April 15, 1956  
April 15, 1956 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING
At sea, April 15, 1956

Dear Co-Workers in Christ:

   GREETINGS — From across the Atlantic! As I write this letter, Mrs. Armstrong and I are on the Queen Mary, on our last night out at sea. We will arrive at Southampton, England, tomorrow. Frank Longuskie, a graduate of Ambassador College, and manager of our British mailing list, is traveling with us. He is carrying with him the entire European list of all subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH magazine.

   God's work is growing! The office in London will soon be sending out all the literature direct — saving hundreds of dollars in postage we have had to pay to ship the literature from the United States. Frank Longuskie will be working in the office at London from now on, assisting my son, Dick Armstrong, and George Meeker, both ordained ministers, who are presently staffing the office.

   Mrs. Armstrong and I will meet our son Dick and George Meeker tomorrow, and after only one day in London, we will fly to Cairo, Egypt. There, we will visit and examine closely the Great Pyramid, the largest and most marvelous building on earth! Many believe the Great Pyramid was divinely inspired and designed — that it contains prophecies for us — that it accurately gives dates of history of the world right up until the time of the end! The Pyramid does reveal marvels of mathematics and science, including the size of the earth — its exact shape and weight, and its distance from the sun — the precise length of the year to the minute, the tilt of the earth's axis and the period of its revolution.

   The pyramid, like the Bible, has been MISUNDERSTOOD! It is apparently FILLED with important messages which have been misinterpreted so far! It may contain a divine message for man- kind. IF it is to be revealed to ANYONE at this time — IT WILL BE REVEALED TO US! God gives His Spirit — and reveals new truth — to them that OBEY Him! (Acts 5:32).

   From Egypt, we are going to Baghdad, the capital of modern-day Iraq, to photograph the ruins of ancient Babylon! I hope to obtain pictures we can use in the coming daily television series! Next, we're going to Damascus, where Ananias laid his hands on Saul (the Apostle Paul). Then, were going to take movies of Tyre and Sidon, ancient cities on the eastern Mediterranean, which have fulfilled prophecy, to use on the coming television programs.

   After seeing Tyre and Sidon, we expect to visit PETRA, the rose-red city carved out of solid rock in the mountains to the Southeast of Jerusalem. Petra may very well be the site for God's protection of HIS PEOPLE — those who are counted WORTHY TO ESCAPE the terrifying GREAT TRIBULATION that is soon to strike an unsuspecting Israel! PETRA, an ancient Arab stronghold deep in the rugged mountains, is accessible only by traveling through narrow, twisting gorges on horseback! I hope to have some very interesting pictures of this city of solid rock to show when I return!

   Then — we will go to Jerusalem. Co-Workers, I can't tell you the anticipation I am feeling — the JOY at thinking of seeing with my own eyes the very center of the Bible record! We will actually SEE dozens of sites rich in Bible history — where Jesus Christ Himself walked and taught His disciples — and many other places in Palestine of VITAL IMPORTANCE. We hope to see the VERY VALLEY where the final great battle of God Almighty is to be fought!

   Later, we will fly to Greece, the site of much of the Apostle Paul's work — and from Greece, we'll go to Rome. As you know, Mrs. Armstrong and I were in Rome two years ago, during our trip to Europe.

   Did you ever stop to realize, dear Co-Workers, that the Apostle Paul, in all his travels in spreading the Gospel did not reach as many people as GOD HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO REACH IN ONE SINGLE WEEK TODAY!

   We can reach more people in one week than the Apostle Paul ever reached in HIS ENTIRE LIFETIME! — JUST THINK OF IT!

   God has called YOU, and He has called ME, to preach the SAME MESSAGE Jesus preached — the SAME gospel the Apostle Paul preached — to this ENTIRE WORLD in SUCH TREMENDOUS POWER that it staggers the imagination! While we are WEAK in flesh, and FEW in numbers. God has OPENED A DOOR — WHICH NO MAN CAN SHUT! IT'S A GRAVE AND VITAL RESPONSIBILITY GOD HAS GIVEN US!

   After leaving Rome, we will fly back to London, where we will hold every night evangelistic services! I can't express my gratitude for this opportunity! I'm sure that with God's help and guidance, this will mean bringing more people together — people whose LIVES ARE BEING CHANGED — into a group of called-out ones for a CHURCH in LONDON.

   CO-WORKERS! This trip is HIGHLY IMPORTANT and NECESSARY! The Middle East is the trouble spot of the entire world at this moment! Leaders of nations are watching the explosive situation between the Jews and Arabs — wondering if this will be the spawning ground for the catastrophic THIRD WORLD WAR! I may be able to meet Kings and top officials of the governments involved in this present world disturbance! Just as God led the Apostle Paul before high government officials during his ministry, He may permit me to talk with the RULERS of these nations to bring YOU a FIRST-HAND REPORT OF THIS SITUATION!

   VIOLENCE is breaking out in many places right now! Events are rapidly speeding up — rushing with terrifying rapidity toward WORLD CHAOS!


   God tells us we have a limited time to preach this WARNING to a heedless world — and THEN shall the end of this age come! BUT GOD SAYS THE TIME WILL BE CUT SHORT! We must speed up our efforts! NOTHING is so important right now — any earthly pursuits, any temporary goals and objectives, dwindle to INSIGNIFICANCE beside the gigantic task GOD has given us! All EARTHLY things will be swallowed up! PHYSICAL TREASURES WILL be BURNED! God instructs us to lay up treasure in Heaven by being diligent as His servants in CRYING ALOUD to His people! — TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

   I have just completed writing the booklet "1975 in Prophecy," tonight. I'm sure you will find it worth waiting for, and I hope it will WAKE UP many thousands to the impending DISASTER.

   Co-Workers, our WORK is speeding up — just as world events are speeding up. While I'm gone, I have to RELY ON YOU TO KEEP FINANCIAL SUPPORT INCREASING! Remember! Our staff members are constantly on the job in Pasadena at headquarters — and every phase of God's work is kept going at increasing momentum. If you neglect God, in sending in HIS tithes and your liberal offerings besides, just because I'm gone, GOD'S WORK WOULD STOP, and I would be stranded half way around the world!

   God's work in Great Britain and around the earth is taking on NEW INTEREST. I need your EARNEST PRAYERS! PRAY for God's work, and for us as never before!

   YOUR INCREASING FINANCIAL SUPPORT IS NOW NEEDED AS NEVER BEFORE! Just because I am gone — DON'T FORGET GOD'S WORK! You're not following a man — this is the very work of God Almighty on earth — it would be HIM you'd be forsaking!

   Please remember constantly the GREAT NEED of God's work during these last days! DON'T LET DOWN FOR A MINUTE! GOD BLESS YOU! I KNOW YOU WON'T FORGET HIM!

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 15, 1956
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