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Jeremiah 17:9

Democracy DOOMED!
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1940
Volume: Vol V, No.2
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Democracy DOOMED!

Here are the amazing facts! America stands aghast, as it begins to comprehend the horrible, tragic thing that is taking place on the blood - soaked battlefields of France and Belgium! A stunned world begins to realize the unpreparedness of the Democracies - and that Adolph Hitler Has introduced a NEW type of warfare, with larger, superior tanks, and more modern mechanized equipment for speedy, lightning war, together with vastly - superior AIR power. As this is written today, April 23rd, allied armies have been thrown into chaotic confusion, the Germans have pushed to the English channel ports. People everywhere are solemnly asking, "IS DEMOCRACY DOOMED?" Briefly, and to the point, without mincing words, we answer YES! - based upon the only two possible sources of knowledge, 1) the FACTS in the world today, and 2) the Bible prophecies.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1940Vol V, No.2