Why Ambassador College students NOW say...
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Why Ambassador College students NOW say... "We Wish We'd NEVER 'Gone Steady'!"

Going steady is common practice in this world today and often in God's Church, too! But is it RIGHT? Is it GOOD? Does it bring RIGHT RESULTS? If you're a teen-ager or the parent of teen-agers, you need to have the courage to find out! RIGHT this minute many of you could name off a list of kids in the Church you know are going steady - in and out of the Church!! Maybe you're on the list, too! How do I know? Well you see, I am privileged to assist Mr. Richard Plache, the Dean of Students, on the guidance counselling team here at Ambassador College. It's a fascinating and rewarding job - I love it! But in counselling with teen-agers who have come to college, this ugly sin of "going steady" keeps coming up time after time.

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Good News MagazineJune 1969Vol XVIII, No. 6