February 11, 1962  
February 11, 1962 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

February 11, 1962

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   BIG news is breaking—faster than ever, Both in major world happenings, and in this world-wide Work of God!

   I want you to read the article on President DeGaulle of France in the coming March PLAIN TRUTH—and WHY he so abruptly ended Britain's bid to join the Common Market—officially! The world does not understand the overwhelming SIGNIFICANCE of that. It is a BIG step in fulfilling Biblical PROPHECY.

   It means that the coming resurrection of the ROMAN EMPIRE is being hurried up! You see, President Kennedy and Prime Minister Macmillan have had a "grand design" for creating an "Atlantic Community." That means an ALLIANCE, as ALLIES, of the nations of Western Europe, Britain, and North America. That would keep the world, as now, divided with the TWO major forces—east, and west. It would mean lining up all Western Europe, under the United States, in a Community of allies. The United States would sit in the driver's seat.

   And why did they try to bring this "Atlantic Community" about, with Britain becoming part of the Common Market? Because they now at last realize what I have been telling the world for 29 years—that a resurrected ROMAN EMPIRE is going to arise out of the Common Market—UNLESS America and Britain can prevent it—and that it would form a THIRD GIANT WORLD POWER that would threaten both Britain and America.

   And such a THIRD Giant world POWER, which he calls a "Third World Force" is precisely what DeGaulle is driving for. He now uses the slogan "Europe for Europeans." In other words, Britain and America, GO HOME, and KEEP OUT! In Europe right now there is a mad scramble between six or eight men for POWER—for the leadership that will land one of them as the FUEHRER of this new United States of Europe. They all begin to realize that out of it is going to arise the STRONG MAN of Europe!

   DeGaulle wants to be that man. Right now, he has the lead start. In Germany, several men are maneuvering and scheming frantically to take Chancellor Adenauer's office. DeGaulle knows well that if a really STRONG MAN should gain power in Germany, he would have every advantage over any Frenchman in becoming the EMPEROR or FUEHRER of the new resurrected Roman Empire. Adenauer is going to step down from office later this year. But right now, no one of the German leaders—Strauss, Erhard, Globke, Willie Brandt,—has risen to dominant power, or knocked off the others. DeGaulle knows he has to RUSH this POLITICAL MILITARY union of Europe before some one dominant LEADER rises in Germany.

   And besides, DeGaulle is well along in his seventies, and getting older every day. If time drags, and the POLITICAL union of Europe into the ROMAN EMPIRE is not brought about for five, seven or ten years, DeGaulle will be too old.

   Overnight there has been a total SHIFT in world leadership. All of a sudden, DeGaulle shoots up as Villain number one in the west, while Khrushchev and President Kennedy are quieting down and becoming tame. France, traditionally during our time, the ally of the United States and Britain, as opposed to Germany, suddenly lines up with Germany. And now it appears that neither Germany nor France are allies of the United States, but becoming potential ENEMIES—just as I have been saying would happen for the past 29 years!

   A new crisis appears to be brewing in CUBA. The overthrow of the government of Iraq, and assassination of its premier in Baghdad, is stirring things toward the PROPHESIED climax in the Arab world. I have been through the government buildings in Baghdad—the very scene of this violent revolution.

   But things also are happening, FAST, in the Great world- wide Work of Almighty GOD. Let me brief you on just a few of the very recent developments:

   This past year we have had to open new offices in Dusseldorf, Germany, and in Manila, the Philippines. Just the year before we had opened new offices in Vancouver B.C. We are going to have to open offices in about 60 days in Johannesburg, South Africa and in June or July in either Paris or Geneva.

   The mailing list of The PLAIN TRUTH in the Philippines alone is now above SIX THOUSAND. It is growing rapidly every month. We are on, not only the one super-power 50,000-watt radio station in Manila every night at an early most-listened-to-time, but also on four other stations on other of the islands of the Philippines. We are now purchasing every month full page advertising space in the Philippines' leading news magazine—it has the large-size page—and putting in this space powerful Gospel messages, which are bringing by the hundreds new subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH and requests for thousands of booklets. Many are being converted in the Philippines through our work there.

   Recently two of our men took a trip around the world. One result—twenty-nine repentant believers, brought to Christ through this great Work, were baptized by one of our ministers in the Commonwealth of South Africa.

   A new edition of The PLAIN TRUTH, in the FRENCH language, is almost ready to start publication—will before summer. And already there are more than THREE THOUSAND on the growing French mailing list. Just a few days ago a telegram from New York informed me that Radio Europe Number One, second most powerful station on earth, had opened another great door, for a second broadcast time every week, in the French Language, covering all of France. We already had one broadcast a week on that station, and one over Radio Luxembourg on the French transmission. The French work is expanding rapidly—and in French speaking Martinique three whole churches recently have joyfully swung over to CHRIST'S TRUE GOSPEL, as a result of our broadcasts in the West Indies, and our booklets in French.

   I wonder if you realized WHAT TREMENDOUS RESULTS God is producing through us who are Co-Workers with Jesus Christ in God's Work?

