDER THIS BURDEN WITH ME! But we shall have to keep it up UNTIL TV produces its harvest!

With deepest love and gratitude, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 31, 1955
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