June 18, 1957  
June 18, 1957 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 18, 1957

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   The doctors have advised President Eisenhower to take a two-week vacation as soon as possible. Even Jesus and His disciples had to stop and take a rest. He said "Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest awhile: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat. And they departed into a desert place by ship privately" (Mark 6: 31-32).

   I have come to the place where I have had to do the same, except that I cannot spare time for any vacation for pleasure — but instead a two week's period of fasting and prayer for the deliverance from the present crisis in God's work — getting clear away from the stress and strain and pressure of constant interruptions and scores of problems forcing themselves on me every day. Usually, when it becomes necessary to get away for such a period of fasting and prayer, I go to the desert as Jesus and the disciples did. But at this time of year it is too hot in the desert, so Mrs. Armstrong and I have come to Oregon, to find a secluded spot on one of the Oregon beaches where we used to go — and where we can breathe in the fresh ocean air, and get some much needed exercise walking and running up and down the beach.

   But I cannot stop to rest until I write this overdue letter to report to you the present state of God's work. This is the most important activity on earth today. Yet we face a desperate situation right now — and it's a crushing weight on my shoulders that I simply cannot carry without your immediate help!

   I have to ask you to stop and fast and pray with me, that this great work of God may once again be delivered from this serious emergency. I have to ask every one of you to RUSH TO THE AID OF THE WORK with the largest offering possible.

   The work God has called us into is no soft and easy road. This constant facing of trying problems is laid on us to MAKE US STRONGER in the Lord — stronger in FAITH — stronger in CHARACTER!

   Does it seem strange to you sometimes, that this GREAT WORK OF GOD should have to face desperate emergencies? — that this work, which has been growing constantly in power and expanding constantly for 23 years until today it encircles the world should have had constantly to face and meet discouraging situations — to be delivered repeatedly from danger? GOD INTENDED IT THAT WAY! You and I have to GROW in knowledge of Christ and in grace and in character along with the work. The very REASON God has ordained this tremendous mission and called us to perform it is to DEVELOP us — for our own good — as much as to enlighten millions with His glorious TRUTH, and to WARN this godless world, and to SAVE PRECIOUS LIVES FOR ETERNITY! So let us not complain or grumble — but let us THANK AND PRAISE GOD for His great mercy toward us!

   Briefly, here is the present emergency: We have been seriously threatened with being thrown off the air entirely on ALL stations in the United States within the next one or two weeks. As you may or may not know, it is impossible for a church or religious program to buy time on large radio or television stations except thru a recognized advertising agency. The stations pay the agencies a commission, so that the agency's services cost us nothing. Events, not of our making, have occurred, which we did not know until this past week, that have made it necessary for us to make an immediate change in advertising agencies or see the work of God STOPPED in the next week or so. It was a terrible crisis.

   But miracle of miracles! — God intervened, and just at this time of crisis DANGER, one of the largest major advertising agencies in the United States came soliciting our account. So far as I know it has never happened before that any MAJOR advertising agency has taken over the account of a church or religious broad- cast! Always those in the religious field have had to be placed by small agencies.

   But now the Ruthrauff & Ryan Advertising Agency, third oldest in the nation and one of the ten largest, with branch offices in most major cities, whose annual business runs close to one hundred million dollars, has voluntarily solicited, and accepted, The "WORLD TOMORROW" account. They came to us because they had been urged to do so by radio station managers. An agency of this size, standing, and prestige will be able to get our program on stations we never could have gotten on, and to get us better, more listened-to time on important stations.

   That part is a great leap ahead for the work!

   BUT — we have been paying our previous agent about two weeks after broadcasts had been aired, and in order to make the switch-over to the new agency, this two-weeks' billing MUST BE PAID IMMEDIATELY. That means we must have a large part of TWO WEEKS' INCOME suddenly, in addition to regular income. It puts us in a terrible pinch.

   But just as God moved miraculously to provide this new and big-time advertising agency, so I know He will move THRU YOU CO-WORKERS to provide the EXTRA funds we must have by return airmail.

   The new agency has contacted all stations by long- distance telephone to prevent any cancellations, and now our relations are BETTER and more FIRMLY established with all our stations than before.

   I have told you before how Ambassador College has outgrown its facilities. New properties came providentially to us last year. We have a new, much larger two-story office building now, and the magnificent new, larger class-room building. BUT NEITHER CAN BE OCCUPIED UNTIL ALTERATIONS are made to conform to city building codes. I have had to STOP all work on these new properties because of insufficient SPECIAL and additional offerings for the BUILDING FUND. These new properties are seriously needed. They cannot be used until funds permit resumption of the alteration and re-building operations.

   We need to add other radio stations in the United States, and in Spain, and South America. But we cannot until funds increase!

   CO-WORKERS! God is blessing His work! Three baptizing teams are right now touring the country baptizing hundreds of new converts brought to Christ thru the broadcast and the PLAIN TRUTH and the booklets. God moved fast as lightning to SAVE the work from being thrown off the air. GOD IS MOVING! God is IN this work — directing and blessing HIS glorious work! Now YOU and I have OUR part to do. I am up here FASTING and PRAYING for this emergency. IN JESUS' NAME I call on you to pray as you never did before, and send NOW, and as OFTEN as possible, the largest sums you can, whether only a dollar or two (every one COUNTS and HELPS) or a really large contribution of several thousand dollars! NEVER was it needed more! And since so very FEW can send any larger amount, the responsibility rests the heavier on you very FEW who can.

   Whatever God has made possible for YOU to place in His work, large or small, IT IS NEEDED AS NEVER BEFORE! Can't we respond as generously as Israelites did in Moses' day? Can't WE put as much ZEAL into GOD'S work as Nazis and Communists and Fascists put into Satan's? THEY work and sacrifice with fanatical fervor. Co-Workers, WE CAN OUTDO THEM, FOR GOD! In His name, I do thank you!

With love and thanks,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 18, 1957
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