   Then there is a BURGEONING German work in Germany and Austria. Two broadcasts every week over giant-powered Radio Luxembourg on their German transmission, in the German language, are bringing a heavy response. The PLAIN TRUTH is published in a special GERMAN edition, under the name DIE RHINE WARHEIT. Five thousand homes in Germany and Austria are now receiving DIE RHINE WARHEIT, and thousands of requested booklets in German—and the circulation is growing daily.

   In the Spanish language a BIG WORK is being carried on, with big results from our Spanish language broadcasts in South America—with a mailing list of 2,000. One of our ministers went to South America and visited many interested radio listeners, baptizing a number.

   And now there is a fast growing ITALIAN work under way, in the Italian language. Here at Ambassador College in Pasadena, we are teaching these languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese; and at the college in England, German, French and Spanish. There we have Scandinavian students, and work in those languages is being planned.

   My son, Garner Ted Armstrong, was very recently in our offices in Sydney, Australia, where we have quite a large staff. Then he flew to Manila, visiting our staff there, and flew on to Tokyo, Japan, where plans were made for putting The WORLD TOMORROW on the air in JAPAN. Just the other day the Managing Director and Creative Director of a Tokyo advertising agency visited our campus here. Plans are being formed now to start broadcasting The WORLD TOMORROW on at least one Tokyo station in English within a few weeks—and later, in the Japanese language.

   Everywhere, THINGS ARE MOVING, in this big Work of God! Around the world! The sun never sets on our activities—our office staffs—our ministers and representatives around the world.

   We have recently appointed as our architects one of the largest architectural firms in the world, with offices around the world, including London. One of the partners and a vice president of this firm recently flew over to Texas with five of our staff from here, as part of our work of designing the Master Plan of the new college campus to open in Texas next September. We do not plan to erect any of the new college buildings during this present year, but the pioneer students of that college will sort of "rough it" with existing facilities the first school year. But preliminary plans are now being laid for one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world.

   Also, a complete re-survey is now under way on our campus here in Pasadena, and a "hard look" review of our Master Plan for the ultimate campus here. We hope to have our campus in Pasadena completed in five more years.

   I suppose most of our Co-Workers know that the college here started 15 1/2 years ago as perhaps the smallest in all history—only FOUR students. There was one college building which served as library, classroom building, assembly hall, music studios. There was one smaller building for a few offices, and the printing shop—very small in those days—and mailing room. Today there are many buildings, and an approximately 30-acre campus, but all are old existing and remodeled buildings. We are now, at last, ready—AND FORCED OF NECESSITY BY THE GROWING STUDENT BODY—to begin construction of additional NEW college buildings. The need is desperate! We have completely outgrown existing facilities. There are now over 400 students on this campus, and soon to be expanded to 550.

   I want to THANK all of you dedicated Co-Workers who did send in statements of intention for extra additional offerings for this property and building fund. We are only HALF WAY to our direly-needed goal, but that's a good start. THIS GREAT WORK CANNOT CARRY ON WITHOUT the trained personnel being educated in our colleges.

   Let me tell you something I think you may never have realized! Although I doubt whether any student ever comes to Ambassador College with the idea in mind that he is going to devote the rest of his life full time in this work, after he graduates— yet, with no more than five or six exceptions in all these 15 1/2 years, that is what has actually happened.

   If a student comes here with the idea he is to be trained to become an ordained minister, we will not admit him, until he gets that notion out of his mind! God CHOOSES His ministers—men cannot CHOOSE to be ministers. But today we have, in our offices all over this world, office managers and department heads, and men and women in many capacities other than ministers, serving IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS in this large and fast-growing Work of God. All but some five or six of our graduates are STILL IN THIS VITAL WORK, filling important posts. And I cannot think, at the moment, of a single girl who has graduated from Ambassador who, if she has not married, is not on our staff full time serving in important functions. Some are in Australia, some in England, some in Texas.

   So, even though we did not plan it that way—even though incoming students never expected anything of the sort—in actual practice, THESE COLLEGES ARE DEVOTED ALMOST ENTIRELY IN TRAINING HIGHLY SPECIALIZED PERSONNEL FOR LIFE-TIME SERVICE IN THIS GREAT AND EXPANDING WORK OF GOD!

   This growing work must have an expanding INCOME to provide funds by which it may operate! In this letter I have tried to give you a little clearer idea than before of WHAT YOUR LABORS WITH ME AND ALL OUR OTHER CO-WORKERS ARE PRODUCING.

   God is giving us a BOUNTEOUS HARVEST! But still the laborers—especially the laborers who contribute their tithes and special offerings—are TOO FEW! We are trying desperately to work out of an almost continuous financial bind.

   The NEED for YOUR HELP is SERIOUS! The special loans many have been making have been a big help—and we need more and more of these, where you are not free to give such sums outright for God's Work.

   We fell below our quota in January. WE MUST MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME! Let's all put our shoulders to GOD'S wheel, with more zeal than ever! He does prosper and bless those who are FAITHFUL and LOYAL to HIS WORK.

   I now ask MORE of you to send back the cards, you received last month, filled out with a statement of intention for contributing extra-special offerings for this BUILDING FUND. And cannot we all tighten our belts a little more, and increase the amounts we send in this coming month?

   THANK YOU, dear Co-Workers! And above all KEEP PRAYING EARNESTLY, FERVENTLY, FOR THIS WORK and those of us God is using at the helm as He directs it.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: February 11, 1962
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