July 04, 1967  
July 04, 1967 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

4th July, 1967

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

   Since I wrote you, a week ago, things have happened fast. Indeed, world events are racing on now at an ever-accelerating clip.

   I want to give you a little ADVANCE NEWS, which you will read in more detail in my Personal column. Page one, in the July PLAIN TRUTH. With this coming number, due off the press in a few days, the circulation has reached, at last, the fabulous plateau of ONE MILLION COPIES!

   It requires about twelve full wagon-loads of paper! Comparatively few magazines on earth publish a MILLION or more copies! That surely is a NEW MILESTONE OF PROGRESS! Read more about it in your next PLAIN TRUTH!

   Of that ONE MILLION copies subscribed for — to be read by probably two and a half million people — about 2,450,000 of them are non-contributors to God's Work. No one pays for his own subscription, as you know. In addition to receiving The PLAIN TRUTH FREE, these 2,450,000 people who read it have never contributed — and have never been asked to contribute anything!

   In other words, beside helping pay for The WORLD TOMORROW Broadcast on radio and television, reaching some forty million people every week, YOUR tithes and freewill offerings are helping me to put The PLAIN TRUTH into the hands of nearly two and a half MILLION readers who are not even asked for financial support!

   Actually, it is monumental, phenomenal, and virtually INCREDIBLE, how much every shilling you and I put into God's Glorious Work actually accomplishes! I know of no place else where every shilling accomplishes SO MUCH GOOD! That is because the living CHRIST actually heads, directs, and blesses this Work of God! What a privilege He allows you and me to have a part in it — to be used as HIS INSTRUMENTS, through whom HE works, carrying on GOD'S WORK!

   One other exciting bit of advance news, which you will read in more detail, in my next Personal Editorial.

   When I wrote you on May 29, I was enroute to London, ticketed for a jet flight from London to Beirut and Jerusalem on June 5th. I wrote in that letter, ". . . it looks right now as if I will not be able to go to Jerusalem at this time". As I wrote you in the general SEMI-ANNUAL Letter to ALL PLAIN TRUTH subscribers, June 21, I was not able to go. The Israelis took over the old city of JERUSALEM, including JERUSALEM RADIO, belonging to the government of Jordan.

   Here's the latest news on that. The government official in charge of the Jordanian Government's radio station flew over to London a few days ago to see me. They expect to get JERUSALEM RADIO back. If and when they do The WORLD TOMORROW will start FROM JERUSALEM as planned — every night, seven nights a week, at 8:05 p.m.

   Meanwhile, King Hussein's government has offered us the facilities of their Radio Ammon. Since the war, they have reduced the power of this station very low. But they offered to increase it back to the full one hundred thousand watts, on their superpower short wave station, for The WORLD TOMORROW. So while we await whatever is to happen to JERUSALEM RADIO, The WORLD TOMORROW is to go out at the same time contracted for JERUSALEM RADIO, every night, starting yesterday, July 3rd. This can be heard in London — so it can be heard all over Europe and all over the Middle East.

   ALSO, The WORLD TOMORROW is to go out at the same time on their twenty-thousand-watt medium-wave station, which will cover all Jordan, ISRAEL, and Lebanon and probably Syria.

   ADDITIONAL exciting NEWS! While in Jerusalem two months ago, we had leased a new Jerusalem office, and, in combination, residence for the family of the man we planned to move there as Office Manager. New office equipment and furniture, beside household furniture and furnishings, had been selected, ordered, and delivery expected the week before the war. But, once the war broke out we had no way of hearing what had happened to this brand new building — and whether our equipment and furnishings had been delivered. Had it all been bombed? — shot full of holes in house-to-house fighting — looted, robbed, ransacked?

   We had no way of knowing. We were quite concerned — but we simply trusted God with it. About two nights ago I had a long- distance telephone call from two of our PLAIN TRUTH Contributing Editors, from Istanbul, Turkey. They had flown into Tel Aviv, Israel. With their press passes, and with the private help of a Jewish army officer, they had toured all of the occupied territory. AND THEY HAD VISITED OUR PROPERTY IN JERUSALEM!

   What had happened? We had leased it from its Arab owner, a local contractor who built it himself and who lives next door. When the Jews began fighting their way into the Old City of Jerusalem — as I wrote you beforehand they would — he went immediately to the U. S. Embassy, informed them that our property was property of United States citizens, demanded that the United States Government protect it. Now what could have caused this man to think of that? I think GOD did! The U. S. Embassy immediately contacted the Israeli commanding officer, who sent soldiers at once to SEAL OFF our property, mark it "OFF LIMITS" for Israeli soldiers, and assure its protection! EVERYTHING WAS PRESERVED IN PERFECT SHAPE — all goods had been delivered and all was there and SAFE! This was the ONLY property in God's City of JERUSALEM dedicated to God and HIS WORK! Was God able to protect it? HE WAS!!!!

   As I wrote before, this VERY WORK OF GOD, in the hands of God, is BOUND UP AND TIED FIRMLY TO THE STUPENDOUS WORLD EVENTS, now fast fulfilling the prophecies! It is preparing the way for GOD'S KINGDOM, and the happy, peaceful WORLD TOMORROW! Our job — YOURS AND MINE — in this Work — becomes more and more IMPORTANT every passing month. TIME IS NOW VERY SHORT! We must sacrifice other things. We must PRAY HARDER for THIS WORK, and the human instruments God is using in it!

   Co-Workers, you have shown that your heart is in this great work — by voluntarily supporting it. Your tithes and generous offerings never were needed more! Loans of larger amounts, from those unable to make them as contributions at this time, are always welcome. The NEED continues URGENT!

   I have just ordered The WORLD TOMORROW on three or four additional very powerful radio stations — GOD'S WORK IS SPEEDING UP — even as world events do!

   THANK YOU for continued earnest PRAYERS, and your part in GOD'S WORK!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 04, 1967
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